“Change your thoughts and you change the world.”
- Norman Vincent Peal


“Change your thoughts and you change the world.”
- Norman Vincent Peal


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Meeting with the Masters



 In January 2011, I was directed by my guides to host a monthly meeting and call it Meeting with the Masters. Since that time, thousands have been listening to the wisdom of the Masters either in person, in a recording online or through a written transcript. The meeting is the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Tune in for the monthly channeled message from Meeting with the Masters. Answers to universal questions as well as personal guidance is shared. Join Becky Arrington, a gifted channel as she taps into the wisdom of the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realm and your own guides and teachers.

Look for the date to attend in person, or access the recordings and transcripts online. Join us on Facebook under the group Meeting with the Masters or join our meet up group: Meeting with the Masters Channeling Group.

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Channel for Change in the Roswell Office Suites

August 12, 2014

7:30 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Roswell Office Suites

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Roswell, GA 30076

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Meeting with the Masters October 9, 2012 Written Transcript

Becky Arrington    Atlanta, GA

The meeting began with opening the channel and bringing in the guides, followed by this clearing: We would like to direct your attention to your solar plexus and at this time we are infusing the area with violet light to clear away any negativity and stuck energy. This is the seat of the soul-the emotional subconscious and home to all your stored feelings and intuition. This violet flame burning away all discordant energy will allow you to process any emotions from the past that need to be cleared. Through loosening that energy and breaking up stuck emotions, your ability to process and clear will be increased a thousand fold. As items float to the surface for processing, your ability to clear quickly and easily will be made manifest. In closing we fill that cavity with golden, white and green light to heal. We believe that this is so and so it is. When you are complete with this process you may return to this room.

One of the things I wanted to tell you is about how I channel. Some will close their eyes and there are others who open them. I closed my eyes for a very long time, but now keep them open. But you may be asking, “Is it you or is it your channel, it’s hard to tell when you are talking “normal” with open eyes?” And it is both. I open my channel in the morning and it stays open most of the time. At times you are going to hear the term “we” and then I may lapse into a personal story and use the term “I”. I was directed to keep my eyes open and have the channeling conversational. At times there may be changes in intonation of my voice that you can tell a difference. In the work I do when I am working with corporations, I do not say I am channeling, yet I am. My purpose during this time is to be a bridge between the esoteric and the real world, therefore often I do not state that I am in a trance state. I just wanted you who are new here this evening to understand how I work.

What I want to talk to you about first this evening is the exercise we just did, the clearing. Especially as we go into the final months of this year, you may be finding there are a few things coming up for review in your life. Maybe things you thought you had already dealt with…”I did my inner child work years ago.” or “I’ve been out of that marriage for five years, why is it coming back?” Each issue has layers and as you go through and process you can only go so deep given the place you are in at the time based on  your development. As you continue to expand your consciousness, you are given the opportunity to revisit some things to clear them at a deeper level. That is what is happening right now, with the change in energy and the expansion of consciousness, it is shaking you up. That is why we did the exercise to mix things up and get them unstuck. You may even have experienced some digestive issues since that is the area where those emotions are housed.

When you look at situations, events, relationships, anything that has happened in the past…try to begin to understand why you created it. And if you didn’t understand it before, yes we do create what happens in our lives. Once you have moved on through the grief cycle and can look at it unemotionally, it is important to get above it and understand the reasons why it happened, who was involved, what were the lessons and lastly what was the gift? Take a look at it as if you are the director of the play; who are the characters you chose as actors, what is the plot, the scenes, look at it pragmatically to understand why you created it. Often times people go through a clearing and don’t look for the gift. When you’re embroiled in a “he or she done me wrong” scenario, it is hard to find the gifts and we merely move on. Dissect the event and truly understand the reasons it was created and take the gift from it. We all deserve the gifts, that is part of the learning.

The other thing we would like to bring to mind tonight is the frustration many of you are feeling regarding the state of evolution. All this hoopla of 2012 and you may look around and nothing appears different.  It’s  a little more than two months…what’s it going to be ? Let us tell you, it’s not going to BE much different than it is right now. But to help you put it in perspective, imagine a situation you may have had six months ago  a year ago and look at the way you reacted.  A situation where you would have been up in arms, or certainly emotionally involved with. Given that same scenario today, would you act the same way? Believe it or not you are growing and you are changing. Things that may have bothered you or caused you to react last year no longer hold the same charge. You’ve changed and it is that gradual awareness that is building that is what we call an expansion of consciousness. Some of you may be kicking and screaming hanging for dear life on the edge of the banks, unwilling to let go and flow down the river. That is what it takes, FLOWING and ALLOWING. Any type of resistance sets up a barrier and what happens energetically is that the energy comes into your body and wants to merely flow through. But when there are barriers such as old emotions or unresolved issues, they  set up blocks that stop the energy flow. When we have a resistance to energy then what starts to happen? Disease, things don’t go well in your life. The spiritual 2 x 4 comes along. When repeated gentle taps asking you to change and allow the flow are ignored, then a much bigger whammy comes along and knocks you upside the head to cause you to let go. This can play out in illness, job loss, divorce or your life just not going the way you want it to. If you are one of those that is hanging on tightly, resisting change, take heed, you may want to loosen your grip and ALLOW. Take a look back a year ago, give yourself a pat on the back because even though you may not look any different or feel any different I guarantee you have made major changes and you’re being affected by the energy. Let’s open it up for questions.

Question:  They all say we all have the ability to be psychic, and some are more sensitive than others. Do you actually see these spirits you are channeling or do you hear?

Becky:  Both but primarily I hear. It all started when I was driving down the road and asked a question. You all ask questions when you drive, right? Well I heard an answer and it was pretty disconcerting. Then I would have an urge to connect and then I would get directions to get up and write. I was a single mother with two children, teaching school at the time and of course they never called upon me at any normal hour, it was 4:00 in the morning. But I was dutiful and would get up and type the information that was coming in. Later I asked why they chose such an ungodly hour and was told they wanted to see if I would do it. When I give an individual channeling I don’t always hear it is a combination of an impression or an image and sometimes it is the words and something it is just me opening my mouth and it all floods in. Regarding being psychic, yes it is true we all have the ability, no matter how deeply buried, it will continue to expand. What is happening is that centuries ago our DNA was compromised and certain strands were disconnected rendering us unable to access these capabilities. With the changes that are happening and the expansion of consciousness, these strands are being reattached, therefore making our abilities much easier to access. It is almost like we have been on earth dumb and blind and rather lame, trying to figure it out and not understanding why it all doesn’t make sense. As the world goes through its change and the energy shifts, not the 2012 ridiculousness but the expansion of consciousness that is occurring more and more of our DNA strands will reattach and these abilities will start to come about. It is difficult to explain that suddenly you will be able to do these things, it is much more gradual. What we just did with the clearing exercise, that is where your intuition is located.

Questioner: Well that is why I was asking, because when we did that exercise the energy was so strong in here and I normally don’t feel those kinds of things. I just felt like I couldn’t move and I was terribly affected by it.

Becky: Yes there were things that were shaken up, however I would suggest that each of you engage in some type of clearing exercise like I did in the beginning of this session. More than anything else it is an intention setting, you are bringing in energy, clearing out old energy patterns, cleansing each of your chakras and placing yourself in a protective bubble. I don’t’ know if you work in an office, around other people or if you are just out…we happened to go to the Braves game Friday night where the controversial call occurred. At the very beginning of the game the air was electric and the crowd was primed, hanging on every pitch. You could feel it, people were booing or yelling over everything. There was a bad call and people were furious and began throwing bottles and cans on the field. Behavior quite unusual for an Atlanta crowd. But what was interesting is as we were going home, my husband who normally isn’t sensitive to energy was exclaiming how intense the energy was. He came home, took a shower and immediately went to bed. The incident brought up for me the realization that personally I hold a lot of energy and am not easily phased by large crowds, etc. Again though, I think the clearing exercise we talked about earlier helps guard against that bombardment of energy. We are all teachers and through the simple sharing of how you put a protective bubble around yourself, could make a huge difference in someone’s life. You will continue to be more sensitive to energy and become more psychic and you also may see other shifts, you may not be able to eat what you did before, or have to no longer drink alcohol or even see friends you no longer are connected to. Yes even our friends may shift away from us and that’s ok.  Suddenly you don’t have a whole lot in common with the people around you for it is a time when people are going through their own changes. Some will be quitting jobs, changing jobs, some will be getting divorces, a whole myriad of things. Do not be afraid, for this is a time when the energy is getting higher and higher which causes changes within people. But don’t write off all your friends, remember they will be going through it as well. So you may be apart for a while but in 6 months to a year, they will have changed. Always give them that second look.  I have had people who have come back into my life after we had been estranged for a number of years, we had just drifted apart, and suddenly they have changed, we now have a lot in common.  So always give them that second look.

Questioner:  I noticed when you were talking about “channeling” sometimes you say “we”, and I always refer to myself as “we” or when I’m talking to someone, I’ll say “let’s do this”.  I’m wondering if I’m unconsciously opening the channel and if there is any danger in that.  Sometimes I’ll say, yes, let’s do this and it’s not the best idea.  I used to say “I”, and now it’s more of a “we” thing.

Becky:  Do you feel like you have a collective with you?

Person:  Yes.  Sometimes I will speak, you know, when I’m in that, like you said, all pistons firing and it’s not even in English.

Becky:  I would say to just always make sure that you have some protection.  I speak hesitantly about protection because I don’t want that to come across as though it’s good/evil.  I mean, it’s all energy.  It’s important that you understand who the “we” might be and you don’t even need to know the specific names, but just that you feel good about it.  Doing a little clearing at the beginning of the day, and even at times when you may feel weird, stop a minute, close your eyes, clear out yourself and put yourself in your protective bubble.  Yes, you very much could be.  Do you have any experiences in the dream state?

Person:  I can control my dreams now.  That’s been happening over the last, not recently, but in the last six months.

Becky:  Okay.  So you are doing lucent dreaming?

Person: Yes, I can make myself go back to bed and go back to the same place.  I feel that it is actually a reality.

Becky:  It is a reality.  It’s just a reality that we are not aware of.  Our dream state is a very active time for us and we are very busy.  We don’t necessarily know what we are doing or even the people that we are involved with.  There is a lot that you do – again, it’s kind of like the human part of ourselves we’ve been blind and deaf and dumb and lame, and just kind of here.  As time goes on and you become more open and aware, you will be able to control more and more of that.  One of the things that you may want to think about, I do Opening to Channel workshops, but also just doing a guided meditation where you ask for a guide to come in.  Pick a place that is kind of sacred or special to you.  I usually go into the woods and sit on a fallen tree and I ask for a guide to come and the guide comes and we carry on a conversation and I get a lot of information.  Those are little things that you can start to do to figure out who that party is that, who the “we” is.

Questioner:  Can I piggyback off of that?

Becky:  Absolutely.

Questioner:  The spirit guides.  While you are meditating and you’re asking for guidance and you’re asking for your spirit guide to come and you don’t get an answer, or you ask for a name and you don’t get a name, how can you know that they exist, know that they are there, but for some reason it doesn’t seem like you’re connected?

Becky:  Sometimes they don’t give you a name because people are more intent on trying to figure out who it is rather than what they are saying.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  It’s like you’re more focused on “who are you, give me your name” and they are just, hush, listen to what we are trying to say.  Part of that is channeling and connecting.  All of those things you do you have to hone your muscles and you have to keep doing it.  For a long time, and I hate to admit there are still times that I do this, I will even say, “is that me?”, “is that really true?”  I get out my pendulum and I’ve stopped doing it because I’ve realized that your higher self, which is really what – we’re dealing with the subconscious and your subconscious is what makes your body move.  The main thing for a subconscious is to keep you in a perfect state of health.  It’s always trying to go back to that perfect state of health so it will do whatever it can to keep you there.  Then you have a super-conscious which is the same as the higher self.  For instance, I just took a hypnosis class and I’m finding now as I go into self-hypnosis the things that I will ask I get very quick answers.  It’s a different process than when I channel.  It was interesting to me because when I channel I feel like it’s here (pointing above).  The answers are coming from here (indicating above).  When I do self-hypnosis, I feel like they are coming from here (pointing to the solar plexus), they are internal.  Is it the same information?  Probably.  It’s that difference because with the channel you are accessing spirit guides from outside of yourself.  You can bring the two of them together and it can be kind of the same experience, but you do have the ability through self-hypnosis to get to the heart of the issue of what is happening in your body.  A lot of addictions people will go to hypnosis and in the process it is finding out what does it do for you, why are you doing this.  It’s as though your body is talking to you.

Person:  That makes a lot of sense.  I do hypnosis, that’s where I find answers or past lives, but when I do just regular meditation or guided meditation and I ask for spirit guides, I don’t get any answers.

Becky:  Just do the self-hypnosis.  Really, it’s all kind of the same.  It all kind of comes in the same.  We all are one.  We are all one with our higher self, with our archangels, everybody.  We are all one.  So that information that is coming into you is clear – I think what happens oftentimes in meditation is we have set up a lot of preconceived ideas of what it should be, you have an expectation.  And I don’t know if you have had the experience, but my experience with spirit is if you have an expectation you might as well hang it up because they are going to do whatever they can do not to make it come out that way.  We have our own little plan and they sometimes like to fool us.  It is just to keep you on your toes, to keep you allowing it, letting it flow, whatever, keep that energy going.

Questioner:  Are there any techniques you’ve found that are easier or more effective to reprogram the subconscious mind.

Becky:  In reprogramming the conscious mind I have found that I have to go into that self-hypnosis and we have a conversation.  I oftentimes go in and have that conversation, whether it’s my subconscious or my higher self, it doesn’t matter, of just talking and kind of going through the same as you would as if you were to teach somebody repattern, or you were to teach someone to change things, you would do it in a relatively logical, sequential pattern.  You would have that conversation of, this is the new program.  And that is a lot of what is going on.  You are reprogramming yourself.  You are getting rid of the old program.  And regarding the old program –  I go in and I thank them for the work that they have done and how they have served me.  And then I say, but we have a new program, and I explain this is what we are going to do.  I no longer need that.  I then also do a visualization where I visualize that I go in and I take that old program and I erase it and send it on.  Sometimes I will send it on to the light.  It’s really good analogy because we are like computers and we have a lot of old programming in ourselves even though we no longer use it.  It’s like having an old program you have on your computer and you would think that the new programs would supersede that.  What happens with the subconscious is sometimes it will revert back to the old program if something clicks the memory.

Questioner:  I was going to give you one…. One that I’m working on now is my father.  He used to get us to do what he wanted to do through intimidation.  Not abuse or anything like that, but he just intimidated us.  And I find out now I am somewhat intimidated by men in authoritative positions and that keeps coming up.  So I’ve done some work.  I am aware of it as I am explaining it to you, but it comes up.  If I am in a situation, say I’m sitting down with my boss and we are having lunch, the conversation isn’t the same as it is with a co-worker.  I go into this different place and reaction.

Becky:  In that particular instance we most definitely suggest you do some inner-child healing.  The inner-child healing I’m talking about is not suggesting you were abused as a child, but you were intimidated.  And let’s be honest, as children things really make an impact. Things that for an adult doesn’t do a whole lot.  One of the things that you can do is you can go back through a meditation, closing your eyes, and you can go back and walk down the street of your childhood home and be very conscious of what does the sidewalk look like, are there bricks, are there trees?  And you see your home and you turn and you go up to the house.  Is there a step, is there a porch, is there a screen door?  Do as much as you can through visualizing details to really put yourself back there  and then go in and you find your child.  And your child will be there.  Mine was hiding and it took me awhile.  She was hiding under the stairs because she was afraid.  So I went in and introduced myself to my child and I said, I am the adult you.  And I took her into her arms and I said I’m here to protect you.  You don’t need to be intimidated, you don’t need to be scared.  I’m here.  I’m here for you.  And what happens is as adults even though logically we understand there is no reason for me to be intimidated by this person, but it’s that inner-child who still is scared.  So what you’re doing is you’re going back and retrieving your child and you’re integrating the child.  You’re taking care of the child, letting the child know you’re there to protect him.  Depending on what the issue is it can take awhile.  The work that I did, I ended up and I had a doll.  I had a doll I carried around for awhile.  My husband thought I was weird, he didn’t know what was going on.  I was sleeping with this little doll.  I really had some issues and I needed to keep that doll close to me and eventually when I would go back and look for that child, she wasn’t there.  She was happy, she was integrated.  So you can do a variety of things.  You can do that, sometimes you can go back if you had difficulty understanding – we talked about it in the beginning, understanding why did a situation happen.  Get above it, look at the players.  Why was your father intimidating you?  Why do you think that is? What was your gift?

Person:  That’s interesting.  I’ve never heard anyone even suggest the gifts that came out of that situation, but I guess that’s, we grew up in Jamaica so that’s the way his father raised him.

Becky:  Sometimes it takes going back and looking through pictures of your childhood and your parents.  And if you can look at pictures of your parents as children, that sometimes can give you a lot of information.  You’ve already hit on it.  That’s the way he was raised.  He didn’t know any better.  So then you have to look, and if I throw out this idea to you, you have to think about it too, we choose our parents.  So that sometimes puts a whole different spin on things.  Going back and looking at photos of yourself as a child and your parents as a child to determine what were the dynamics here.  Going and retrieving your child.  You can also do what we call non-dominant handwriting where you write a letter to your child.  You write the letter in your dominant hand and answer with your non-dominant hand.  That does a couple of things: It accesses your inner child and it also accesses your higher self.  Not only are you asking these questions with the non-dominant hand, if you’re not ambidextrous it’s kind of a childlike scroll, that is very powerful.  Those are all things that can give you the answers and help you work through that whole process of intimidation.  I do think that if you can go back and retrieve the child and clear that up and make your child feel safe, you’ll find that shouldn’t be an issue for you anymore.  You don’t need it.  It’s an old pattern.  It’s like clearing out the cache of your computer.  There is a lot of stuff in there that you just don’t need.

Question:   If we choose our parents and the life isn’t good, why do we still go there?

Becky:  It’s because you haven’t found the good.  There is a reason that you chose those parents.  If you haven’t figured out why you chose them, or what gift they gave you – and I remember when there was a time when my mother drug me up the stairs by my hair, and I’m thinking why did I choose her?  I didn’t think that at the time but I realized that it helped me be a better parent myself because I didn’t want to repeat those habits.  It could be that it gave you the example of what you did not want to be.

Person:  I turned out not to be like them, and I’m glad.

Becky:  Exactly.  In some ways it is like you might have repeated that pattern had it not happened to you.

Person:  Something told me not to do that.  It was very clear.

Becky:  So basically you broke the karma, you broke the pattern.

Person:  But I don’t see my father and I can’t respect him, even these days.

Becky: You might take a look at that.  Is he living or is he dead?  He’s still living.  And you have not been in contact with him?

Person:  He does not want to see us anymore.

Becky:  He doesn’t want to see you anymore.  Well, that’s his loss.

Person:  Of course it is his loss.

Becky:  It is possible for you to clear up relationships with people who have been deceased and people who are still alive where you don’t even have contact with them.  And that is through your thoughts.  When you’re ready, sending loving thoughts to him.

Person:  I do it every week.

