About Becky Arrington

Becky Arrington uses her intuitive gifts to help individuals and organizations see their creative wisdom and personal power to make the changes necessary to live authentic lives. As an intuitive channel she has assisted in pointing businesses and people in the right direction to fully realize their passion and purpose. Her guidance has been utilized regarding job clarification and changes, employee relationships, departmental reorganizations, HR programs and leadership training, to name a few.          

As a psychic channel and alchemical hypnotherapist she has helped thousands understand what is happening in their lives and take the positive next steps in initiating change and living more valuable lives. Becky does extensive work in Inner Child Healing, leads workshops in metaphysical subjects monthly as well as hosting Channel for Change Connections the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Channel for Change in the Roswell Office Suites.  She is available for personal consulting at Channel for Change in the Roswell Office Suites (call 770-778-2051).              

Becky is a Change Consultant and Business Intuitive specializing in Holistic Leadership Training, Change Management, Sales Training and Management, Executive and Organizational Mentoring and Regeneration, Personal and Leadership Coaching, is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Channel/Intuitive.

Trained and certified in all Genuine Contact modalities: Path to Organizational Health & Balance, Achieving Organizational Health & Balance: Diagnosis and Regeneration, Individual Health & Balance for Leaders, Holistic Leadership Development, Whole Person Process Facilitation,Open Space Technology, Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution,Genuine Contact Organization, International Mentoring Circle,Medicine Wheel Tool Training, Leading and Acting from a New Level of Consciousness,Mentoring and Coaching.



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Upcoming Events


Psychic Channeled Readings: ½ hour $50, 1 hour session $90. Buy 3 for $200, use through 2015. All by appointment. $50 Special through Labor Day.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy: Excellent way to facilitate Inner Child Healing, Trauma, Emotional Clearing and Behavior Pattern Changes (detailed description on Event Page).

Block Buster $200: Clear issues from past

Looking for Love $ 150: Clear patterns and take Inner Mate

Co-Dependent No More   $200: Clear family of origin issues

Hypnotherapy Sessions: 3 sessions for $450 ($150 per)

Call for appt. Allow 3 hrs for session, available every day beginning 9/1, also evenings and weekends. $175 per session.(save $25 per session) Buy 3 for $450, use through 2015. Special through Labor Day $150


Channel for Change Connections w/ Becky

When: Tuesday, October 14th, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Where: Roswell Office Suites, 760 Old Roswell Road, Roswell, GA, United States (map)

Description: Join psychic channel Becky Arrington for an intimate evening of conversation and connections as you meet others who are on their spiritual path and receive guidance from your highest guides and others in the group. The format is conversational as Becky connects and channels and you meet others who are on a similar trajectory of change. Everyone has truths to share and is a teacher, come share your authentic self and connect with others who are willing to share theirs.

Second Tuesday of each month 7:30-9:00 $10 donation (cash please)


If You Build It…Will They Come?  Creating a Successful Business from the Ground Up.

You may have the best idea in the world for a new business, but without a plan, intention and tools, getting it off the ground may be another story.  Join Business Intuitives and Entrepreneurs Becky Arrington and Ahsaki Kai for this informative series where you will learn to merge spiritual principals with hard based facts to create a thriving, successful business.

Attend all four seminars for a cost of $100 (due at first class) or individual seminars for $30.

Dates of classes: September 3rd, 17th, October 1st and 15th.


Part I: Turning Your Dreams into Reality 

Wednesday September 3rd 7:30-9:30 at Roswell Office Suites, 760 Old Roswell Road, Roswell, GA, United States (map).

In this session we will help you lay the groundwork for your business merging your life’s purpose with the nuts and bolts of beginning a business.  Becky Arrington will teach you to create a spiritual contract and develop concrete attainable business goals. You will understand the importance of a business plan. We will assist you in outlining a step by step process to realize your goals with checks and balances along the way.


Part II: Building Your Brand/Tools of the Trade

Wednesday September 17th 7:30-9:30 at Roswell Office Suites, 760 Old Roswell Road, Roswell, GA, United States (map).

Once your vision is beginning to take shape, it is time to create a presence. Learn the tools of the trade to navigate the terrain of social media, websites, and many other marketing options.  Ahsaki Kai is a social media wizard! Understand the importance of building your brand and maintaining consistency across all platforms.


Part lll: Application…Just Do It!

Wednesday October 1st, 7:30-9:30 Roswell Office Suites, 760 Old Roswell Road, Roswell, GA, United States (map).

Bring your computers for this hands on, interactive class as we go into the programs described in Part II and show you how to create. You begin to actually formulate your pages on the spot with the mentorship of  Ahsaki Kai and Becky Arrington  . We suggest that a laptop be used instead of a tablet, as the programs in many applications cannot create in the ipad or tablet format.


Part IV: Ready for Lift Off 

Wednesday October 15th 7:30-9:30 at Roswell Office Suites, 760 Old Roswell Road, Roswell, GA, United States (map).

Having a strong foundation and creating a presence is wonderful, but now it is time for clients and sales to drive your success. Understand the options for networking, referrals and a host of other options will be discussed to move the buzz beyond virtual into reality. Becky Arrington and Ahsaki Kai have years of sales experience to share to help you with this final step in the process.








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