Becky:  Keep doing it.  I also use light.  My mother and I had a very contentious relationship.  Of course, after she drug me up the stairs you can imagine why.  I just was tired of it.  I had been in therapy.  I decided that I had to break that cycle.  She lived far away so every day I would send her light.  I would send violet light.  Violet light cleanses and purifies.  That’s the light that we cleared out our chakra with, and I also sent green healing light. And I did this for a couple of months  before I went for a visit and it was amazing to me that so much had been just cleared away.  You can write people letters.  You don’t have to send them, but just get your feelings out . Go through that process of forgiveness.  It may never come to fruition in your lifetime, but you know you have forgiven in your heart and you  have done everything that you can.  If they still choose not to communicate with you, then that truly is their loss and it is something you have to accept.  You have to approach forgiveness purely from your heart with no expectations and then see.  Miracles happen.  A lot of times people, when they are going through changes, suddenly may reach out to you.  You never know.  I know it is difficult.  Have you done much writing?

Person:  No, I pray.

Becky: Okay.  Praying does the same thing.  Let go of the outcome.  Pray that there is no tomorrow, that it will never happen, that it is truly coming from your heart and a place of forgiveness.

Question:  Do you sometimes clear for ancestors?

Becky:  Yes, very much so.

PersonDoes that create, can that create issues in our body because we are clearing for our ancestors?  Or trauma or general issue so if our ancestors have issues?

Becky:  That is why I am so intent on keeping this flow of energy going.  Always open.  You could take on – we have all taken on things in our bodies.  I can remember being in Egypt and all of a sudden I was crippled almost. What’s going on, my legs are not working.  It had nothing to do with me.  It was an ancient, in certain places there are ancient energies that can enter your body and you kind of have that.  You’re a body worker.  You have to be very careful in keeping yourself very clear so you are not taking on the trauma from the person that you’re working on.  It’s the same thing when you’re clearing with ancestors.  Any time that you are clearing out something in your life, it’s going to have an effect on anyone who is related to you, anyone who was in prior lives.  It has this kind of domino effect.  So you can find, that’s why I say don’t write people off, because as you shift and change they are going to start shifting and changing also.

Person:  Because they are all interconnected?

Becky:  Exactly.  As I was doing all that energy work to my mother, suddenly when I saw her she was open and it was miraculous.  Thank goodness.  She died 4 months later.  So we really had the opportunity to clear away all of that before she passed on.  Even if someone does leave, you can still communicate, you can still clear those issues in yourself and in turn set them free as well.

Question:  When you mentioned sending light to people, I did that once to my son’s mother, I was on the phone with her. She got in an accident and hung up and I couldn’t reach her again.  So I just sent her all my light and it was the worse thing I could have ever done.  I instantly changed.  I came home and my dog bit me, freaked out, didn’t recognize me.  I got – ever since then I have never sent light to somebody.  I was scared.  I think I sent all my light and then I guess the void is darkness.  I don’t know what happened, but it was – how do you safely send somebody light?

Becky:  First of all you have to be clear yourself.  You may not have been clear.

Person:  Probably not.

Becky:  So who knows what you are sending.

Person: Turned out she was fine.

Becky:  She was fine but you weren’t.   Sometimes, depending on what the intention is, it is possible for you to take on some of what might have happened to them and had it redirected.  As you were sending your light it is possible you almost redirected the energy back to you.  It didn’t happen in the same manner, it was a dog bite, it wasn’t an accident.

Person:  I raised this dog from a puppy, and then I came home and it freaked out and bit me.  It’s never even done anything like that before.  I just assumed it was the light.

Becky:  My suggestion to you that I think you’re very open.  I think you have a lot of stuff going on.  It’s good stuff.  But when you’re open there is a lot of divergent energies that can come in as well.  So I would say that by really being clear on keeping yourself and your chakras really open and connected and encased kind of in this light yourself, then you will be able to send light.  You just need to be clear yourself.

Person: I need to work on clearing.

Becky:  Yes.

Question:  I’m confused a little about the light.  When you say you are sending someone light, I thought it was the divine light.  Or is it coming from you?

Becky:  Well, if you have connected yourself, and cleared yourself.  Basically, I’m connecting to a divine source.  You can connect to a divine source also.  With that you have the ability to send divine light.  That’s where it is coming from.  Different lights hold different colors.  I taught junior high art and the kids were just crazy and I would go into my classroom every morning and I didn’t know what color to use so I would use rainbow light.  I would just throw it all out there.  Even within your own house, if there is something in your own house that doesn’t feel right, you can use sage, you can use incense, but also use the light.  It is very important that you keep yourself sacred and you keep your space sacred.  That is very much a light kind of thing.  I would start in a corner and just imagine.  A lot of it depends on what your visual is.  I am very visual.  You may be more kinesthetic, might feel something.  If that’s the case that you may want to send that light out through your hand and do a sweep.  I happen to take it out here and kind of direct it.  If it is a hearing, maybe it comes from listening to or playing music that really gets you in touch with all of your energies.  I apologize, because I do so many things visually that I have to catch myself because not everyone is visual.  It’s kind of like a wand.

Question:  You can do that instead of sage if you want to?

Becky:  Absolutely.  The reason I like sage is I like the smell of it and I kind of like the ceremony.  It makes me feel like I’m an Indian.  I get connected back to the Indian roots.

I want to talk a little bit about timing.  I don’t know if you are trying to do anything.  You might have a business you’re trying to start.  You might have a goal in mind, and you’ve been trying and you keep waiting and it is just not happening.  I want you to understand the whole concept of manifesting.  It is possible to manifest.  Everyone has the ability to manifest.  You know what I mean by manifesting?  It’s creating, taking your thoughts and creating them into something tangible.  You all have that ability, but sometimes we are so fixed on a particular outcome that when it doesn’t come we think we failed or we think we did something wrong or thought something wrong, or it isn’t going to happen.  There is a litany of things we do to ourselves when it isn’t coming.  I want you to understand that it is important to have goals and vision, but it is also important to let go of the outcome and how it comes to you.  An example of this, many years ago I was looking for a new and I knew there were certain things. I had to be in a certain price range, I had to be able to work from home.  I had 5 things. So I wrote those down and I put it out to the Universe and within a week I started getting calls.  I thought, hey, this is working great, I like this.  But then it was a matter of me sifting through and deciding it wasn’t quite working for me.  Anyway, I ended up with a job that fit with a company that I never would have thought of and it worked out fine.  So what I’m saying is that you need to keep your manifestation and your goals up here, a little bit more altruistic.  If you’re looking for a new job – I’m looking for a job that gives me joy, that challenges me.  Watch out for challenge because that can come in a variety of ways.  Not the – I’m looking for a job that is in the Power and Light building downtown and I have to take this subway. That is too specific because what happens is you constrict what the Universe might be giving you because you have too many conditions around it. Yes, you might get that job but it may not be the right one for you.  So we are asking you to shake off some of those preconceived ideas, keep very high level in terms of what it is, the altruistic things that you are looking for, and then sit back and watch and see what happens.  It is really quite magical but you have to be open.  Also, it has to be the right time.  Sometimes we see things and we get them – I get stuff at least a year to two years ahead of time and it confuses me.  I know this but still I go right down that path of why isn’t it happening.  And then maybe it will happen two years later and I’m like, oh, I knew that.  Even when I read for somebody or I read for my daughter, I’ll say I don’t think this is now, I think this is in a year at least.  So that can be confusing too.  Just remember that the timing of things is something that you have to just flow with and just realize that it is all out there.  It is all within your grasp.  It is just a matter of allowing it to come to you.

Question: I was going to add that I’ve actually made a list of what I thought I wanted and then actually what manifested was exactly that, but the feeling wasn’t what I wanted.  This was a lady I was dating last year.  She was everything I wrote down on the paper, but that interaction was chaotic.

Becky:  So it helped you hone your new list, right? Person:  Yes.

Becky:  Sometimes is the process of elimination.

Person:  So the new list will be more of how do I feel when I’m in this situation or have this particular thing.

Becky:  Have you had that before?  Do you know what that feeling is?  The feeling that you’re looking for? Person:  I have had glimpses of it, yes.

Becky:  My daughter right now is going through pretty much the same thing.  She knows what the feeling is and she will date somebody and she is like, he has the energy.  I’m thinking, okay.  But a lot of people have the energy. So then it has to become, very, no, he has a bad past and he isn’t over it.  So as long as you know the feeling, that is a huge part because a lot of people don’t even know that.   Once you understand that feeling, then you can get all the other pieces together.  It will come.  The more you work on yourself and you get yourself prepared then it will also come easier to you.

Person:  Well, the feeling feels like me just being able to be myself.

Becky: That is huge.

Person:  Instead of having to pretend or alter the way I want to feel in that moment.  That is what I’m working on.

Becky:  Did you ever read, this is a very old book, it is called The Celestine Prophecy?  James Redfield.  It’s a cute book of all these prophecies, adventures, with spiritual lessons that go along with it.  One of them had to do with relationships and it talked about how a relationship is two incomplete people forming C’s and those two people find another incomplete person and what happens?  It becomes whole and they feel great and it’s wonderful and we found each other.  But in order to keep that energy, they constantly have to give to each other to keep it whole.  When one person stops giving the energy, they are incomplete again.  So the ideal is that you become whole in yourself without the relationship and then you look for another whole person.  So the other whole person, they come together and it’s great, but we can come apart and we are great.  I always like that as an analogy for relationships because I believe it is really true that so often we are trying to fill something within ourselves that we can’t give ourselves and we look to another person and that is a big responsibility to put on somebody else.

Question: How safe is the flu shot to take this year? What are the feelings about that from above too?

Becky:  It isn’t necessary. You have within you the antibodies you need.  The flu shots right now, we feel are not clean.  Does that make sense?

Person:  For sensitive people they might react to it?

Becky:  Very much so.  All people and that there is a whole other agenda going on.

Person:  Okay.  There are agendas.  Okay.  That was my thought about it.

Other Person:  I had mine yesterday.

Becky:  You had to for your work?

Person:  I do the Reiki after.

Becky:  Okay, good.  What you did basically is you neutralized it.  You’re not going to die.  It isn’t that.  It kind of feeds into the big pharma thing.  It feeds into a lot of stuff.  It incorporates fear and this whole paranoia of disease.

Person:  I also found the fear of getting the shot makes it a lot more so now I learned last year that as soon as they tell us we have to have it, I go get it.  And then don’t let the fear along with the junk.

Question:  I just had a baby and they want me to take the shot to protect the baby.  Should I or shouldn’t I?  I do get it every year?

Becky:  Let us say this, whatever it is, if you’re on medication of any sort, you need to take it into your own body.  You need to take it into your own heart and see what does it feel like?  If you feel that it is important for you, then absolutely take it.  But I would suggest that before you take it that you cleanse, you ground yourself and after you take the shot that you do that same type of thing and just make the intention that the flu shot that you are taking is so you will not harm the baby and it will not harm you.  Let me preface something here.  We don’t mean to get into conspiracy theories and all sorts of things.  It is just that there is a push, a huge push from the pharmaceuticals to get everybody on as many drugs as possible and this mass vaccination and all.  Again, you have to take it into your own body and it is absolutely possible to neutralize something.  It is the kind of thing that if you pray over your food, for instance, you can energetically take out the toxins and make it good for you.

Person:  Regardless of flu vaccination, I actually did get the flu.  Which I never did before and I was supposed to be protected.

Becky:  You have to understand that they are putting the virus into you.  The more that you can understand how much power you have over your thoughts and over your body – and when we talk about that subconscious and talk about talking to your higher self, you must understand that its main job is to bring you into homeostasis.  It’s to bring you into balance in every part of your life. So if you have something that is bothering you, an ailment of some sort, rather than running to the doctor and getting drugs, go in your head, understand what it is telling you and see if you can understand the lesson and see if you can maybe use an alternative or ask that it be clear, and if not and it is absolutely, then if that is the course you need to go do, absolutely go do it.  What I’m looking for you to do is to before you run and pop a pill, take it within and try to understand what it is that is trying to tell you what is your lesson in it and what is the gift.  What is the gift from that illness?  Because again, every situation has a gift.  It’s a whole other way to look at things.

Question:  Everyone wants to self-heal with illness and things like that, sometimes I feel as though if I’m being repetitious in saying things, I feel as though I’m not having faith because I keep asking every day for the same thing, please heal me in this way, in this area.  I’m doing it every single day –

Becky:  Okay, but you’re also coming from a point of lack because you are asking to be healed.  There is a concept, and it is acting as if.  If you act as if you are giving thanks for the healing.  Envision in your prayer, whatever it is that you’re doing, you see yourself as perfect whole and complete, not lacking in any way.  Because that is one of the issues sometimes with prayer is that we are always asking for please give me this, give me this, give me this. You’re always coming from “I don’t have”.  If you turn it and you’re giving thanks.  In AA they have a concept that is called “Fake It til You Make It.  It is the same kind of thing.  You’re giving thanks.  Thank you for all of these blessings.  They may not be manifest yet but you’re acting as if they are and you’re giving thanks for them and before you know it they will appear.  Part of that is just having that unfailing belief and trust that it is possible.  We are our own worst enemies.  We sabotage ourselves every step of the way.  We’re on a roll, going good, and then our thoughts go down a spiral and suddenly then we are right there with them.  I did want to say one thing about ailments.  It kind of refers back to what you were talking about, Sharon, also.  Having something that you’re not sure where it is coming from.  I have noticed with the energy levels lately that there are times that I will feel energy going through and suddenly I have the worst backache in the world. I have no idea where it came from and in the old concept of the way I used to be I’d get the heating pad or complain that my back hurts.  Now I’m just visualizing almost like water rushing through my body, getting that energy out.  I do think that there are a lot of things going on and it is almost like waves of energy kind of move in and move out and so when that happens just go in and ask that it be cleared up, send it on its way, bless it, thank you for stopping by, and keep on going.

Question:  Right now, do you have the ability to feel all of the spirits in here of maybe deceased ones who passed away right here?

Becky:  Not so much in a group.  I can sense a lot of spirits in the room.  A lot.  It’s just a matter of, can I see them? No.  I just know they are there.  I don’t get into specific ones.  If you’re wanting to connect with someone who has passed over, I do that in a private session.  It is something that I prepare for . The reason I prepare for it is that I have gatekeepers.  And they have to, if someone comes along, there is an angelic process, they have to amp down their energy so much to communicate with us. But the angels and the ascended masters, they are used to doing that.  Your deceased are not.  It’s hard to tell.  It may just be me, other people do it differently, but I have to know that that is what we are wanting to do.  It’s almost like we need to get them ready to come in and it’s an energetic thing.  So I only do it in private sessions.  And it is to find out something specific.

Question:  How did you – did you pick your particular gatekeepers or did they pick you?

Becky:  They picked me.  I take that back.  One picked me and the other one I said come one, I need you.  Kathumi picked me.  I had no idea who Kathumi was.  In the very beginning when I started channeling I wasn’t sure who I was channeling.  And they do weird things. They wanted me to have a party and they told me who to invite and the reason for it was the particular town I was in had a very divisive metaphysical community.  I had always been a very inclusive person, to bring all these different factions of people together who were kind of, you know, in competition in one big gathering.  So I was told exactly what to do and who to invite, down to the menu.  For some reason I knew it was Michael.  I just knew.  Then finally one day I was out walking and I asked, is this Michael? And he said, yes, it is.  Okay.  Not too long after that someone told me that Kathumi was one of my guides and so I said, Kathumi are you one of my guides, can we communicate, is this something we are supposed to do and he came in very strongly.  They will then bring in a host of other people.  For a period of time I was channeling Commander Kuffi.  He as an ET and the whole reason was for me to gather a group to go to Egypt.  We had work to do over there.  I met with a group of women for a year and a half, planned this.  When we were over there everyone was coming in; Isis, Alexander the Great,  Thoth, Horus..quite a group.  It just kind of depends.  Lately when I really fastened into gatekeepers, I don’t always know who is there because it is filtered through them.  I feel as though if I really want to know, they will give me the answer.

Person:  It just struck me when you said Kathumi because I had someone tell me that he was one of my guides.  And I had never heard of him.  It was a medium, I was actually there for a reiki circle.

Becky:  I think part of it is the kind of person that you are.  Are you kind of a no nonsense…

Person:  Yes.

Becky:  Cut to the chase?

Person:  Yes.  I had to temper that.

Becky:  I am too.  I don’t know if they pick people that they are supposed to be with or not.  But that just happens to be the communication that he and I have.  I respond well to it and in turn I have used him a lot in my business dealings because he is very pragmatic.

Thank you all for a lovely evening.  I appreciate you coming and sharing your energy and your thoughts.

Meeting with the Masters September 11, 2012

Meeting With the Masters        September 2012                         Atlanta, Georgia


Good evening.  I am  Becky Arrington and this is Meeting with the Masters.  Thank you all for coming.  This is September 11, 2012. Let’s take about three deep breaths, and just close your eyes and I’m going to do a clearing exercise and then I will open my channel and we’ll begin.  (Breathing exercise.)

I call for the violet flame to cleanse and purify any misguided energies in record or remembrance.  I ask that the angels Uriel, Ariel, Gabriel and Michael hold the four corners of the Universe.  And at this time I ask that the Christed white light come up through the depths of the earth, up through the soles of our feet, up through our light pillar, up through our spine, going in and out of each of our chakras,  spinning them in exactly the right direction.

We’re going to continue taking these beams of light and energy out the top of our head and out of our crown chakra where it explodes into a white and golden and silver shower of light that rains down around us.  This light then solidifies into an impenetrateable egg.  We are inside this egg, completely protected in this perfect energy.

At this time I bring forth my gate keepers, Archangel Michael and Ascended Master Kuthumi.  And in turn, I bring each of your guides, your angelic realm, those who have passed over; anyone who is here for you, and we welcome them into our space tonight.  This goes for anyone who has a message here this evening or anyone who might be listening to this, or reading it at a later date.

I believe that I am a clear and open channel and I speak truth and only truth.  I believe that this is so and so it is.  So be it.

Your 2012 phenomenon that everyone feels is so important, and so magnanimous, we’re certainly past the half-way point in this.  I want to talk to you about the last quarter of this year so you will  understand what you have done thus far, the importance of it, but also the importance as you move forward.  You will begin to have more clarification regarding what your purpose is, how you access your power, and how you continue to do the clearing out.

In the next few months you all know that you are getting ready in this country to have a political race.  And we are actually going to talk about the political parties tonight.  We realize that politics and religion are usually things that are completely off limits, but I want you to take all of your beliefs of any politics, any party affiliations, any attitude towards a candidate, and let’s just completely table them for a little bit.

I want you to come into this space and into this conversation as pure beings, because through your culture,  your family, through all of these things, you have built up your own ideology regarding political beliefs and  often times people go into a political party blindly.  I’m a____, you know, one party because my dad was and because my mother was and my husband is, and other people will go completely the opposite because all of those people’s affiliation.  And it can get very tension filled, you can certainly see it on social media – it gets very volatile.

So I want you to put all of that aside for a little bit and I want you to take up this charge that we’re going to challenge you with-In the next two months , we would like you to become almost like a babe in the woods.  That you take each item, each platform, each issue, and really research it.  Research it as if you know absolutely nothing about it.  Research it beyond what the rhetoric is that you’re getting from the news.  You don’t have to do this with everything, but something that is really important to you.  And you’re going to say  okay, fine, Georgia has already been decided.  My vote doesn’t really count.

This isn’t about votes.  This is about you all beginning to converse and to engage with your neighbors, with your friends.  That is how the world will change.  The world is not going to change in Washington, not by a long shot.  The world is going to change with people just like you.

What better platform than to take these very real issues that you do the research, talk to your neighbor, talk to your friend, even someone that you know is at complete odds with you from a political ideology, and talk.  Why do you believe that?  Tell me about that.  This is what I read, what do you think about that?  I want you really to engage and so then you start to realize-wait a minute, we may differ on such and such a platform, but we are in agreement over here.

In time, it is this type  of communication that will have people joining  together and  say,” You know what, I feel really strongly about this, let’s get some other people together,  let’s write  letters, and let’s go  talk to our politicians here.  Let’s start to make some of those changes.”

You may be saying, “But, I’m just one person” — which is true — but we also know that change starts with single thoughts.  As you continue, to share  these thoughts  with other like minded people you will begin to form groups. It’s in the regionality,  in the community base that real change will start to come.  More and more community bases will start to be heard, and people will start to have a ground swell.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re not here to start anarchy, or any kind of political upheaval.  But we want you to be invested, and we want you to be informed.  And we want you to be engaged

What happens for the most part is there is a lot of assumption of what certain politicians stand for or broad statements  based on generalizations. I want you to look beyond all of those things and really delve into each of the issues –  find your passion.  What is it that you really feel strongly about and use these next couple of months to understand it, engage other people with it and see where it goes.  And see if some change might start to come.

If nothing else, you’re going to be so much more informed and feel so much better to be able to be updated on the issues. I have a neighbor and we are completely at opposite ends of the political spectrum, so we’ve never talked about  many things.  But I’m going to talk to her about some of these things that I feel strongly about because I want her opinion.

Nobody can dictate to you what  you think.  But I want you to be informed thinkers.  Not sheeple, not people that just blindly believe in causes, but who are informed and form conscientious opinions.  Speak up and start to formulate groups and conversations and see where it goes.

Do you understand what we mean by that?  By all means, we do not want to start a revolution, that is not the purpose here.  But we do feel as though great change must happen and it must happen from within, for it is only from within that sustainable alterations can occur.  There is so much imbalance in politics, in government, so much graft.  There is so much that it is so tilted that it has to come back into balance and it’s going to come from the people.

It’s the same concept of that all the answers you have are within yourself.  You’ve all heard that.  It all comes from your subconscious mind.  The will of the people and the heart of the people, is the same with society, that’s kind of like the subconscious.  That’s what it is that will continue, that’s where your core is and  where your answers will come.   It has to come from within each person, the people then communicate with each other and then it will grow and spread.

We’d like to talk to you a moment about your subconscious.  Another word for subconscious might be higher self.  We want you all to know that you have the ability to tap into that.  So many people run to other people saying…tell me, give me a reading.  Which is fine.  You know, sometimes you are just too close to it.  But we want to encourage you that when you go into meditation, engage in automatic writing, or you get very quiet and become very still, you ask for those questions to be answered and the answer comes from your subconscious.  I think most of you  know what I’m talking about because the answer comes to you crystal clear.  Sometimes you hear it, sometimes you feel it, sometimes you see it.  And most of the time you don’t believe it because it’s too simple.

We are here to encourage you to listen.  Listen to yourself.  Block out all the external noise and really go within and  hear what it is that is speaking to you because that is where your answers lie.  If you need confirmation, which we all do, then there are certainly enough people around that can give you the confirmation. But we want you, more than anything else right now, for the remainder of 2012, to listen, heed your own advice – because that’s the  way the human body functions.  We’re always moving toward a perfect balance.  That’s what our subconscious wants for us- perfect health, it’s called homeostasis. It’s the same with our earth.  Our earth will continue to shift and change until it reaches that perfect balance.  And so each of us are going through our own kind of metamorphosis.  Again, to reach that perfect balance. That’s why we  encourage you to really go within and move forwards. In closing…listen, engage and research.  Talk.  Talk, don’t be afraid.  Don’t be afraid to challenge somebody.

I’m going to open it up for questions.  I’m sure we’ll have more to talk about.  Do you all have some questions?  They could be universal or it could be personal.

Question:   I feel like I’m right on the cusp of something big happening in my life.  I don’t know what it is or what I’m trying to be – I know I have to be spiritually prepared for it, and I’m working hard.  Do you see breakthrough coming soon?

Becky:  Your breakthrough is every day.  And what we say “Oh, I know this big thing is coming,” well I’ve been waiting for that big thing for about three years.  And I put everything else on hold while I was waiting for that big thing.  Live every day as if it is here.  As if you’ve already  had your spiritual breakthrough.  Live it to the fullest and before you know it,  it comes in.  It’s in our anticipation.  And in our belief that it’s outside of ourselves that we actually keep it at bay.  Does that make sense? So embrace it, enjoy it, and you’re working very hard to get in touch and to do the right things, and that’s fabulous.  But let go of your expectations. Because it’s never ever what you think it is.  It could come in the least obvious way – it could come in through somebody you least expect… you know, you’ve heard the story The Beggar on the Street suddenly gives you enlightenment.  You never know.  It’s packaged in so many different ways.

Person:  I just know something is going to change drastically soon.  I feel it coming and I’m okay with it.  But I am doing – I have worked really hard at just that living in the moment and taking each day at a time.

Becky:  You have to allow it and the reason for that is because of the energetic flow.  You have to have a constant flow of energy going through you.  And if you do not have that, if you’re, oh, I’m waiting, I’m waiting, I’m waiting, you block it. And we all know that is where disease comes in,  when you don’t have that flow then you have blockages in your body and  it causes illness.  So let go of all of the expectations.  Let go of all of it and just live it and try to live in joy and just let it flow and see  if it is easier for you.

Question:  I had a student that came to me today who is a medium. And she is very afraid and so I wanted to know what I can do to help her.

Becky:  Especially for young people when these things come to them  they don’t know  what to do with it.  If she wants to block it off, tell her it’s okay to say no, that it’s okay to say,” that makes me uncomfortable. “  I used to have a student  when I taught  school and she came to me and  said “I see all of these horrible things, I see car accidents before they happen.  I can’t sleep at night, I’ve got all of these things that are going on.”  And so I helped her to call in her angels to help amp it down.

If she believes in angels – or whatever her guide is.  I’m sure that if she’s a medium  there is somebody out there that is talking to her.  And it’s important that she probably has a guardian that acts as that gatekeeper.  She can then set those boundaries up and let them be the bouncer at the door.  And that way all the things won’t come in as much.   If she doesn’t feel ready to do that right now, – tell her that through prayer and through asking, most definitely she can just say, “I’m not quite ready.  I want to put this on hold for a little bit.”

Question:  I had a pretty profound day today.  I mean, I feel like I know the answer already to my question, but like you said a minute ago, sometimes you’re too close to it and so we make our assumptions.  I had asked spirit for a sign, which I received today in a very profound location, with very significant timing of the sign. So does the sign that I asked for, does it mean that the way they presented the sign to me, am I thinking correctly in that that has a significant meaning?

It is not a specific literal meaning. I want you to take that and I want you to open it a little bit.  I want you to expound the boundaries of it. I don’t want you to get too hung up on the specifics and details of it. So take the sign  and open it up a little bit and let it – I know this sounds ridiculous, kind of like wine — let it breathe. Sit with it.  Let it percolate, andsee then what comes.  You had to have the profound sign to get your attention.  It had to be very specific to kind of jolt you.

Person:  Yeah, it did jolt me.  It was a very, like, pull the car over, oh my God, moment, you know–which I’m not that way.  I mean, you know me. I’m not a drama person and it was very intense.

Becky:  It was dramatic to get your attention, but don’t take it as so literal that that’s the only outcome or that’s the only way. Just sit with it.  Allow it.  Let it  flow and see where it goes.  Because the outcome – it could – it could go several different ways. I think that  is one of the things that we have to remember is that sometimes we get jolted out of our seats and it’s because we are in places where – I’m generalizing because I do this, “Yeah, yeah, okay.   I hear you.  Okay.   I got it, I got it.  I got this.”

And sometimes I need to be knocked upside the head for me to listen, and to really pay attention to it.  But  the other thing to remember is that when you’re talking about signs or the whole psychic realm,   you’re only reading or you’re only getting the energy for that particular point in time.  Okay?  And so what you may get,  even at one moment  just remember that that isn’t necessarily the way it will always go.

And really, I think this is a great example.  Alison is a very talented psychic.  And she and I traded readings one day.  And it was for that very reason because she gets things and I get things, you want a little confirmation.  And so we had this whole thing planned out for my kids.  And within a week it had completely turned upside down.  And we’re like, but, but we both got it.  And it’s like yeah, I know, but it’s changed.  It’s free will, free will.  So you take all of it kind of with a grain of salt.  It’s like, they’re probabilities.  That’s what you’re reading  you’re reading the probabilities.  Based on the energy today and what you choose, the probability is for that – especially another person, but of course, with yourself you have more control over it.  But that’s a probability of what may happen.

And so just remember, there is free will. There are all sorts of things that change and –  the best advice I have is  keep that whole energy thing flowing, and also give up the expectations because as soon as you put your own expectations around it I guarantee you it’s going to be something completely different.  And then you’re like, but, but, but the psychic told me this.  Or this is what I got; I must not know what I’m doing. But we’re all reading energy.  That’s all – that’s all that it is.

Question:  I work with adolescents and young people  and I’m in an excellent position to teach them how to love each other, to put it in its most basic level.  But the most frustrating part of the position is that when you’ve got adolescents who would rather be playing on their cell phones, or messing in Facebook.  How do you  reach these people?  I have the opportunity to reach 100s of these people every semester.  How do you do that?

Becky:  What kind of teacher are you? Person:  I teach anthropology in college. Becky:  Well, number one you take, you put the boundaries up.  No cell phones in your class. Person:  I do that, but that doesn’t  work, they’re either masturbating (laughter) or they’re looking down at both of their hands and smiling.  Becky:  With anthropology there is so much that you could really touch on.  We were just talking about Spirit Science.  And one of my favorite You Tube Spirit Science videos  is – I don’t even know the name of it, Number 12.  It’s about the history of the human race.  And it’s a totally different spin on what we think has happened.  Even mixing it up and bringing some of that kind of stuff – I mean, the more that you can peak their interest and really challenge them.  Do you believe in evolution?  Do you believe in this?  What else is there?  Do we come from the stars?  I mean, just really start – you’re teaching college?  So you don’t have anything to really worry about.  I used to teach junior high, and I was a  junior high art teacher. Person:  Bless you.

Becky:  But I loved it because we would have the most fascinating conversations.  People said, “I can’t believe you’re talking about that in your classroom.  Aren’t you afraid that parents are going to complain?”  Every day I asked my guides and my angels to surround me and to surround the kids that I was working with, and that whatever conversation that came up was the right one, and that I would say the right things.  And we had some fascinating conversations. I used to do numerology, because I had this kid that was just a mess.  I’d say, come here, sit down- give me your birthday.  And he’d give me his birthday and I would  say, oh, no wonder. (Laughter.) I said, well, you’re a 28 10, you hate authority.  How did you know that?  How did you know that?  We’d have this engaging conversation.  And then I kind of had him hooked.  It’s like, wow, I want to know more. I’ve always felt that teaching is one of the things that just letting your guard down some and letting the true you shine through to connect on those levels.  But I really would try and challenge them because, you know.  I mean, I love anthropology, but it can be a little dry.  So –bring in some obscure videos and things that will challenge their thinking.

Question:   The spirit guides sometimes have trouble, or I have trouble with them.  I have trouble interpreting what they’re saying.Because I can hear – I can hear them sometimes, and sometimes I can see different orbs and stuff, but I don’t always understand.

Becky:  Ask them to speak in a language that you can understand. Even if you have asked that, mix it up a little bit.  Instead of listening, maybe you try aromatic writing or try a different modality and see – my daughter has the same type of thing.  Her beagle dog comes to her all the time and the beagle happens to work with Archangel Michael.  And so sometimes the beagle will bring Archangel Michael.  And Marley is so excited because Michael is there.  And he’s talking to her and she can’t understand a word he is saying.  Yet she knows  what the message is but she can’t hear it.  As long as you’re getting the message, does it really matter? So ask, ask that you continue  to get the messages.  Ask if there are blocks to clear them away, to open your heart and to just really allow and to be open to that.

I think the thing to remember though is that you are an equal party in this.  Just because we are human and they’re like subhuman, we are still – we are equal partners.  And you can ask for things, you can have boundaries, you can  ask for clarification.  All of those kinds of things.  They cannot help you unless you ask.  And a lot of people forget that.  Well, gosh why isn’t this working out, or whatever.  Well, have you asked?  And lots of times we haven’t. You also may want to think about – have you done much clearing work?  Has anybody ever, like, cleared your chakras, have you had body  or energetic work? Have someone do a body scan on you to see if you have any energetic blockages.

Question:  What is your opinion on your spirit guides testing you for advancement?  Like, there are some people that fail tests that their guides give them, and they go off to the deep end.  Do you know what I’m talking about?

Becky:  Well, I think that all life is kind of a test.  But try not to look at it in terms of positive and negative. You know, good or bad.  It just is.  And who is to say that the path that you took, even though it went over here and that might not be the path, the best path, maybe that was the path that you were supposed to go towards for a particular lesson. I tend to look at everything in terms of lessons.  No matter how bad it was or how traumatic, or whatever, what was the gift?  What was the gift I brought away from it?  What is that lesson that came back? And then try to take that and apply it. I get the feeling that you think it’s kind of a game board.

Person:  Not so much a game board, but advancement in spirituality is, there is a test at one point where I feel you become too co-dependent on spiritual – or not spiritual, sorry — the invisible world where you listen to every single little detail on what they tell you to do.

Becky: Oh, yes, absolutely.  Absolutely.  I was in a relationship with my current husband.  And he was not completely finished with his first relationship.  And I went to a channel for about a year.  When is he going to be free – when is it going to be over?  I mean, I knew it was going to be over.  When is it going to be over, when’s it going to be over?  Finally, the channel said, it’s not.  I said, really?  Yeah, it’s not.  Because all along they had said you just need to let go.  You need to let go, let that happen, and when it’s right it will come back to you.  But I couldn’t let go. And so basically Ramonth  tricked me and said, no, no.  Which maybe it really wasn’t a trick, because maybe if I hadn’t let go it never would have been.

Sometimes there’s tricks but I – I guess I prefer to say that they are just ways to get your conscious mind out of the way so can open up to your subconscious mind.   You really know the answer.  It’s just that we get so caught up in all the imaginations and the fears and the phobias and all those things that it  clouds the message or the situation and we don’t get real clear sense.

I don’t – I do energy work in the morning.  I do that little kind of clearing.  And I know that my guides are around me and I just let my day unfold.  I’m not constantly saying, what do you guys think?  What do you – you know, I just don’t.  Because I – I just feel like it’s kind of a part of me, and if there is something that’s really big and I really want to know some information, then yes, I might sit down and write about it or try to get some clarification. But I feel like people who are so afraid to take a step or make sure it’s a spiritual path – you’ll drive yourself crazy.  Absolutely will drive yourself crazy.  And again, you’re almost blocking things because of the kind of the tension.  When we just allow it, let it flow, and you’ll know if you’re on the right track or not, because if you’re not on the right track, then you’ll figure that out very quickly.

Question:  So, like you, I’m still in corporate America right now. I went to school for art.  And, you know, I thought it was too easy.  So I switched to accounting.(Laughter.)Becky:  Well, that’s using both sides of your brain.

Person:  Yeah.  So I switched to accounting for the prestige, the money.And now I’ve been doing it for like six years and I don’t like it.  It’s boring.  And I am stuck.  I can’t advance.  This is what I do when I leave work, I watch Spirit Science on YouTube or I come to events like this.  This is what fascinates me, but I don’t look up accounting principles or anything like that.  So I’m wondering, you know, I kind of established a life around it financially, house, car –but now I’m not quite sure what to do career wise.

Becky:  Well, I want you to think about your career.  No matter what you’re doing that you are a spiritual being. And that’s what a lot of people forget is that even though they are in corporate, or whatever their job is, that you take those principles that you are learning at home, at groups like this, and then you bring it into your workplace in the way you go through your day.  The way that you connect with people.  I’m not talking about getting on a soapbox. I’m not talking about, you know, taking sage into the office.(Laughter.)Although I did.(Laughter.) I did.  I would stay late and I would sage that office and they’d come in the next morning and were wondering if somebody had been smoking marijuana. But  just to remember that we are spiritual beings, and  try not to compartmentalize things so much.  That it all kind of flows together.   Okay.  So you crunch numbers all day. But you can take a bit of spiritual, something that you learned and apply it in the methodology that you’re working with, or the communication with people, or the meetings that you’re in, or whatever.

Energetically it is possible to most definitely surround yourself with light. I used to, when I was teaching. I would bring in light every morning to that classroom.  I brought it into the office.  And people would come into my office and were like…oh it feels great in here.  Do you have more air conditioning?  No, no, it’s just the energy. So those are the kind of things that as you continue to embody all of the things that you’re learning, and you take them within yourself, suddenly people will be drawn to you, and they will be questioning you,  wondering what are you doing?

The other thing I wanted to talk to you about though is that it, are you doing any artwork now? If not you may want to think about – you’re so heavily weighted over here on the analytical –that you may want to get a little bit better balance.  Bring some creativity in.  And I think that if you have the spirituality, you have the creativity.  Those two things will kind of help offset your day job.

Question:  Well, for me, when we were first doing a clearing, I heard my aunt come in and say,
“let’s get it right this time.”  (Laughter.)  And, of course for me right now, as you know, I’m going through the transition of getting my business started. Any advice?

Becky:  With your business – I want you to be open with your business.  I want you to think outside the box, color outside the lines a little bit.  You have this kind of laundry list of things that you do.And that’s okay.  And that’s kind of your toolbox, if you will.  But I’d really like to see you open your business a little bit more to, become a little bit more mainstream friendly.  Does that make sense?  And what I mean by mainstream friendly is  – some of the modalities that you’re talking about, you can still list those, but you might talk in more general terms to make it not as metaphysical.  I mean, I remember your business card and all of that, it just looked very – oh, you know, airy fairy.  And that’s fine. Because that’s kind of the way you are, and that’s kind of the way your business is.  But, we’re at a place right now where we’ve got to appeal to everybody.  Everybody.  And so take a look at that– I forget even what you had, didn’t you have kind of like a mottled background or something?

Person:  I had a hand with a lotus leaf. In pastel lavender. Becky:  Okay, yeah.  (Laughter.)

Becky:  Which is okay.  But, you know, maybe, maybe you put a couple of stripes on there or a little curve or something.  In other words, to show the energy that is flowing.  I just  — try to make it a little more accessible.  Reiki right now is a very common term that mainstream America is, is okay with. They’re okay with energy.  Some of the other things that you do, I think those are things that you keep in your toolbox and you bring them out and just do it without a lot of discussion. Because your business can most definitely thrive.  But you’ve – I think you need to break out a little bit.  I think you need to really treat it as a business and apply business parameters  around it.  I would suggest that you find some place – maybe you take space, maybe you share space with someone one day a week.  That wouldn’t break the bank.  It would help you put some parameters around the business.  It also would give you that day and everything that you do is directed to that day.  All your clients come in that day.  And I think it would get you out of your house.  It would be a bit more professional. And I think that in time then you could maybe take it to two days, or three days. But it’s important that you separate the business from you.

Question:  The temple that I go to, it’s a spiritual organization, a multi-faith.  And it’s primarily Vietnamese. My partner is Vietnamese. It’s been a bit of a struggle for me.  And we’re trying to branch out into the American community so that way we have American lessons one day in a group setting instead of just working with a translator to get my teachings.I’m looking for advice for branching out, for bringing people in to help people.  Any advice on that?

Becky:  Well it feels like you’ve been very accommodating and that maybe the two of you need to do something completely different.  Go somewhere new, try a variety of different places and see how that feels.  Does he speak English? Person:  Oh, yes.

Becky:  Okay.  All right.  This could be something that the two of you together engage in and see what different things are available– it’s important, especially when you’re looking at spiritual studies to try a little of this and try a little of this.  Nobody has all the answers.  They don’t.  The answers are in here. (points to heart) And so finding a place that really resonates with both of you is essential. And part of that is just you establishing your boundaries. Acknowledging that  this is great and, I’ve gotten a lot out of it, but I want to try something different. Maybe one week he picks a place and the other week you pick a place.  Or you go a couple of times and see.  Does that resonate?

Person: Well, the thing is, I consider all the people that go there my family and I’m very close with them.  We frequently want to help them. There’s more students that come there. I’m just curious if there is a way to, any advice on bringing more people in to help out other people. We give daily lessons and people come seeking help. I want to stay involved, but all the lessons are in Vietnamese, so I am wanting to stay involved, yet get more out of it.

Becky:   I say you do several things.  Give your time there because you, your family and the work is important.  But then you branch out.  Maybe it’s  not every week.  Maybe it’s once a month.  But that the two of you make a concentrated effort to visit other places.  You don’t have to take some place as your home faith base.  You can keep that as your faith base, but  you’re dabbling, you’re meeting other people.  It also gives you an opportunity then to do outreach.  That you tell them about what your organization is as well through networking. I think it’s really about your need to get out, getting outside of that place.

I get the feeling that there is maybe a little co-dependency  there.  Maybe with the relationship and maybe the relationship with all the people.  You’ve kind of latched onto it because  that’s felt comfortable to you.  And so, yeah, it’s tough to make little forays out. But if you take your partner with you and it becomes something that the two of you do kind of as a, let’s try this or let’s try that.

That will help solidify the faith that you both have and the relationship that the two of you have together, but it’s also going to give him an opportunity to be aware of whether or not you as comfortable over here. In other words, you won’t have to say anything.  It will just come out when you’re at those other places.

Question:  This is the reason I’m here.  I want to know what is, what is important?  What is important to you?  What am I doing here, I mean, as far as –(Laughter.)Becky:  What is my purpose?

Person:  Yeah.  So – I guess that’s why – a couple of years ago I came home from work and my son’s mother and the kids are gone.  I was working too much or whatever.  So it kind of – that was my kick in the pants.And it kind of woke me up really.  So now, all my thoughts are:  Who am I?  Why am I here?  You know, that’s really the thought that kind of, that’s kind of played in me lately.  I mean, what’s important?  What am I – to you?

Becky:  What do you think is important?  That’s a classic therapist question right there.(Laughter.)

Person:  Well, it used to be – okay.  Paying all my bills and making sure my dry cleaning is picked up and stuff. But now it feels like, it feels like whatever my purpose is, but I don’t know what that is.  I don’t know – I’m confused about what I should be doing.  I just left a three-day Dharma seminar in Fletcher, North Carolina. And it’s Tao, the way.They’re primarily on letting the way of the divine flow through you.

Becky:  Which is the very same thing I just said.  When I said allow the energy to flow.That as things come in not to block.  So, I’m not trying to interrupt you, but I want you to understand that there are so many different ways.  And when you really start to kind of pick them apart, they’re all  kind of saying the same thing.  The language may be different, but we’re all looking for that purpose.

And our purpose changes.  What’s important to you was this, and you saw that by being out of balance, working too much, etc. had the effect of the family leaving, you didn’t give them enough time, space, etc.  And so, you could see that you were out of balance.

Every person – especially during this particular time in the Universe is awakening.  We are remembering.  When  you read a particular book or looked at the Spirit Science Number 12 it talks about  the fall of mankind, and how we forgot it all.

During this time we are going through such a transition where you are being rewired.  Our DNA is changing.  Our cellular makeup is changing.  We’re going from carbon based to crystalline based. It’s the information I keep getting, it’s what I keep reading.  And for what?  For what? It’s to remember.  It’s to expand our consciousness, and in expanding our consciousness we begin to see things differently.  We being to realize there is more to life.  I am part of this whole creation.  We’ve been separate for so long.

What I started this talk with, as far as really communicating and getting together with other people.  It’s about connecting.  It’s about taking a whole.  It’s about creating like-minded people to be able to change the world because we see that there are these huge imbalances. You’ve got millions of people beginning to awaken and understand  the imbalance of humanity or a host of other things. For us to be able to right that balance, then we all have to awaken.  it’s a very natural thing.  I mean, you didn’t wake up one day and say, hmmm, I wonder what my purpose should be.

It was something that very slowly, you know, it’s like, oh, well, I was out of balance and this is what happened.  It’s kind of like the people that all of a sudden you can’t eat meat anymore. The reason is because of your vibration– it’s all about vibrations. As you expand, your  energy levels, your vibration levels are rising.  And as you expand in consciousness, your vibration level rises and you can no longer do the things that you used to do.  You may not eat the same foods.  You may not drink alcohol anymore, or smoke tobacco.   All sorts of things.  Or you’re at that place where your insides are saying, I know I shouldn’t be doing that, but I still want to.  So you’re kind of at war with each other.

But that’s all about this expansion of consciousness.  And that’s what’s going on with you.  And so every day you’re striving and you’re trying to figure it out. And so as one tries to figure out, you’re drawn to the Dharma Center  and other places, you’re looking and you’re searching.  And that’s a fabulous thing because it gives you tools and you try them on for a while and you take it into your heart and then you say, no, I don’t think I agree with that.So I’m not going to do that.  That doesn’t mean I throw away everything, I just don’t believe in that.  So you’re just, you’re just trying things on.  You’re trying to determine who you are. It can be an arduous process, but it can be a delightful one too.

As you begin to awaken it can be exciting.  I used to call it the dog and pony show.  When I first awakened it was so much fun.  I was reading all these new concepts and I would go places at night and I would work with these masters.  And it was so much fun, it was just so exciting.  And then, it’s like now. I don’t have that joy because it’s not as new, and it’s not as fun anymore. So try to have – try to inject joy in whatever it is that  you’re doing and don’t be too serious. There is no right or wrong to this.

And a lot of people will say, well, I just started, and you’ve been at this for thirty years.  You must know a heck of a lot more.  Not really.  Not really.  You can get it like that (Snapped fingers).Those people for thirty years, I’ve been holding space.  I’ve been holding space waiting for this time to come.

And so we can clear things immediately now.  What used to take years of therapy or years of change, can be done in an instant now though your intention and your beliefs.  So just allow it.  Have fun with it.  And just don’t be too serious with it. Nobody has all the answers.  We’re all  on this journey trying to figure it out. Person:  Okay.Becky:  I’m sorry.  I really –Person:  No, that’s perfect.Becky:  I did not mean to lecture you. The mother in me has come out. Lighten up, lighten up.  Have fun.

Becky:  Does anybody else feel that way?  Am I the only one? – Am I doing it right?

Person:  It’s like in the next class I’m going to find something, or something is going to be in that next class.

Another Person:  Mine changed from am I doing it right to now all I see is the connection between the people.  And it’s like all about your connection, the inner-connectiveness to  each other.  And when you go to these places and you meet these people, it’s all about the connection to the people that you’re meeting.  That’s your purpose.  That’s everybody’s purpose.

Becky:  That’s why I said as far as when you’re in your work, you’re holding a space there, but you also have the ability to emanate and to radiate love and joy.  And suddenly people will be drawn to you and drawn to that energy.

Question:  I was delayed two hours at the dentist today.  Then I was only going to run three miles and I ran six miles.  Then I got stuck in traffic.  So I’m like, okay, I’m supposed to see Becky tonight.  So my question is, is there a general message that my angels, guides  and masters have for me?

Becky:  Well, what I was going to say, you time warped.  You time warped all day today because you were able to – things didn’t go exactly as planned, but you still were able to run and you ran double, and you still are here, and you got through traffic.  And the message for you is that you hold tremendous power.  You know that.  But you forget it.  just want you to understand that you, it’s all in your hands.  Absolutely whatever you want to create is available to you.  You just have to believe it.  And it’s when we don’t believe it that we put the blocks up.

I mean, think of it this way that you have, you know, you’ve just got this huge expanse.  It’s like a blank canvas.  And you can have absolutely anything you want.  We are not used to that kind of creation.  We are not used to that kind of freedom.  And so we want to say, well, I can do this, but I don’t think I can do this because – and our minds just go into those things. You will have no money problems.  Everything is just –flowing.

Person:  I mean, I had a wonderful surprise tonight.  I opened my mailbox.  I read for California Psychics and I opened my mailbox and I’m the featured psychic on the cover of the catalogue.  I had no idea –(Applause.) this was even going to happen.  So I’m getting in my car to come see you and I thought, oh, I’ve got to get my mail. They just don’t do that. It’s a big deal. And so I was just – I was crying all the way here because I’m just so touched.

Becky:  But  have more fun with it.I know the kind of hours you’ve been putting in.The end result to that is you’re trying to build up your clientele.  I understand that.  And the money helps, but you’ve got to cut yourself a break too.  You’ve got to get balanced.  And it will be fine. And just — trust.  It’s that trust and that inner knowingness.  We block ourselves.   It’s like, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming to you.  And you say, well I don’t know, maybe not.  And  you turn away from it.  Just turn towards it.  Accept it.  And even when you can accept it and it seems too good to be true – because if you’re like me you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop – it doesn’t have to drop.  It does not have to drop.

And I want you all to understand that as we get closer and closer towards the next year, we’re –  manifesting so much faster – I mean, are you seeing it in your lives?  Are you seeing yourself begin to manifest  on a regular basis?

Becky:  Do you know what I mean by “manifest”?  Okay.  That maybe there were things that weren’t coming to you and all of a sudden it’s like, oh, wow, here it is.  Do you think it’s faster

Person: I mean, it’s incredible I manifested $700 today.  I mean it took me five minutes. Yeah.  I mean, it’s absolutely incredible.  When you talk about the power, Becky.  You said that in our individual readings to each other, and I went back and listened to what you said, and then I read an excerpt from the journal I kept two years ago and it said “when are you going to stop being so afraid of the power that you hold within you?” And when you stop becoming afraid what are you going to do with it?

Becky:  Standing in your power is a pretty big thing.  I mean, it takes a lot of guts.  We shrink from our power a lot of the time, or we’ll move towards it and then we’ll hesitate and we’ll kind of hold back.

I have pretty big energy.  A lot of you have big energy too.  And I just used to kind of want to go like this and shrink down.  And I finally realized that I can’t help it.  That’s who I am.  That’s my essence.  And I think  it’s like that with whatever it is that you’re dealing with.  If you’re losing your hair, or you’re too fat, or you’re too thin, or you’re too this, or you’re too that, just accept it.  Just accept it.  Just allow it.  Stop fighting it and go with it. And suddenly it doesn’t matter anymore.  Suddenly everything starts to flow more.

And the one thing I will say, and I’m saying this because of my own issue with weight, is that I’m finding through some studies is that, you know, it’s never the weight.  It’s never the cigarettes.  It’s never the drinking or whatever your drug choice is.  That’s not it.  It’s the underlying cause.  And I realized that it was for protection.  But what I also realized that the subconscious will go back in times of stress and recreate that.  And so it’s like, whoa, wow.  So I started doing positive affirmations.  I’m capable.  I’m strong.  It’s like I’m telling my subconscious I’m okay, I don’t need the protection.  I’m all right.  I’m owning it now.

So I’m sharing that just to kind of think when I tell you to check in with your own subconscious, what is it that you’re preventing yourself from doing? Because I guarantee you… you are preventing it.

Question:  I have always been afraid of it power. And I have had experience with the negative side of that.  So I’m afraid to go there because I’m afraid of the negative.  What can I do  to stay away from the negative and not be afraid?

Becky:  Do you understand what I mean when I talk about energy? And do you understand what I mean when I talk about putting up a shield for protection? Okay.  There’s a couple of theories on this.  There is a theory that says if you feel like you need to protect yourself, then you’re bringing the negative to you.  Okay.  I get it.  And I understand that.  But for me, I just feel a little bit better, a little bit safer if I go through the motions.

The reason that you’ve had the experience with the negative in the past was so you would understand discernment.  You cannot learn discernment through a book.  You cannot learn discernment except when you’re in the middle of it.  If you are anyone who is dabbling at all in any kind of energetics or modalities, you’ve got to have your own little personal party with the negative.

Person:  That is what I did with my student today is allow her to experience it so it would  teach her discernment. I was allowed to share my experience and she is like, oh, yeah.

Becky:  Exactly, exactly.  And I – you know, someone said to me one day, why don’t you teach a class on discernment?  Because you can’t teach it.  You just have to get in there and experience it.  And I had some pretty nasty experiences. I was rather hard headed.  I used to do energy work at night and  I cleared energies and all sorts of stuff, but I’d do it at night because I was busy during the day.  But I would be tired and then I’d fall asleep.  And so I was taking all that energy in, and the next day I was just bitchy and I would wonder what’s going on.  So then my guide started ringing bells.  So I would be doing this energy work and I’d start to fall asleep and there was like…RING.  And I was like okay.  So then I just stopped doing the work at night.

Alot of it goes back to having that conversation.  We’re talking about guides.  We’re talking about angels.  We’re talking about all those things.  And you’re saying, but I don’t hear anybody, and I don’t know anybody.  Don’t even think about it as something outside of yourself.  Think of it as something within yourself.  It’s the knowledge within yourself.  And so as you are looking for guidance or if you’re asking questions – I’m a huge proponent on writing.  I think writing allows you to open up sometimes, whether it be just a journal that you want to get some feelings out.  You can do non-dominant hand writing. Non-dominant hand writing is excellent when you are trying to access your inner child to do some healing.  It’s also very powerful to get to your higher self or your subconscious.  It’s kind of an open gate to that.  Something about the way that the left and right sides of your brain work.

But don’t stress about it.  Don’t stress about it… so and so hears voices all the time and I don’t hear any voices.  I don’t know what I’m doing.  Just be silent.  Sit outside.  Take a walk.  Just find whatever it is that is good for you.  I tend to do a lot of visualizations.  Sometimes I will write down a little play for myself.  And I take myself on a journey.  I  usually gp into the woods and I sit down on a tree and I ask for a guide to come in and talk to me.  And by doing that somebody usually shows up and they usually have some answers.

So, there again, these are little tricks of the mind of ways that you get your information and there is no right or wrong.  It’s just whatever works for you.  But don’t stress if you’re not hearing something or seeing something or whatever.  It’s going to come.  Sometimes it comes in animal totems.  You know, you’ll see suddenly a salamander and you go look it up on the internet and see what it means. That could be your message.

So what you’re doing is you’re peeling off layers – we are all in our own little world.  And when you become more conscious, it’s like being more conscientious.  And suddenly you’re taking a couple of layers off.  And you’re allowing yourself to maybe see a little bit deeper, a little stronger into something and suddenly then it has new meaning.But it’s just ways that you’re opening your consciousness and you’re just becoming more aware.



Question:  I’ve been in a situation where I’ve been a caregiver for my mother for the last five years.Part of that time I was going to college.  Two years ago I had to let go of the dream of college just to focus on her. And now she’s  doing better so I’m seeking employment.  We’ve been under really heavy financial strain.  I’m not even sure which way to go with my job search.  I’m just applying for anything that looks like it might appeal to me at this point.  Do you see any direction for me?

Becky:  Your study in early childhood education was a draw that you had before. I would suggest going the route of individual employment like a nanny. It could be really good money, and people are – they are so hungry to take really good care of their children.  It would be – you know, there are a couple of downsides to you.  You’re not going to get insurance from it, most likely I mean, you know, you can negotiate different ways.  It’s not going to be the same as regular employment.  But it would get you back into that.  It also could lead to some other things for you. But it would be something that – lots of people need it.  Or even to advertise as a sitter for people on the weekends. It may not be full time but doing some weekend stints and while people are going on vacations, they actually pay pretty good.

Person:  Actually, I had a friend refer me to an elderly couple.  He needed someone to watch his wife. And I thought about advertising for elder care as well as childcare.Absolutely.  Excellent.  Because, I tell you – anybody – the whole elder care thing is huge and it’s going to continue to be huge People are looking for people who are good, that they can rely on, who care, who have heart.  And that’s perfect.

Question:   My daughter-in-law that lives with me is interested, to a certain extent, in the metaphysical spiritual realm. But yet, I feel a wall go up.  And I don’t know – should I just let it be and let her figure it out on her own?

Becky:  She can’t have it from you.  That’s the wall. Point her in the right direction. Point her to different classes.  Point her to different modalities.  Point her to your friends, point her anywhere. She’s not going to get it from you. Because you’re just too close.  She doesn’t feel completely that she could be herself with you. And it’s nothing you’ve done, it’ s just, you know, it’s just dynamics.  It’s family dynamics.

Suggest an intro class to her or something to encourage her, but let her most definitely find it on her own. Have her look on the Meet Up groups.

Person:  Because it’s funny, she said that, you know, she loves everything that is in my healing room and that, you know, when I leave the planet she would love me to give it all to her.  And I’m like going, you don’t know what to do with it yet, but okay.

Becky:  But she’s also going – she’s going to go on a different direction than you and that’s it’s important that she find her own way. You can be there to kind of guide, you know, guide her if she asks, but really let her do her own thing.

Well, thank you all for coming.  This has been  a great group.


Meeting with the Masters June 12, 2012

Becky Arrington   arringtonb@aol.com        www.channelforchange.com

You’re So Much More Than Meets the Eye

We want you to understand and BELIEVE that you are those divine individuals, that are so much more than what you see sitting here in this room. For this is but a small fragment of who you really are. You have so many facets of your soul, this is just one very small piece that you are experiencing. Your soul is a culmination of all the experiences you have had going through all of your lifetimes, it is you working in many multiple dimensions and consciousnesses. And this is just a minute portion of all that you are. We do not expect you to grasp the enormity of who you are, for this is a difficult concept to wrap your head around, but we want you to understand that what you have here is so small in comparison to the largeness of the totality.

Get Above it All

We say this for you to look at things in a different perspective. For the things that are REALLY bothering you in this life, the job you don’t like or the relationship that is not going well, when compared to the grand cosmos of who you really are, seem miniscule. It’s not that these things aren’t important, they are, but we want you to put them in perspective in relationship to who you really are and all the magnificence that is your higher being. You are so much more than what you see here. You are working on a soul level every single night and also during the day as well. Have you ever had periods during the day when you seem to zone out and can’t really account for the past hour? That is your soul leaving and doing work elsewhere on different inner levels. We don’t expect you to understand all the details regarding the complexity of your soul and its facets, but merely to accept the possibility that you are more than meets the eye here.  Using this understanding then can help you deal with the issues that are troubling you. It enables you to get above things, get out of the muck and mire of the lower vibrations and look at the situation from a less emotional perspective. By getting above you are able to take a more pragmatic view of things making it easier to make decisions.

You are the Ruler of Your Own Destiny

You are the ruler of your own destiny. We like to believe that, but sometimes we let circumstances and old belief patterns get in the way and take us out of our power. Making us truly doubt whether or not we would create THAT in our lives. As a creator of your own life, you do have the power and the responsibility for what happens. But sometimes we create things unconsciously. Watch your thoughts, for whatever is going on in your head does have power as well to manifest.

The Search for Authenticity

It may even seem as though there are a lot of things coming up in your life right now. That is because as your consciousness expands, anything that is not right or has not been dealt with comes up for review. It’s kind of a last ditch effort right now for you to clear away as much of the debris that is no longer needed in your life. It is an opportunity for you to become the person you are supposed to be, to live your authentic life.  If you are getting confused as you try to figure all of this out with lots of different choices coming up for you to look at in terms of who that authentic person is, just realize they are all coming in because they are all possible. You have the power to BE whomever you choose to and these choices are all in the realm of possibility. That’s one of the reasons why there is so much self-reflection and even self-conflict as you all try to figure all of this out.

Traveling to Other Dimensions??

Finding your purpose for some right now is to hold space, sit around while their soul goes to battle on other dimensions. As ridiculous that as that may sound that is what is happening. They are holding space in this dimension while work is being done on inner planes. You’ve all been told that good has overcome evil, that positive prevails, love has won and there has been a tipping point in the world battle for domination. A lot of that for the near, immediate future is true. But we are talking about 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th dimensions where there are still some battles being raged. There are certain things that have not been decided. You may not be aware of the mediation you are doing on those realms. And again we share this with you not to confuse you for these are difficult concepts to understand, but merely to be aware that many things on multiple levels are happening because you are a multi-dimensional being working in lots of realms. Whatever is coming up for you today and in this lifetime you either need to clear it out or embrace it or get rid of it. These things are coming up for a reason. And all the discussion regarding multi-dimensional facets of your soul was introduced primarily for you to have the ability to look at things from a higher perspective and make decisions based on the view from there as opposed to being in the midst of it all.

Can’t Make Up Your Mind?

Someone mentioned earlier they were having difficulty making a decision between two offerings. Are any of you having trouble making decisions? The Gemini energy that came in when we were in the eclipse sandwich (between mid-May to the first part of June)affects the decision making. Notoriously Gemini’s are bombarded by lots of information and thrive with so many choices. You all are experiencing that right now and might be finding it difficult to make up your mind. That should go away towards the end of the month and you’ll then be much more definitive. Part of that is to give you a wide variety of options. In our normal day to day we seem to get fairly comfortable with the same old choices and this Gemini energy has blown in and spiced things up a bit, so be open to some of those new options.

Let’s open it up for some questions and then the discussion will open up in to other subjects. Is there anyone who has a burning question they would like to ask?

Question:  When you say “we” when you channel, who are you referring to?

Becky:  It is a collective of guides that I work with.  Sometimes they announce themselves and let me know who is there but often it is just a collective energy that I sense. I’ve been given their names and tend to move in and out depending on the subject.

Question: So you’re getting a composite voice or individual voices?

Becky: The way I experience it is not in individual voices, more like a huge download of information. A rush of words that come tumbling out.

Question: I have a personal question that relates to what you just said about making up your mind and options. What do my guides say in terms of my love life and making decisions?

Becky: Some of the experiences you are having in your love life aren’t really about your romance. It’s just about you. So take it out of that arena and look at each of the elements or lessons on their own, without the shadow of the relationship. Take the other person out of the equation and look at what you are hearing and the senses you’re receiving and apply them only to you.

What I am getting in terms of voices are conflicting.

Becky: One of the best things you can do is when you’re getting conflicting information from sources, make sure you are doing the proper clearing techniques in the beginning. You noticed when I did our opening, I cleared the energy and then encircled us in a bubble of pure energy as well. The gatekeepers then were brought into that cleansed energy, all in an effort to keep the information as pure and clear as possible. If you are hearing multiple voices from source and it is getting muddied, I would suggest making sure you have the conditions set up correctly. If you have one guide you’re particularly attuned to, ask that guide to come in and give you the messages. If you don’t understand the message, ask that they be more clear. My daughter had a situation the other day where Archangel Michael came and was speaking to her but she couldn’t understand him. She could sense what he was saying, but didn’t understand his words. She understood it on a heart level yet couldn’t distinguish the individual words. Messages can come in a variety of ways, through physical signs, something someone else says to you, all ways spirit communicates. Some people have better luck with automatic writing as a means to communicate and receive their messages.

I have a sense that all of this is coming through in various ways to show me the different options and it’s very exciting. I am just looking for confirmation that what I am getting is correct, that I will have exactly what I want, right?

Becky: Yes. Remember that you are shifting and changing and allow room in that scenario for things to happen that you hadn’t even imagined yet. Whatever it is you are putting out there, keep the parameters open. If you have such rigid boundaries and definition around what it is that you want , it does not allow spirit to create more delightful things that we had thought of. By stating your intent and then allowing it to happen in the perfect way spirit intended, then it will be perfect. It may not be exactly as you thought it would be, but it will be so much better then you imagined. Trust in knowing that whatever happens is for your highest good.

Question: I was tuning into what you were saying about laying low in this dimension and doing work on the other side. I’ve been experiencing a lot of that lately, and I feel very comfortable in it to a certain degree. I am peaceful and patient and have seen a lot of things begin to manifest, although slowly for me. But during this waiting period I am anxious about what I am doing here. With this transition that I have been going through the past several years I keep wondering what in the world am I supposed to be doing in my earth life. It’s also difficult to get support from my family who don’t understand.

Becky: Well I can relate, I am on year #3 right now. There are certain earthly things that you have to attend to and take care of. Years ago in the early 90s I had a lot of spiritual friends who kept saying, “God will provide.” I had one friend who quit her job and continued to say, “God will provide” and almost lost her house in the process.  I had just opened to channel so I was asking my channel, “Hey Kuthumi, I hear God will provide” and his answer to me was, “God will provide but you must also do the work to lay the foundation.” There are certain things you have to take care of. There is a very fine line as to how those things come to you. Do you have to have a 9-5 job? No, but you need to have some means to support yourself. So if you aren’t letting your bills go and things are up to date then the rest of it falls into place. It’s taken my husband a few years to finally stop asking what I was doing all day. I used to have a corporate job and was a work-a-holic. And I still work a lot on the computer and writing, but in his mind it looks like I sit around all day. He’s finally stopped asking what I do all day, because some days I can’t even tell him, I’m on the 17th dimension doing work, right? But there are certain things you need to have your bases covered. 1) make sure all your bills are paid, and you’re providing for yourself. You may be on unemployment in the interim and that’s ok, but you owe it to yourself to be in a position where your basics are taken care of. I can’t imagine you’re a person who is sitting around not doing anything. You are probably reading and writing and maybe even taking classes all in an effort to determine who you are and your purpose in life. As long as you’re not a person who is continually fretting about it, then it will all work out. For a long time I was a mess, trying to figure out what I was going to do, where was the money going to come from, continually worrying. And in turn my husband was frightened because I was. As long as you’re ok with it, then you’ll convey that peace and sense of calm to others. Does that make sense to you?

Yes it does, thank you. I also wanted to ask, I don’t know if you have children or anyone else here has smaller children and now there is an altar in the living room and there is sage being burned. My son came home the other day and asked, “Why don’t other moms do this kind of stuff?” I try my best to explain things to them without going too far over their heads.

Becky: Children are very open to things, especially at that age. I remember my son at four years old being so excited because he looked down on his body while he was sleeping. They are soul traveling and very open. I think the more you can continue to explain and act naturally, treat them as young adults and talk to them about why you’re doing something. Teach them how the Native Americans used sage and why. Regarding altars, have them make their own altars with things they find special. An altar is a reflection of who you are, so let them be involved in defining themselves. By engaging them it gets them involved and takes the mystery out of it, it all becomes natural. But you’re going to be the weird mom for a while, until all of this becomes more mainstream. You’ll begin to meet more like-minded moms and get together with their kids. And in time this will be so much more out in the open.

Question: Two individuals are questioning the integrity of my work due to infractions that occurred in the workplace involving my employees. I have never gotten to the bottom of what happened. The documentation I have is only from one perspective and I feel like I am stuck.

Becky:  You’re in a situation where a lot of this is conjecture and hearsay and you’ll never be able to get to the bottom of it. When that happens it is important to go back to the basics and in this case, the basics is the client. You stay focused on what is the best for the client and let the rest go. But you’re going to have to go back with those people and lay down the law in terms of documentation. There were some steps that were skipped and unfortunately you are not going to be able to fully understand what all transpired. However you bring both parties in and reprimand them for skipping steps and enforce the importance of proper documentation and put them on warning. You’ll be fine. Situations like this, when you are in tenuous circumstances follow your heart and in this case your heart is with the client.

Question: I have not yet learned how to contact my guides or understand them, so do you have a message for me?

Becky: You need to trust yourself. There is not a particular right or wrong way to do things. Just go with your gut and follow through. When you find yourself in certain situations you hesitate and check in mentally as to whether or not something makes sense. We would like for you to think more from your heart and go with what you are feeling. Trust yourself. You know the path you need to be on. It may not be completely laid out for you, in terms of the steps along the way. But if you come to a fork in the road, you know which way to go. You don’t need to hesitate because innately you know what you need to do. We want you to be more intuitive, more feeling, less mind and more heart. How does something feel. If you’re having trouble feeling, practice. Do some small exercises during the day by looking at different situations and weighing your options. As you look at the choices determine what is driving you to make that decision, is it your head or your heart?

Question: I have had a long bout with cancer that has left me disfigured in my eye area. I have had so many people say to me that when they come in contact with me, they see beams of light emanating from under my face and that they receive a blessing. People who show love for me and have compassion, a large number of people have told me that just seeing me has changed their lives. I go to the grocery store and perfect strangers come up to me and everyone receives a blessing. I’ve never heard of anyone having beams of love coming from their face. I’m afraid to find out if there is a physical condition, so I am just sticking to this story. I know there is nothing for me to do, and I am accustomed to handling mystical experiences, but this probably the strangest of anything I have had, so I want to know if this is connected to the cancer or to the times we are in?

Becky: It is all of the above. It is all of those reasons combined. The cancer is an outward manifestation, kind of like the lepers of biblical times. Most people would shy away from them yet there was a mystical quality that was about them that also drew people. The same with you, the disfiguration from the cancer is an immediate challenge to people. Those who break through and move towards you  listen to their hearts to go to you. For that is what is happening, these people are compelled to go to you and speak. The majority of the people in the store do not come up to you, but those who do are guided, in turn have an exchange with you. This is being channeled through you and they receive a blessing. A suggestion to you, I know you are getting out more, but continue to share your story. Find new avenues to tell your story to cancer survivors or care givers of cancer patients, this is an important message.

Question: When you were reading off that list in the beginning regarding signs of opening spiritually, the two I have the most trouble with is living in the moment and being judgmental of others. Do you have any suggestions on how to do those two things?

Becky: Anybody else out there struggling with judgment? Well since we have so many we’ll save that one for last. Let’s discuss living in the moment. It is something that our mind does, it goes to the past, the future anywhere but here. You can begin to do some exercises to help you focus in the moment. I remember when I was going through a divorce and I was so upset and couldn’t get my mind from thinking about what had happened or worried about what will happen. I was sitting at my desk so frustrated that I couldn’t get my mind to stop. I looked at a flower on the table and really began to focus on each of the petals, the stamin, the leaves and thorns. By really looking closely at all of the details it quieted my mind and got me out of the past and the future and brought me to the present. Our mind is a muscle that we have to train and if you have problems with it wandering, try that process and see if it helps you. I in turn would return to that exercise when my mind would wander, by simply picking up an object that helps bring me back to the moment. A lot of us have very active thought patterns, so you mind is busy and going a lot, so this helps to quiet the mind.

And judgment, any of you judge? Does anyone have a story they have used for judgment.

I just try to look at it that everything in this world is a reflection of me and so if I am judging someone it is really traits of myself I am looking at. It helps me see the flaws. I try to be mindful of that.

I don’t like to judge, but there are times when I have to ask, “Is the world crazy? Why is everyone around me acting weird?” The way I see things or the way we are programmed to see things in this world help set up our frame of reference. I even went to Google the other day, you know you can find everything on Google and put in there, “Why is everybody acting weird?”

Becky: And they directed you to this group, right? (laughter) One of the things you have to remember is that you really don’t know is happening with someone else. You don’t know what their life plan is or anything about them. It may be so off the rails in terms of where you are in your life, but that doesn’t mean it is wrong for them. They might be doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing to fulfill their life plan. We were all brought up to judge, so we need to retrain ourselves.

Can you speak to when you pick up something intuitively about a person that might be going on with them. Is that considered judging?

Becky: You can pick up on something from someone else and it is more fact finding, it all depends on what you do with it.

Say for example you are interested in the personalities of the people you work with and this is information that is important and will eventually come out. Is that assuming what the other person is like or is that judging?

Becky: Judging is about forming an opinion. If you are gathering data that is important to help form your opinion. That is how we get along in the world. One of the issues is that as you gather the data you don’t’ always have all the pieces and can formulate an opinion based on false or missing information. Once you find out the missing part it can change your opinion immediately and take you off in another direction. Again fact finding is one thing, but it is in the formulation of your belief that the judgment comes in. When you begin to have an opinion that is based on an emotion, it goes from being an assessment to a judgment.

I’m judged quite often with my weight and my tattoos, and I relate judging to that, when people make a snap decision based on an outward appearance without even knowing anything about me.

I sometimes pick up judgments that people have about themselves, not necessarily other people. It is something in their thought field.

Becky: Again it is getting above it and observing, gathering, not forming an opinion and taking it in.

Question: I want to change the subject, this is not about judging, this is about an experience I had and I want to get clarification as to what it is. A couple of Saturdays ago I was restless, it was kind of like when you blow up a balloon and the skin is stretched so tightly, I was ready to pop. My whole body was shaking, I was beside myself, I was in fear that I was going crazy. I went to the park and sat for a bit, I was still inflated and as I sat there I began to feel a bit better. What is this?

Becky: You are experiencing an increase in energy. What is happening with us continually, your energy is constantly being amped up. The energy beamed to the earth causes the expansion of consciousness and some are more sensitive to these energy shifts and experience physical symptoms. Others, don’t have a clue. I happen to be married to one of them. I had a similar experience like you where I was ready to pop and shaking all over.

And then I would have flashes of heat course through me that had nothing to do with menopausal symptoms.

Becky: What is happening is your body is trying to acclimate to this increase in energy. Everyone experiences it differently. Going into nature can ease it, taking salt baths and asking your angels to make the process easier. We talked earlier about this team of helpers on the other side who are unable to assist unless you call upon them. It comes in ebbs and flows. Being aware and understanding does help and makes you at least understand the reason. You also have downloads that are occurring which is changing your body make up to a crystalline base instead of a carbon one. That process is happening at the same time there are these dramatic increases of spiritual energy. All of those things together makes for a wild ride. Is it a conscious process, no, it just happens. Some are more sensitive than others.

I am new to spirituality, although things have been happening to me since my youth that nobody explained to me. For some reason I know what I know. And I grew up knowing this without somebody telling me. I just know. This awareness is a new one for me and came out of nowhere. What is you didn’t have a background in this. You keep saying guides, I dream and talk to them. I ask them what they want to say and they speak. But that puzzles me too and I freak out.

Becky: Everybody different gifts, some people see auras in colors.

I pray for so many years, how do you know your guides. Maybe I’m not open enough, and I know they are there but they are not identifying themselves.

Becky: In my Opening to Channel Workshop which I am repeating July 21st, I take you on a step by step journey in how to connect with your guides. One of the exercises is where we do a guided meditation and your guide appears and you begin speaking. This course is designed to help you understand who your guides are and then teaches you how to contact them and communicate. Everyone is going to do it differently, sometimes it is not obvious but is in a clue or a sign. Or it can be something that pops up on your computer that gives you a particular meaning.

I’d like to speak to something else you said regarding that you were new to this. There are so many people who are concerned because they have not been studying for years, yet somehow they know it. What happened is the human race took a huge fall from grace. There is a wonderful series on YouTube called Spirit Science and #12 deals with the history of the human race. It begins in Lemuria and Atlantis and follows mankind through the fall and how now we are beginning to re-awaken. Those who have been studying for 30 years have been holding this grid waiting for all of this to happen. You don’t need longevity to get this, you already know, it is within you. It’s merely a matter of waking up again. Don’t stress about it, it will come in the way it is supposed to. But you can be an active participant and the way to do that is to ask for your angels and guides to show you. Research, study and take classes you’re drawn to expand your awareness. And lastly having the intention and the desire to be a fully conscious being will start the ball rolling.

I think that I am stressing too much about it. I want to know, “What am I feeling, what is happening, what is that, what is going on??”

Becky: And it’s very hard to get information. I joined a Facebook group about two years ago entitled, “Ascension Symptoms, What are You Feeling Today?” Years ago I was going through a strange phase where my skin hurt, it was painful for anyone to touch me.  I went on and posted to the group that my skin hurt and I received many replies from others who were experiencing the same thing. The nice part about that is you don’t think you’re crazy because there are others who are going through similar issues. Right now just about everything on a physical level is up for grabs in terms of being related to the expansion of consciousness. And we realize it is frustrating to you because you are going through all these things and others around you aren’t. In fact they are completely clueless that there is anything happening. Yet you know what you know and you have to trust that and seek out other like-minded people to compare notes with. You know what you know, yet nobody knows you know what you know, in fact you don’t even have the language to express it. (laughter)

Is headache a symptom too?

Collective yes!! But Horizon Institute for Awareness next door to Phoenix and Dragon is good in helping you understand the energetic changes and work with them.

There is also a really fabulous website called the 2012 Scenario.(www.the2012scenario.com) and go under Ascension there are a ton of articles as well as information on everything that is involved in this shift.

Becky: The word ascension is used in reference of changing dimensions. The Mayans were believed to ascend as an entire race and go to another dimension. And essentially that is what you all are doing, you’re dimension jumping. As we go up in dimensions, it takes on higher levels of energy.

Question: When you shift dimensions, do your psychic abilities change? I am now full on telepathic. I’m hearing all of the angels, people who have crossed over and even those who are living.

Becky:  Yes as we shift dimensions, the pineal gland which houses the psychic abilities is opening. Be careful as you open, that is what I am talking about. When you open, suddenly there is a new channel to broadcast from and every entity from the other side suddenly wants to have a voice. The opening prayer I did and the establishment of gatekeepers keep things under control and you don’t have all that chatter. The gatekeepers keep the door closed and the riff raff out. If you watch the Spirit Science Volume 12 also goes into the powers that we used to have. We are now in process of re-awakening and with that we’re coming into our full glory.

What is the end of the process look like?

Becky: Your guides are going to give you what you need for the time and at this point we aren’t getting a whole lot more. This week I was told I was on the 17th dimension negotiating contracts to ensure a peaceful existence. I won’t go into the details, but there were factions that were wanting to take some earth changes and exploit them for their monetary gain. I was able to bring them to the negotiating table and work out a solution that would ensure that we would still be able to live on earth in the future. I read about channels who are in contact with space ships and extensive engineering drawings. And I am amazed that the information comes through like that. But we each have a job to do. Mine in the public sector happens to be to do groups like this where I act as a bridge to help people make the this transition. I work with a lot of people who have no clue what is going on and with my corporate and plain speaking background, they are able to understand it in plain language. That job may change in the future, but that is all I know for now. So in answer to your question, what does it all look like, who knows? My guides aren’t sharing that with me, if they know yet. It is also possible that so much of it is still being created.

Question: Aren’t we going to the 4th and 5th dimension? Aren’t there 33 dimension? I was impressed that my minister was even talking about the 3rd dimension.

Becky: It’s not like one day you are in the 3rd and then suddenly you’re in the 4th. It is in a wave pattern and you go between them. You may have a day when the colors outdoors are especially vibrant and things are manifesting quickly and you realize you must be hanging out in the 4th  or 5th today. And the next day I am down in the dumps and I’m back in the 3rd. So it is energy that determines the difference in the dimensions and how they feel.

Question: What difference does it make?

Becky: That’s a good point. It doesn’t make any difference, it will happen with or without your awareness. It just so happens though that most of the people in this room, “want to know” (laughter) because we have all had some sort of experiences that have peaked our interests.

I guess what I was asking does it really make a difference if we are aware. But then after being here I realize that having this knowledge makes me aware so I don’t go home and take a bunch of medications or think I am going crazy or something.

Becky: Exactly, as you continue to raise your vibration, there are certain things that will shift and change in your world. It may be in the food that you eat or the habits you have or choose to give up. It all changes as the energy rises. Suddenly you may find that medications no longer work because you have changed.  As your energy gets higher it is harder to process things that are more dense. In the area of food for instance, dense meat or heavily laden preserved foods are going to be harder to digest as your energy raises. Some people can’t drink soda anymore or alcohol because it no longer feels right in their bodies. Others have given up smoking because the process is not in keeping with what their beliefs are for their body, so again many changes as the consciousness expands.

Question: The density in relationship to medications, I am finding that with my cancer now it is too much and I have to use more etheric methods. More energetic, not even herbs. Is that caused from these dimensional shifts and energetic changes?

Becky: Absolutely, but that also brings up the fact that you also have the power to do so much healing yourself. Energetically and with the help of your guides and angels, you can change things. Let’s just use the example of something non-medical a conflict you may have with another person and let’s look at how you can change this energetically. First of all you do not have the right to interfere or change another person or play with their energy. You do however have the right to work with their higher self. You can ask permission to speak to the other person’s higher self and have a conversation expressing your intention on what you are wanting to see happen. As long as you have everyone’s highest and best good in mind as a motivator, you have the ability and the right to confer with their higher self. It is possible to resolve things on an energetic level and not even have a conversation. Years ago I had left a job and my boss at the time was very frustrated that I left without giving him much warning. We were estranged and communication was stilted and uncomfortable. I did a lot of work with our higher selves and resolved the conflict without ever speaking to him. Eventually our paths crossed and the rift was completely healed. All done on an energetic level. I say that in terms of you being the orchestrator of your life, you have the ability to create anything. But you have to follow certain Universal Laws.  Going back to what we spoke about before, you are the director in your play and you are writing the script. We realize sometimes you would like a new cast, but you’re stuck with working with this one. And as the director your words are powerful.

I may have shared this before but I had a renter in a condo who wanted me to switch from Direct TV to Comcast . When the cable company kept calling me to ask why I left I didn’t want to get involved in the whole conversation with them, so I just said, “I lost my renter and stopped the service.” One month later, that is exactly what happened. We are very strong creators, we just have to be careful in what we create.

Yes, I had a family member ask me to say something that wasn’t quite true and I was very reticent. I said, “No, the universe knows the truth and if I say that it might happen.” People don’t understand you can’t tell that little lie.

Becky: Are you guys finding that you’re being stopped by anything that takes you out of integrity?

Yes, that inner voice is pretty strong right now telling me I can’t do something that there will be consequences.

Question: There is another experience I want to shed light on. Are any of you experiencing that everything is great, you’re flying high and then all of a sudden fear or a thought comes in and you feel it in the physical. It’s like an arrow that comes in.

Becky: Lots of time unresolved issues that need to be dealt with will come up sharply to be looked at. It is like you can only go so far then boom, you can’t keep going. Many times spirit will give you a small nudge or tap and if you don’t feel it they do it stronger. When that happens, you might journal at that moment to determine or look at where it is in the body and that can give you a clue as to what is happening.

The other day I was fine then I found out I wasn’t going to get as much money as I had expected from my social security and I had a stabbing pain in my back. I realized then that is where my fear of money lives, in my back. Our bodies hold certain issues and emotions in them and it’s important to begin to learn what your body is telling you about them.

Question: I don’t really have a question because you’ve pretty well answered everything I was going to ask, but I wondered if you had a message for the two of us.

Becky: The two of you have a great journey you are to go on. Be very open. It may seem kind of crazy, but I want you to be open to all the opportunities as they come along. As we move into this new vibration and this new spiritual energy there is going to be a lot of new professions and businesses that will come up. Things we’ve never considered right now . I want you to be open. I can’t tell you what it is right now because it hasn’t been formulated, that’s the reason a lot of people are sitting around here waiting themselves . (laughter) But as things are introduced to you, just consider how it feels and whether or not it resonates. Could that be developed into a business? You will have opportunities to serve spirit in an entrepreneurial business.

Question: The solar flares are supposed to be erupting in greater mass, but that seems to have calmed down. Is that because of the consciousness raising we are doing?

Becky: It is a lot of things. You have a lot of ET involvement right now circumventing these flares. They are interceding. They are involved in a lot of projects and are very active. They are tamping down some things and keeping them at bay. They are very involved right now in keeping us from escalating into war.

Question: Are all of these ETs good or do some of them mess around with us?

Becky:  Well you do because you let them in. You have some mischievous ones that like to play around with you. But many of the warring ETs have moved on.

Question: I have a lovely business where I am helping hospice clients, but I am wondering if spirit has a different plan for me. I’m beginning to feel there is something else.

Becky: You are going to begin doing more work with the families that are left. In an aftercare capacity. Because right now your work finishes when the patient transitions, but there is not enough attention or concern given to the families and people who are left. That is the part that people don’t understand is the grief afterwards. That is a huge area because there are a lot of people who will be leaving the planet. And that is ok, that is there choice and their work is not to be done here, it’s on the other side. So as the lines of communication open between the living and the deceased, more care will be needed to help people understand the process. Just remember that there are a lot of people on this planet whose physical bodies are unable to take this increase in energy and they will have to leave, but that is ok.

Question: Two weeks ago you did some very powerful work on me where you removed all the emotional chains that were binding me in a past relationship. I felt very light and still feel wonderful, so thank you very much.









May 8th, 2012 Meeting with the Masters

Becky Arrington (www.channelforchange.com /arringtonb@aol.com)

Celebration and Responsibility

After opening the channel, here is the message that was brought forth: We’ve spoken to you in times past about the changes in the energy that were coming, about energies and events that were about to speed up. We talked about how the first quarter of the year was rather slow and not a lot different than what had transpired in 2011. However there were many planetary changes, you had your SuperMoon, Beltane and Weesak, lots of celebrations on earth and in the heavens. And believe us when we tell you that we in the unseen worlds are celebrating as well, for this is an auspicious time for humanity. With that great wonderful energy, comes a lot of responsibility.

Clean Up Your Stuff

And along with a quickening or anxiousness of that which is to come, you also may have been plagued with reminders that there are still things that have not been dealt with before. Now we know that you don’t procrastinate, and that you always do things in a timely manner, but just in case there are any out there, like the one through whom we speak who tends not to always deal with things when they arise, you may have been experiencing some of those issues come up for review. If you do not deal with something you can get by with it a while and there is a school of thought that the time you delay is an opportunity for you to better prepare. But in the long run it has to be dealt with…now. This is the time to clean up. Clean up your body, your diet, your past karma, clean up everything in your relationships and in your past. If you have old unresolved issues that may have come from a time when you were much younger-we just finished a series of blogs regarding healing the inner child and work-and many may wonder why bother. It was in the past, it may not have been great, but I got through it, I am fine.  There is a part of you, with any bit of hurt or unresolved energy that lodges within your body. When we speak of “flow” it is the energy that comes from the heavens and flows unobstructed through your body. When you have something that has not been resolved and needs to be cleared out, this is energy that gets stuck and it does not flow, this can become dis-ease. There are many ways to clear this through energy work, movement, yoga, lots of different ways. But what we would really like you to do is take inventory in your life and determine what still needs to be dealt with. Sometimes you get clues with small taps on the shoulder, but during this time of rapid increases in energy, the need to clear has been intensified.

Recap of the Shift for the Newbies

All of humanity is going through a huge shift, an expansion of consciousness.  This information has been foretold by the ancients, it’s in the Sumarian Tablets, the Akashic Records, the Mayans, the Hopis, all the indigenous tribes have spoken about this time in history when all of mankind will go through an expansion of consciousness. As this happens you also expand your awareness. Many people have been concerned with the end of the Mayan calendar which for they felt would be the end of the world, when in reality it is the end of the world as you know it. During this time you have been continually downloaded with changes in DNA, new cellular information and other knowledge.  Even though you may not have been aware of it, it has been happening. Your cells are changing from a carbon base to a crystalline base to enable you to live in this new higher energetic vibration. We don’t expect you to be aware of all of this, because it happens in spite of you. There’s not a person on the planet who is not going through the same thing, but there are some people who are much more attuned to it. Most likely that is the reason you are sitting here in this room. There is a spark within you that is seeking, wanting to know.  Your DNA is shifting, all the cells are changing, that is why we are asking you to take inventory to help this process along by clearing out all the old debris. We are not talking about a lot of time or energy.

Intention and Some Angelic Assistance

For with this new energy is an incredible ability to manifest. This fabulous opportunity is that whatever you think can indeed happen. So if you focus on what needs to be cleared, we’re not talking about years of therapy or you don’t even need to have a conversation with those involved, it is possible that through your intent and working with your individual group of angels, it can be cleared. They cannot come down and help you, they must be asked, they must have your permission. That is the law of the universe. And you have a gigantic team waiting to assist. They are waiting for you to wake up, call them in and begin to look together at past events. What were you feeling during that time? What was your motive? Who else was involved and how did those people assist in your growth. Once you’ve surveyed the situation and understand it, ask that it be cleared and indeed it can. It’s time to clean up every single piece of your life and the sooner you clean it up you have freedom. One of the reasons we procrastinate is because we are fearful to see what we might find. Often it is the fear of the fear that is greater than the issue.

Keeping the Flow

To overcome fear, you must come from a point of trust, and we realize that is sometimes a tall order. But with a show of hands, how many of you in this room have had experiences where you have just let it go, given it up to spirit or God or whatever it is you believe in? You just trusted that it would come out ok and it did. (Agreement) Live your life like that, allowing, trusting, it is all about flow. Anytime you resist it stops the energy. Much like looking at water flowing, it there is a dam or even your hand that you put in the midst of the water, it stops the forward motion. The same with you. If you allowing your life to flow, but then allow fear to stop the motion, everything stops. We realize from a human perspective it is difficult at times to live in that flow, but if you can, your life is so much easier to live. Stop spending all the energy worrying or fretting. Just allow.

Let’s open it up to questions.

KR: I’ve been interested in understanding how to meditate because I am having trouble doing it on my own. I’ve even gone to an introductory lecture on Transcendental Meditation to learn how. Do you have any tips for people or resources we could go to to help?

Becky: Meditation is a lot like anything else. In many ways it is someone else’s concept on what it takes to meditate often surrounded by particular rules, positions to sit, special breathing and ways to hold your hands, etc. and that is ok because many people follow that process. But you don’t necessarily have to do it that way. You could walk, a walking meditation is a process where as you move through nature you open yourself up for spirit to enter your space. Everyone has this ability and from what you just experienced in your recent “Opening to Channel” workshop, you can have spirits enter your realm. Again you can do a particular practice if you want, but it isn’t necessary to achieve the same results. As long as you have the intention to connect with spirit, ask and you shall receive. If you want to take a particular time during the day and do some yoga or listen to meditative music, but the other is a lot like a religion…it is someone else’s concept of how to do it. It is a discipline you can continue with if you’re drawn to it, but it isn’t necessary to get the same outcome. Does that make sense?

KR: It does, but I guess I am the kind of person who needs some kind of direction, to tell me how to do it.

Becky: Ok, we’re going to tell you; Every day we want you to begin your day with prayer, put on some spiritual music and write three automatic pages, then sit quietly and think about it.

KR: That’s it? Is that actually going to reach a higher level of consciousness? You read about all these people who have had all these wonderful experiences, and I want those.

Becky: Who did you meet the other day during your “Opening to Channel” workshop?

KR: Well that was pretty wonderful.

Becky: Tell the group about your experience.

KR: Well I did this channeling and who came through as my guides were Jesus and Mother Mary and it was quite incredible. I had thought El Morya was my guide but Jesus told me that with my religious background I would be able to relate to him more than El Morya because I was born a Catholic. So yeah, I was able to do that.

Becky: That’s a pretty special experience and you are now collecting your own stories. These experiences are going to be much richer than anyone elses’ because they are yours. Nothing against Transcendental Meditation, but there were a lot of drugs during those times as well so what may be pulling you as an exciting experience you’ve read about, could possibly be drug induced or slightly altered. As you continue to make your own connections with guides, ASK, ask to be show the higher realms, ask that they show you wisdom temples and answer your questions and teach you.

We keep going there, this concept of working with your guides and asking. And it probably sounds too simple. But that’s all it takes. Connect with your guides and your angels, they cannot communicate with you unless you give them permission and ask.

JK:  You said at the beginning of 2012, are you saying we are going to see a major acceleration now?

Becky: Oh yes, and are you beginning to see it now?

Audience: Amen!

JK: I have another question, I feel there are two dynamics going on in the world simultaneously. Good is increasing and evil is increasing. Everyone is going through this crystalization so what happens to the dark, which is so dark. How is it going to be transmuted, or is it?

Becky: It may not be. There will be a lot of that will leave. Right now you are seeing a last hoorah. It’s about balance and as more good and positive thoughts come up, the dark seems stronger as they hang on to the power they have left. This is especially true as you look at the patriarchy, the government, the warring factions, all the negative paradigms are reaching a zenith in terms of their last hoorah or last grasp of control. At this stage you may be wondering how in the world will the tides turn. In actuality they are shifting, you just don’t hear about it. There is so much positive occurring but it’s not broadcast because it doesn’t play as well. It’s not newsworthy. A lot of systems are crumbling. Let’s just take the last 4-6 months and see how many instances you’ve read about in the news of people trying to cover up things and they can’t. It’s not possible to hide things anymore. That’s what we talk about when we say living in integrity, clean up your stuff. It’s just not possible anymore. There is no stone unturned for anyone, you have to live right. So you will see more and more things beginning to change. That is where trust and faith come in. You have to have that unflinching knowingness in your heart that it will all be right, things will get better. As long as you take care of you life, walk your talk, be impeccable and as you, you and you do it suddenly there is a collective unconscious that is starting to get things going. You don’t necessarily see it or hear about it, but it is happening.  Are you all seeing it shift?

Beth: I am finding that more and more when I go out I am finding connections with people. It seems as though we all are finding commonalities that link us together.

CE: Will we be seeing a different system of government in the future, because this one isn’t working.

Becky: You don’t like this one? (laughter from the group). You will, but it will start more on a regional basis. That is one of the reasons why in past channelings we have encouraged you to get to know your neighbor, connect with those in your community. You will begin to see more regional action and it will be from the ground up because people are beginning to realize they cannot affect change on this big, bloated government, they must start small and then it will grow. It is through neighbor to neighbor that will begin to drive the change. In the future you will rely more on regional and less on national. We can’t  give you exact timeframes, but know that if you begin in your own arena and begin connecting and changing consciousness, it will then eventually reach a greater group. Again it starts with you, look at your life. Lead and live with integrity and look at your own footprint. Do whatever you can to be as conscientious as possible individually and then that type of awareness will spread. I know it seems very slow and part of that stems from the fact we don’t have a “cause” to get behind. Sure we all want peace on earth and to live an integral life, but there isn’t anything that has happened that we can all get behind and support. Something that makes us sit up and say “Whoa, we’ve got to change that.” But that will be happening. There will be an event, most likely a natural happening that will effect a great deal of people. Much like we learned in Greg Braden’s “Heart Math”, when events such as 9/11 happened, there was a huge spike in the heart energy on the planet. Something similar to that, which will be “natural” but will eventually be revealed  that the cause wasn’t natural. For we can no longer hide things and this will come out. This type of event will awaken so many people because they will come to the realization that they have been played. And this will begin a great groundswell of people wanting to see change happen.

TW: I just notice that I feel so much better when I get out of Atlanta. And especially when I get out in nature. And when I speak to my friends everyone wants to return to nature.

Becky: You all have the somewhat difficult task that you’re holding energy within this metro area. There is a reason why you’re here, you agreed to be here and hold space. So you have a double job to keep yourself centered, balanced and not affected by the energy. Do you know how to do that? Kind of what I use in the beginning of the channeling where I bring in energy  and clear away anything negative. I use something called the violet flame. It is a process used by the Ascended Masters and the Angelic realm, it is a light which is the color purple and it burns away negativity, through transmutation. I bring in this flame to cleanse and purify. And the other thing I do is cleanse anything in record or remembrance. Which is now, past lives and even anything that may occur in the future. It helps to start with a clean slate. I then bring energy up from the depths of the earth through the souls of my feet and up through all your chakras. I don’t worry about the chakras and which way they spin, because the energy knows what to do. The energy comes out the top of the crown chakra and then forms a bubble around you. This bubble gives you a bit of an edge, some extra protection so when you’re bombarded by the traffic and the people and all the energy and stuff that is floating around out there, it forms a cocoon. Are you not aware? Not at all, it just gives you an extra layer of protection so you’re not hit so hard.

TW: I travel a lot and every time I would fly into Atlanta, the energy is just so intense and negative. Is Atlanta just a negative vortex?

Becky: Atlanta has a lot of old energy, there are a lot of souls who have never crossed over, think of the Civil War. Atlanta has also been a beacon for divergent energy. There are a lot of spiritual energies here. In the past there has been a lot of racial tension here in the history. And this is something that you all can do as you drive around the city or are flying in, envision that violet flame and spread it over the area. If you’re stuck in traffic and people are angry, just send some violet light to the situation.  If you’re ever in an argument with someone, send them violet light and it will bring down the energy. You all can change the energy. I used to do a lot of grid work in past years and while I would travel in my job around the United States I would find myself sitting in the airport in Arizona sending light and clearing the mountains. I was directed with a friend of mine, at least 10 years ago and take a map of Atlanta and worked once a week for 3 months drawing a grid of the area and opening up sections of the city to accept unconditional love. I gridded the map, we would then take an area, say a prayer and then color it in with a pink marker when it was finished. Not quite sure what it was all about, but I’ve always been one to do what my guides direct me to. That’s why when I first started channeling they would wake me up every morning at 4:00 a.m. and tell me to go write. This went on for months and I was dragging around with no sleep and finally it stopped. I then asked why and they wanted to see if I would follow their directions. So I am one of the compliant ones and when my guides speak I listen and do what I am asked. Back to the grid work, I haven’t been called to do it for many years and I recently spoke to a friend of mine in Virginia who was telling me about some grid work she was doing. I was delighted that she now had the job instead of me. Occasionally we are all directed to do certain jobs. So back to your question, you are correct you can feel the energy shift as you come into the area, so begin to be proactive with it. As you continue to awaken and as your cells alter and the downloads continue you will be more and more sensitive to the energies. so use this newfound awareness and do a little clean up of the energy.

TW: I just want to run away. (laughter)

Becky: I understand, just make sure you have ways to escape it. You mentioned nature, do you have to go to the mountains in order to get away? No, you can go outside. Even finding a spot within your own home, make it sacred. Because nature is sacred. This is my spot you call your own, where you adorn it with your energy and special items such as stones or items that are dear to you. I used to do it in my office. I had this little corner and when things got crazy I would go sit there and things would calm down. But I also would send a lot of light in the office to transmute and change the energy.

Now, let us talk about changing things. One of the things is always do this in tandem with the Angelic Realm and ask that it is for the highest good. Some people realize they can change things and begin to play with the energy in a not so positive way. There are rules, the same ones apply as in life. I’m not going to come into your house and begin changing things. Even through prayer, always ask that whatever happens is for someone’s highest good. You may not agree with choices someone is making, but in reality you don’t know what their life path is, so it is not yours to judge.  You may not agree with it, but it may be part of their cosmic blueprint, that you don’t have access to. So I have a rule that whenever I involve prayer where someone else is involved, I always ask that whatever is for my and their highest good happen. It keeps it on track.

PC: Going back to what you said earlier about relationships. I have been so aware of so much anger in a particular relationship and I realize that we both have agreed to this. So what I have tried to focus on is the clearing process and no matter what I do it’s never enough. I really do want to clear this and I feel like it is way more than this lifetime. I want to unravel this as far back as it goes.

Becky: The first thing in your favor is you realize that you both agreed to do this, so that takes some of the emotion out of it. It still has power, but it lessens it. I had a situation this week with a boss that came back and I was doing the same thing as you of trying to clear it, had done so much work surrounding it, yet it was still there so intensely. I finally just prayed and asked that it be taken away. I surrendered. I did feel much better and then the next day it started to resolve itself. My biggest suggestion is to work closely with your angels. And even if you have asked for that, it takes repeated work and asking. Another thing you can do that I did with my mother, we had a contentious relationship and I started sending green healing light to Parsons, Kansas for months. Every day I would work with my angels and send a huge swoosh of light to heal our relationship. When I visited it was magical and things had shifted dramatically. So you may not always see it immediately, but things do happen and sometimes it takes time. Even if we don’t see it immediately it is your intention. Make it part of your practice; gotta’ get up, brush my teeth, send light and love. Even if you’re pragmatic and have a list, like your “love list”. And I do believe it will alleviate it. And there is also the other party.

PC: I know I can only work on my own part of this, and even if she never works on it, I have to do my own.

Becky: Yes all we can do is our stuff. We have to give up what the other person is going to do or what we think they should do. Sometimes we have this thought, “well I’ll send light and she’ll send me flowers.” Now that’s not gonna’ happen. But it is important to give up all expectation and through intention and allowance it will be where it needs to be for you. It may not be exactly as you thought it should be, but it will be the way the universe wants it to be.

JK: May I make a suggestion? Next door there is the Horizon Center and on Tuesday evenings for a donation they do energy healing where they take out all negativity and put positive in. It really helped me.

Becky: I would also like to bring up the subject of emotional chords. We are all connected with people in our lives through energetic chords. And even when there has been a divorce or similar parting of the ways, many times the emotional chords are still connected. You can do a session with me or you can do it yourself working with your angels, but we work with Archangel Michael and cut the ties that are still attached between you and another person. This is often the hook that still connects the two of you. These chords can be cut and then reattach if you continue to see the person or somehow keep the energy alive. Again intention plays a huge part in it all. You have to be ready to let the relationship go. That is one of the reasons why the chords kept reattaching, because I wasn’t really ready to let the connection be severed. But this can be something to think about doing to clear out anything that is still keeping you and another person connected.

PC: I just don’t want to be so angry. I keep going back to, “There is no right or wrong, but thinking makes it so.” But I know what it feels in my body when it takes over and I don’t like it.

Becky: Have you determined the root cause as to what the core issue is?

PC: I don’t know, but I want it to be finished.

LD:  I have a suggestion, try a “God Box.” You take a box and you write your letters to God, a desire, a complaint, just to thank God for a great day. But like you I had a hard time letting go and this helped me physically write it out and then put it in a box and that made it complete. It allowed me to release. I even have a special pen that is all glittery. What you’re doing, you’re giving it up, you can be brutally honest and put the message in the God Box or burn it in the back yard.

Becky: I think that is good because you are showing your intention due to the physical act. I used to use meditations to get rid of things. I would put the issue in a boat and slowly push the boat from the shore. But the fact it was a slow boat, it was too easy for me to grab it back and change my mind. (laughter) So this is final, you have a more definitive action of putting it in the box.

Your intentions are so powerful and especially in this time in history, the energy is sped up so much, it is possible for you to manifest quickly. I will tell you a story, this anger I’ve had was over an executive condo which had been rented for the last three years by the company who I used to work for. Last week they canceled their contract with me and I lost a good deal of money. But for the past three months I had been receiving calls from Direct TV because I had changed to Comcast. Instead of going into the whole story about the tenant wanting a higher cable modem with Direct TV I just said, “well I have lost my renter and no longer need your service.” And look what happened, I lost my renter. The silver lining (I’m trying hard here) is that I had been avoiding dealing with the condo. I merely left and rented it out. Energetically it is time for me to close that chapter and move on. But the process brought up such anger and that’s what I was talking earlier about, I had to ask that it be taken. Now I had worked for two years on issues with my boss and the company so it wasn’t for lack of focus, but at that stage I needed assistance. As it turned out my old boss and I talked the next day and it was fine. I negotiated a better loss, if there is such a thing and now I am dealing with the next steps. When you find yourself in those situations, ask your angels, remember what we said earlier, they can’t help you unless you ask. Ask for their help, tell them to throw you a lifeline.

AD: You spoke about clearing and getting your life cleaned up. I have an issue with a past life that I found out recently through a reading that my higher self said, just take it away. I felt I needed to find out the details and I then found out I was forbidden to see.

Becky: Sometimes we are not given information because it would cloud the work you’re doing in this lifetime. You can go back to the Akashik Records and see what the events and relationships were to better understand what happened in the past to shed light on what is happening in this lifetime. So many people get so hung up on their past lives, well you know what…you were all in Egypt, you were all Druids, you were there at every major event in history (laughter). And that’s not to say it’s not ok to have a healthy interest in what has transpired. But keep it in balance, today is what is most important. All of your other lifetimes are a culmination up to this point. This is the big one. You all agreed to come here during this time and be an active participant. It’s a very auspicious time and you all have important jobs to do. And you will see a lot of people leaving because it is not part of their plan to be here right now. Even if they leave in a way you don’t necessarily agree with, allow them. It’s ok because it is written in their contract. It’s ok, there is a reason for their leaving. You all may be very helpful to those who are left , to understand the bigger picture of the universe. That may be part of your life’s purpose in helping others see the grand plan. Many who leave will continue their work in spirit, just without bodies here. Because they cannot handle the energy, or their bodies they were born into are no longer able to sustain them here. So we would like you to be in a place of non-judgment for whatever choices others make. You all have choices, but you will see an increase of people leaving. There will be a large group of the elderly leaving soon. As everyone’s bodies change, medications will no longer work and many will not be able to withstand the pressures that will be around them. This will require a huge change in Consciousness, Attitude and Ideas for you to thrive in this new energy. The old paradigms will not work, you have to look for new ways to act. You will find when you hurt you will not longer run to the doctors because the aches and pains you are experiencing will be energetic and the doctors are not trained in those modalities. The pharmaceuticals will no longer either, so it will take a complete shift in the way you handle these things. It will take some leaps of faith for you to work in this new energy. How do you do this? You allow, you let the energy flow through you and trust that it all will be as it is supposed to be. And we realize there will be days when you won’t think you can go through it another day, but you will. Again ask the angels to help you to have the strength to endure. For as long as you keep the energy flowing. Kind of like juggling, you have to keep yourself going, keep all the balls in the air but if you think about it too much, then the balls come tumbling down. There has to be an unconscious knowingness and trust that you will keep the balls in the air. Don’t get caught up in any one thing.

MS: I also wanted to ask about the babies that are coming in, there seem to be a lot of them.

Becky: The babies haven’t yet revealed to you their talents, but they are very very aware. It’s a whole new energy and there will be a lot of parents who won’t know what to do with them. For the past 10 years we’ve been seeing unusual children, but these new ones are fully aware and actualized.

MS: Are they crystal?

Becky: There were the indigos and the crystals.

BR: I think they are violet or blues that’s what I read about the other day. My grandchildren are coming to me and saying amazing things, the other day my granddaughter said, “Mimi my energy just shot right out of my body, out of my foot and into the ground.” (laughter)

Becky: It’s a strange time, we know all of these things are coming yet it isn’t here yet. We don’t always have the words to describe what is to come or what they will be called. If you have the opportunity to be around these new babies and the parents, be the voice of reason to let them know what a “special” child they have. We’ve had a number of years where the parents weren’t sure what to do and allowed these kids to pretty much go unbridled. And this tends to ebb and flow with one generation being laid back and the next being more structured. It needs to have balance. There is freedom with limits, boundaries with the opportunity to explore. But these children will demand some structure and guidance, even though they are fully aware.

SB: Does it do any good to talk about all of this with people who are shut off and not interested?

Becky: Yes, but what you have to do it find the language they understand. By using examples they can relate to. Talking to them about their cells and DNA changing during the universal shift probably wouldn’t be a good idea.(laughter) But  mentioned how it seems like time is going so quickly or talking with them about a major change in their lives will give you common ground and an opportunity to interject some more esoteric types of ideas into the conversation. Just stay open to the possibilities, sometimes Spirit presents us with all sorts of opportunities to share ideas . Years ago I used to have some issues with religious people because I didn’t have the language to relate to all religions. I now do and can talk about things that are common in all religions and use examples they can relate to.  This is universal information, you just have to find the language all can relate to. If you talk about how you feel or your own experiences, nobody can argue with that. By speaking your own truth or explaining your own experience, there may be many who will talk to you further or just stare at you blankly. (laughter) But six months later they may come back and relate something you said and share an experience they are now having. So you never know who you touch. Don’t hold back, just share in a natural way.

SB: I am on two ends of the spectrum. There are some who have no idea and others who are talking to me about going through the shift and the different levels of existence. And that there are some who will not make it. I don’t know if that is going to happen like that, is it?

Becky: It’s kind of like the Transcendental Meditation we talked about before. This is somebody’s idea of what will happen. It’s good to read and try on different theories, then go within to see how it feels.

BR:If I read something and it makes me feel fearful then I usually discount it.

SK: But you’re saying that the cells are changing and everyone has a chance to grow.

Becky: Whether or not they know it or not. There are some who read everything and have a level of awareness that they know what the download was about. That’s great because that is what they need. My husband is a prime example of being clueless. (laughter)I ask him if he notices differences in the energy or the way he is feeling and he just says, “No, I love life, I feel great.” He’s happy, I’m in my head a lot but he is just living life. The changes will happen whether or not they are aware of them.

SB: How about the people who are depressed all the time. You can’t really get through to them. What do you think will happen to those people?

Becky: They may have a revelation one day, they may have a health scare. Something that makes them really sit up and re-evaluate. An event that makes them realize what they thought was depressing before is miniscule in comparison. People have ahas all the time. That is why we encourage people to listen to the clues along the way, it is often spirit pointing you in an easier direction. But many do not listen to those hints and continue to barrel down the path they are on until they get a major wake up call. Bring joy in their lives. You can’t worry about their path or their depression. If you have joy in your life, and are on your path they will see your example. They will wonder what is happening in your life and want some of that! (laughter) It’s leading by example.

ES: What kinds of things do you turn to your guides for?

Becky: I look to my guides to understand the bigger plan. I try to stay out of the small stuff and not bother them with that. I know I can control and deal with the little things in my life and rise above them. With my guides I try to reserve them in guidance with the direction. When I lost my corporate job, I was devastated for that was my identity, my job. Yet I knew I couldn’t continue with that type of work, I needed to do something to help people. I knew how to channel but had never done anything with it. I kept trying to start businesses and go the corporate consulting route and the guides kept telling me, “It’s not quite time.” So finally they directed me to do a monthly channeling. This was the way I was going to help people. I am a bridge, someone who can bring in the higher guidance yet speak in a down-to-earth manner that all can understand. I can talk to people who have no interest in metaphysics by using examples they can relate to. I generally use them to understand my next steps.

Question: And they give you clear signals?

Becky: Yes, I open to channel using automatic writing. For a group I speak, but for my own personal information I either write or type. We just had the Opening to Channel Workshop and I think I’ll do another one in June-automatic writing is always good or a meditative walk. You always clear and then ask that you be shown the answers. Sometimes the answers don’t come to us as obvious, it could be in symbols. It could be a message to you in another person’s story. Ask the question, “I really want to understand what is happening in my life and am asking for a sign.” It can come in so many ways, a lyric on the radio, a billboard, or something someone else says. Open all your senses, that is what this shift is about, it’s opening all your faculties to be more aware.





April 10, 2012 Meeting with the Masters

Hello this is Becky Arrington and we are in Atlanta, GA and this is Meeting with the Masters. Let’s take a couple of deep breaths and then I will open the channel and finish with a meditation.

Opening Meditation, Clearing and Opening the Channel

Becky: I call for the violet flame to cleanse and purify any misguided energies in record or remembrance. I ask the angels Ariel, Uriel, Gabriel and Michael to come forwards and hold the four corners of the universe.  I bring the Christed white light come up from the depths of the earth through the soles of our feet up through our spine and light pillar, into each of our chakras, surrounding and enveloping  the chakras, spinning them in the exact way for our individual system. This light travels out the top of our crown chakra and surrounds us in a golden, white light. This is a protective bubble, keeping us in a space of perfect harmony with this group and our guides, teachers and the Angelic realm. At this time I ask my gatekeepers Archangel Michael and Ascended Master Kuthumi to come forward and open the channel. I also at this time invite all the Archangels, Ascended Masters, guides and loved ones to join us for those who are in this room and for anyone listening to this at a later date for what will go on tonight is for your best and highest good. I believe I am a clear and open channel and so it is.

Energy Activation and the Higher Realms Say “Thank You for Your Service”

At this time I ask for Ariel, Uriel,Gabriel and Michael along with Raphael and Metatron, Mother Mary, Kuthumi, Dwal Kul, all come forwards . They are standing now in the center of our circle holding hands. You may join them all in your etheric body if you wish, for what we are doing here this evening is an honoring. They are here tonight to thank you all for the work you’ve done, for holding the energy, for all your years of study, and to thank you for what you have shared with others. There have been times you have been very depressed, not knowing what your next steps are. There have been times when illness has struck you. There have been down times when you think you just can’t keep going, yet you find the strength, for that is who you are. And that is the unbelievable like quality that each and every one of you have within you. And they are bowing to you now, thanking you for your service. Some of you held the energy for years and years, reading books, taking classes, not sure where it was all going yet knowing there was a reason, that there would come a time when you need that information. You knew there would be a time when you would be able to share with others and when you would be able to share your gifts. We want you to know, this time is now. You have waited, even when you anticipated 2012 and all it would bring, what happened when it arrived? The last three months have just been more of the same, waiting. There is a new energy coming forth. Whether or not you can feel it now, most likely by next week you will feel it. An anticipation. What we wish to do tonight is to activate this energy within each and every one of you. For you have held the space, you’ve been waiting patiently. Through the energy activation we are about to give you, you will no longer be playing the waiting game. In fact you may have to race to catch up because things will be happening so rapidly in your life. All of the ideas and plans you have had and have been waiting for, will come very quickly. We are going into the next phase. We talked to you about how the first quarter of the year was about planning and laying the foundation. Now with April, it is the dawning of a new beginning, a new spring. With Passover it was a new change, with Easter it opened so many portals that you will now be tapping into. So as these Ascended Masters, the Angelic Realm, guides and teachers join hands we begin to see a pillar of golden, bluish light form in the center. It is strong and goes from the depths of the earth up through the circle into the heavens. Erupting from the center are tiny gold and silver bits of shiny material, much like confetti and it is raining down on each of us. Those pieces, each one is activated with a very powerful energy which will then carry you through for the remainder of 2012. It is designed to activate the energy within you that allows you to access all the power you bring to this time. It is what you have been waiting for. This activation of the energy, regardless of where you are on this path and we realize you are all at different phases, it will help that work move forwards very easily. Some of you are still working on inner child issues or clearing out some addictions, whatever the case may be as you do the final clearing, we want you to know that you have your guides and teachers along with you to push you and help add the extra impetus to complete your work. This is a very auspicious time and you all are the chosen ones as we’ve told you before. You are the ones who will carry your work forwards. The rest of humanity is just beginning to awaken. At this time you may open your eyes and come back to the room but we bow and thank all those from spirit who came here this evening. Your gifts are much appreciated and we are honored to be of service to you.

Time to Speed Things Up

With this activation you will begin to see that things will speed up. And yes we know you’ve been waiting, and waiting and waiting. Do you feel a bit of a shift a bit of a change? I like to say yes because I see in my own life that things are moving. The channelings I am receiving are very strong and specific and then things are happening boom, boom, boom. I feel as though this activation we were just given, will speed  things  up. As you start to move forwards remember that everyone is at a different place in their development, therefore it is important that your languaging is something everyone is familiar with. That everyone is comfortable with. We hesitate in the fact that we did not do that with you this evening. Not everyone is comfortable with the word prayer and not everyone is comfortable with the word angelic and so we apologize for that. It is just the realm that we tap into.

No Place to Hide

single level. As you’ve seen in the news, the bit of news we get that might be true, the smallest lie or slip up comes full force to be revealed. People are trying to cover things up and they are being outted. How do we handle this information as it is unveiled? We have a lot of new people here this evening, so we will repeat some of the guidelines we’ve spoken of before. We want you to be extremely centered, very much in your body and centered in your space and staying out of fear. You may see something happening  such as an authority figure come into a situation and act as though they are taking over something. We do not want you to immediately think you are in a negative circumstance such as Marshall Law, because it’s not. We want you to look deeper, what might appear to be negative may in fact turn out positive.


The Old Comes Tumbling Down

In order for things to change and clear, the old has to come tumbling down and that interim may not be terribly comfortable. Is it the end of the world…no it’s not. Is it Armageddon…no it’s not. Will there be an interruption of services? Possibly. Will you know what is going on at the time? Maybe. All of this remains to be seen, but the bottom line is, you go within your heart. How does it feel? You all have had a lot of practice with this in terms of listening within and understanding what is true. This happens daily as you read something, watch a movie, hear a new concept, how does it feel in your heart, not how does it register in your head? Because it is in your heart and in your intuition that you will know what the status of things is, whether it is positive or not.  We realize these are very abstract ideas because it is all unknown and hasn’t happened yet, but the important thing is not to get into fear and listen to your heart to determine whether something is right for you and how you feel about it. The very first thing is that your financial system will start to crumble, it already is. Do you take all your money and put it in your mattress or bury it in the backyard? You could, but if it falls, money will no longer have any value.  So we can sit April 10th and question what in the world we would do without money. Most likely we would barter and trade. And with that situation you would quickly know who your neighbors are and who is in your area and what their expertise is.  These will be the people who you will begin to form community with. It’s important to know who is in your neighborhood and form a partnership with them. It’s a first step of connecting with others. You may need to borrow toilet paper from them, so you need to have some relationships formed. Do I think you need to harbor guns, no I don’t think it will come to that. But having a couple of week’s worth of supplies on hand and knowing the people around you are just smart practices. Have some extra food on hand and of course clean water. We don’t wish to appear Doomsday in any way and do not want you to be fearful, just smart and prepared.

Time for You to Shine

As we begin to feel the shift and we realize changes are afoot, where do we go with this? We’ve been waiting for it to happen forever, but now that it is beginning….now what? We realize many of you are still looking for your purpose and this time more than any others you will have an opportunity to use the work you have been doing.  We were talking earlier about courses and what letters behind your name they will provide. It’s not about that anymore, it’s not about a degree, or a title, it’s about what do you know. What have you read or experienced, how are you living your life as an example to others and how can you share that. You have the ability to think and react with your heart and this is new knowledge. Most people don’t know how to do that. Don’t discount what it is that you have studied or read in your years of seeking, for it has brought you to where you are today and this is information most people don’t have. You also have universal energy that is being constantly downloaded to you. You may not call it being psychic or channeling, but just know that you do have the ability to tap into this energy and use it for a wide variety of uses. As you hear the voices in your head or have the intuitive nudges, don’t discount that. And people will begin to ask you about how you do things or feel about things. The other day I was thinking that nothing had really changed, then a few friends, who I NEVER thought would be interested were asking me some questions. The reason they asked is because I had spoken my truth. Plainly and in a language they could relate to, but had I not talked about these things, they never would have been exposed. I don’t mean getting on a soap box, but in your own words and from the heart, you share your thoughts. It’s not about belief systems or religion, it is about you and your experiences. As long as you use the term “I” then no one can argue what you feel, hear or see and it takes the judgment out of it because you are just sharing how you feel.

Let’s open this up for some general question;

Question: I’ve been having some experiences which I believe are parallel reality experiences and I would like to have you comment on that. Is that one of the ways we are showing we are raising our vibration. Will this start to happen more?

Becky: In many cases it is because you are doing a lot of clearing and work on multiple dimensions and realities. Everyone does it, most are not aware of it. Your awareness is stemming from the amount of work you have done on this reality, the guides are wanting you to be aware that you are working just as hard on all the other realities as well. Which brings us to the point that you deal in different realities, all of you do and eventually you all will be aware of that work. Last month there was a gentleman here who was experiencing different realities in the dream state and meeting people he had no clue who they were. There was no past life recognition, they really felt as though they were strangers. Point is, we are doing the work on many different realities at the same time. Now I don’t know about you, but I have enough trouble dealing with this reality, so I don’t spend a lot of time trying to be aware of what is happening on other planes and just trust that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. But in your case, your guides wanted you to be aware that you were healing and working on multiple levels.

Question: It seems that time is speeding up for me and I don’t know if it is because I am getting old or because it is actually getting faster for everybody.

Becky: It’s both and we’re glad you brought this up, we wanted to talk to you about this. You have an ability to warp time. This is a relatively new ability, but you can speed things up and also slow things down by working with your guides. If things are moving too quickly and you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask that they slow things down a bit. Or for instance if you don’t get enough sleep and you have to go to work the next day, you ask that your body feel as though it has gotten eight hours of sleep. You now have this ability to bend the time. It feels very rapid right now because you aren’t really working with it right now and we’re in warp speed. My least favorite day is when we lose the hour for daylight savings time, so this year I asked that it feel like a normal day and I didn’t feel the loss of time. It is when you are conscious and actually work with your guides you can begin to shape your reality. And that’s another thing, the activation that was given to you this evening was very powerful. I don’t know if you all were able to see in your imagination, but there were little pieces of gold and silver confetti  coming down and each one of those was chocked full of power. We are like babies, we aren’t sure what our power is and we’re taking baby steps. The first step is believing in the divinity of yourself. That you are a divine being, that you have the power over your own life, that you have the ability to share the love that you feel with yourself and others, you can be a beacon of hope and a beacon of light and people will be drawn to you. I don’t say this from an egotistical standpoint, it’s not about that, this is about having love, feeling love and sharing it. You’ve had the hard knocks, you’ve done the work, now this is the opportunity to share your story and live your divinity. It’s not always comfortable. And I have this issue. I write a blog and my husband always edits it and he asks the most benign questions like, “What’s Universal Energy?” And I have to stop and say, “Ok,  he doesn’t understand it and therefore most of the people who read my blog don’t understand it either.” So it is going back to basics, plain language. We can talk esoteric with like-minded people, but for most people we have to talk plain. I don’t know if any of you have been in therapy, but they always say talk in “I” statements, for when you do that you are sharing your opinion and feelings, nobody can argue with that.

Question: You said that changes are coming and things may even be happening the last of this week and next. What I am reading is that these corrupt bankers, they will be starting to have mass arrests. Can you address that?

There is most definitely plans in the making to right the wrongs. Your world has been out of balance for a very long time. When we talk about the Golden Age, the new earth, the mayan calendar we talk not about the end of the world per se, but the end of the world as you know it. And with that it all has to come tumbling down in order to start over. We know what you’ve read and we are familiar with that information as well, it’s still undefined. I do believe that if you have read about it, most likely it will happen in a completely different way. For why would they show their hand by putting it on the internet with the exact plan? Regardless of how it all shakes out,  remember our earlier statement of things potentially happening that may appear less than desirable, look deeper and realize that underneath it is for good. Stay out of fear and don’t be too quick to judge. There may be some things that happen in the interim that may not be very comfortable, so keep the end in mind and realize that so many things must fall in order to rebuild. Remember to go within and how does it feel in your heart? We caution you, don’t get too caught up in the details because it most likely will happen in a surprising manner.

Question: There was actually something in the news the other day about the GSA being investigated right now and it would be like a domino effect. And they are talking about possibly even going into the Bush administration.

Becky: Yes when it starts to fall, it will go strong and quick. Do you remember a year ago at this time in 2011 and we were channeling and talking about how this was the year where everything was going to be uncovered. And 2011 was really the start, but it is continuing more so this year. My biggest suggestion to you, whatever you read…back it up with a variety of different sources then take it into your heart and how does it feel. Is it right for you? It might be right for someone else. There is a lot of stuff out there and when this starts there will be a lot of misinformation spread as various groups try to hold on to what little power they have. So this will be a time when you really have to be discerning. At this juncture, whatever you read ,Google to verify what it is you are reading by checking lots of different sources.

Question: I have ringing in my ears all of the time and other times it seems to be louder as if a warning. Can you speak to that?

Becky: The ringing in the ears has been a common ascension sympton, almost a new window to the soul. There are a lot of people who are experiencing this because it is almost driving them crazy. Part of this is you are being exposed to a virus which you will have immunity to in the future. Second part is it is a shift in consciousness that is showing up in that realm. When you are connecting and when you have guides around it can be amplified. Our suggestion is that you ask that it be toned down, that it be more comfortable. The vibration is too high and you’re having trouble adapting to it. A lot of people are having issues of itching ears when they are starting to get information. This is not for everyone, but for many it is a window to the soul and a method for them to connect. Telling you to listen.

Question: Kind of what she was saying,  I’ve noticed there were a lot of reports of a loud noise that some people can hear and others can’t. It’s strange because we were so aware of it and we looked around and some people were atuned to it and could hear it while others were oblivious. It was a scary sound, kind of sonic. Everybody is saying we are supposed to have a reversal of the poles.

Becky: Part of that is contingent to the degree of people’s perception. You are more attuned and therefore more aware. We do not necessarily see this as a good thing. There is a lot going on, a lot of scientific experimentation that is playing with frequencies. There are the chem trails and so many other things on different levels. To some degree you all are being targeted, you are the light workers and hold the keys to information. So there is a lot happening to knock you down energetically, to challenge you so you are not as connected. There are a lot of negative forces hanging on with the last vestiges of power. Kind of like the bankers we were talking about, holding on to the last bits of influence. So of course those of you who are love and light are going to be targeted to try to achieve their control. Just remember to protect yourself energetically, be discerning and not get into fear.

This is happening a lot at night and we have tried to rationalize this as it might be a cat or an animal. But it sounds metallic, it sounds like it is right by the bed and it wakes us up and it’s scary.

Becky: Have you cleared your house recently?

We’ve tried, but it has been tough. We woke up and heard whistling and it ended up, “What a Day for a Day Dream” and it’s not all bad, but disconcerting. We live in Kennesaw on the battle fields, so who knows what it is. We’re on a vortex, so there is a lot.

Becky: No it’s not bad, but it goes back to your personal boundaries. You have a right to lie in your bed and be in a bubble of energy which gives you a good night sleep. You say it is at 3:00 when you wake up, which is a fairly normal time for the spirits to come. But first of all really clear the space. Then you mark your spot. Put an energetic boundary around your room and you call in your guides and ask for their help. This space is sacred, no sound penetrating, no visitors. In other words exactly what it is you want, lay out the boundaries or the conditions and bring it forth.

We sage the house but we are all just so unsettled. We aren’t sleeping, our cats aren’t sleeping and we’re all restless. They have been working on our road forever and that keeps us on edge as well.

Becky: Sage is great, but I am talking about so much more. I’m talking about bringing in the big guns with your angels and being very direct in your requirements. The house I live in now, water was such an issue with broken water mains, broken water heaters, plus the people who had lived there weren’t very nice either as well as living on a civil war battle ground. I had to do things to that house that I had never had to do before to get the energy out. It was calling in guides to help and I had to set the boundaries. I don’t know if any of you have dealt with clearing entities before. Well back in the day, I used to talk to them and ask them to come to the light, bargaining and cajoling them to see the other side and go nicely and peacefully. Then about 2000 things changed dramatically and you couldn’t reason with them, you had to just say, “Get Out!” and be very direct, demanding that they leave. That’s what I am talking about, the power you all have. It’s your house, it’s your space, put up your boundaries, bring in your guides and make very specific  demands. I know that might seem weird.

No, not at all. I picked up a hitchhiker spirit one time. I was going to rock concerts and it was horrible. But I had to clear it out so I understand the entity thing. This doesn’t feel so much like an entity but it is chaotic.

Becky: Yes the energy feels fragmented and chaotic. You somehow need to make a haven that is yours and peaceful. Still do the work with the boundaries.

My husband is an artist and I know you are too. Friday night is when he paints and that is when we get the most activity, to the point that he is turning on the house alarms and he gets freaked out. It tapers off during the week, but on Saturday it is really crazy. I can’t focus.

Becky: Are you able to center yourself prior to painting? If you just dive right in you open yourself up to a lot. But if you do some intention setting and protecting before you paint then you can have phenomenal creativity come in, but it also is of a positive nature. If you ask your guides to come in and allow that universal energy to come in can open up tremendous flow.  By working with the guides and making the space sacred you keep the energy clean. Anytime you are an artist, you open to that universal energy anyway. These are some of the rules we have to apply. When you open to that energy, if you don’t have boundaries, the entire world wants to come in. So you have to have filters. Create your own boundaries and ask specifically for creative energy to come in. In the end, thank your guides and close the space. I try to keep my house sacred in whatever way I can. It’s something that I consciously do, I burn incense and have sacred objects. It goes back to intent. My intent is to have everyone in my space happy and healthy. The other thing to remember is there is so much energy being beamed down to us on a continual basis that has been going on for a number of years. Your DNA has shifted, all sorts of things have changed and with that we have to continually be intentional in all that we do. It came to me the other day as I was lamenting about the extra weight I am carrying and the message I received was that I needed this protection right now. I’ve been able to channel and help others throughout this shift in consciousness with very little physical issues and the weight it helping protect me by cushioning against the bombardment of energy. Others may still need to smoke or drink in an effort to help ground them. The message was when you no longer need the protection, it will go away. Just allow it. Which is what we are all told, right?

Question: What is happening with the whole story behind Tayron Martin and Zimmerman. Was this brought up for us to be aware of racial profiling or what? This was the young man who was shot in Florida by a person who was on a neighborhood watch person. There is a big controversy brewing as to who was at fault.

Becky: In some ways it is similar to the Koni 2012 video in the fact that they both went viral very quickly. It caused a lot of outrage especially among young people. Again it shows us when we feel passionate enough about something we will speak out. It’s almost like these are dry runs, fire drills if you will for a time when something will spark everyone’s passion. Youth is so ready to get behind something and speak out. I think these things are to show us the power of the internet, the viral and the power of the people. It can be a very good thing because when it goes it can happen very quickly. We’ve talked about you all holding the energy, the youth is who will change the world. It’s important that the two are able to mesh. I call you the elders, not because you are old but because you have been holding the wisdom and the energy for some time. It is the youth who has the passion and the new energy to change things. It is important that the two work together to inspire, temper and coordinate so when the issue comes to get behind, you both have a shared vision. Take a look at a couple of things, a lot of the youth and others got behind the 99% but it didn’t go with the wildfire people thought it would. But these trial runs are showing you the power how things can spread with lightning speed. So think about how quickly things could change if there was a movement for people to get behind. And that is something you all in your readings you are finding it probably isn’t time yet for a movement. What do you do in the meantime? You hold the vision of the type of life you want and get to know your neighbors and begin to connect. So when it does come tumbling down, I think you’ll find how quickly the youth will take the reins and create a society that will be more harmonious.

In the health community there is a lot of talk about putting lithium in the water, the UK is experimenting with a drug for stress that partially destroys your brain. We’re seeing that through flouride in drinks, etc they seem to be attacking the young. I speak out about it but I am getting a lot of attacks from people not wanting to change.

Becky: What are you seeing in terms of posts on FB, it seems that people are extremely aware of that. I sit some days and wonder if it’s just the people I am friends with, you know like attracts like, or if everyone is becoming more aware. But part of it is as we go through this awakening people are finding they can no longer put certain food or drink into their bodies and they may not even know why. As you continue to awaken, more awareness comes with that and in turn more people are stepping up and refusing treatments they know to be harmful. Doctors are baffled by new strains of viruses they are unable to cure, so people have to seek alternative treatment. Nutrition and alternative health methods are becoming more the norm and as we see people like Kay, who is a living example of how cancer treatments didn’t work but alternatives did. As more of these things are brought to light, more and more people will seek alternative care and become more aware of what they put in their bodies. I think you may find there is a generation that you may not be able to change or help, but for the others I think there is the opportunity. Think about it, everyone is going through this energy. Whether or not they know it eventually they will awaken because they are trying to do the same thing the old way. That is why people lose jobs, have illness, have accidents all in an effort to shake us up to make us change in a new way.

Question: I know for myself I am aware of this stuff and I’m trying to do the right things. But I was just in New Jersey taking care of my mom and had little control of the way I was eating and little say in the matter and finally I  just had to surrender. I feel like sometimes the only real alternative is for me to get my vibration high enough that it all just doesn’t matter anymore.

Becky: That’s really what it is about, just surrender.  Stop trying to control and allow. We are not here to change somebody else’s mind. We don’t know what their life path is. So all we can really control is ourselves and to a certain extent our children. Although we don’t have control of them, we can teach them and mold them then have to let them go. I have found in situations in my life I had to allow it, surrender, “God take it, I can’t do it anymore” and as soon as I let go things miraculously turned around. But the key to it was we never really had control anyway. By releasing the resistance we allow it to flow. The universe is trying to give you so much stuff and we fight against it we just stop the flow and it’s like saying we don’t want it.

Even the food thing, with the GMOs I feel all I can do is surrender. In the real world do we really know if something is organic? So I just try to raise my vibration to a place where it doesn’t affect it.

Becky: But isn’t that the same as intent? When you have the intention that you are eating as cleanly as possible, I believe it is possible to do some reversals of what the food is doing. I think this will develop more in the future, that you all, through your intention will be able to reverse the affects of the food on your body. To clean up water, clean up food. And there will probably come a day when you all will be able to create your own food. I remember reading in “Masters of the Far East” they were able to create food as they need it. Think about that for everything…you have the power. Create the vision, put it out there and allow it to come in. Don’t put the parameters so strongly around something that you prevent things from happening. For the universe will probably bring in something far better than you had originally imagined. It’s just letting go and allowing.

Dr. Imoto has been doing this with water and there are more studies on how you can change the way through intent your body processes food. If you eat when you’re angry then the food becomes toxic. There are rice studies where bowls of rice are labeled with negative and positive words. The negative bowls of rice went bad before the others.

Question:  I just wanted to share the experience I had with cancer and how everything you are saying tonight affirms what I have experienced. It is about the power over circumstances. From the time I was diagnosed with cancer, I never did a thing. Everything was done for me by others. People stepped in and contacted doctors and suddenly I was in Emory being treated with the latest laser technology from a new machine, there are only three in the country. There was so much love, of my children, my neighbors and my community. The love of the medical staff who were so invested in me and my treatment. I had to go alternative to cure it with a Rife machine, but the medical community helped to secure it. In this love I felt like I was floating on a pink cloud. I have never been happier in my life even in the midst of my hair falling out and my face being disfigured, with love surrounding it, I was blissful. It was also through intention that can overcome. The doctor looked at me and told me I had four months to live. I challenged him and wouldn’t believe it and today a year later I am alive and even though I have a disfigured face, it was through the love that carried me through.

Becky: Thank you for that beautiful story. In closing, I ask that each of you take the experience of our opening meditation and in the next several days and reimagine the showering of the confetti coming down and see if things start to click into place. That is what this is about, it’s time for you to move forwards in your path . It is speeding up and moving forwards. This is your time.

I’d also like to remind you of my Opening to Channel workshop on April 29th. The cost is $100, but if you register by April 16th there is a discounted price of $75.00. In the workshop we’ll understand energy techniques, how to bring in the energy, how to protect yourself, how to meet your gatekeepers and have some actual channeling experiences. Our messages come in lots of different ways, not always through an audible voice. I gave the example the other day during a channeling of a time when I was smoking and my car kept dying. It would work for a while, then sputter out. When I took it to the shop I was told it was the choke. I immediately knew it was a message to me to stop smoking. I call these living clues or signs, the way the universe sends us messages in different ways in hopes we will finally listen. Our animals, our cars and our homes are all reflections of our spirituality.

In closing if the information was helpful to you, please give a donation. I do not charge for these as I do not know the financial situation of each person, however there is an exchange that needs to occur. Give something as a token of your appreciation of the universal knowledge that was shared with us tonight. For those of you reading this, if you would like to give a donation through Paypal, here is the link: http://www.channelforchange.com/store/donation/





arch 2012 Meeting with the Masters Channeling Transcript: Scroll down for copy



Meeting with the Masters March 2012

This is the transcript from the March Meeting with the Masters. Channel Becky Arrington holds a monthly meeting where she explores universal and personal questions regarding the expansion of consciousness and awakened awareness. She is available for individual readings as well.

Contact her: www.channelforchange.com   770-649-6368  arringtonb@aol.com

What is Channeling?

Hello this is Becky Arrington and the date is March 13th, 2012 and this is Meeting with the Masters. As an opening this evening I wanted to talk a moment about channeling and how a channel is like a telephone translating messages from higher beings. If the information resonates with you, wonderful then take it into your heart. If you don’t connect with the messages, that is fine too as this message may not be for you.

We began the evening with an opening meditation where Becky brought in her gatekeepers Ascended Master Kuthumi and Archangel Michael. She then invited angels, masters, guides, loved ones and teachers for those in attendance and for those reading or listening at a later date to come forwards to share information for everyone’s highest good.

Ready to Rumble

It is possible that many of you are feeling like a race horse still in the stall before a race. There is a quickening, an anticipation that something is coming. First of all we want you to understand that this is perfectly ok, natural. What you’re sensing is the change that is about to occur but has not quite formed yet. We spoke with you back in February and January of this year that this time in this first quarter is to be spent cleaning up, clearing up, everything about your body, your business, your life is to be dealt with. Anything from the past has been cleared up and you’re ready for the future. You may have gone through a lot of shifts already and you’re wondering now what. We cannot go into detail and we realize with that there is a collective “sigh” and frustration because you want to know all the details. It is still in flux, still being formed so all the elements of change are not complete. Again you’re like the race horse-you’ve been trained, honed, you’re ready and now you’re clawing your hooves, trying to get out and run the race. That’s the first thing we want you to understand that this is in process.

Think Holistically, it’s All Connected

The second thing we want to discuss is the propensity humans have to compartmentalize their world; you have your job, your relationships, your children, your community, your pastimes all of these things that are separate. You all are connected, even though you don’t know each other you are connected energetically, you are connected by being on the planet. The thoughts you create, the words you speak all of that is put out to the collective whole and is spun together. In particular we want to talk to you about your physical body and how all the pieces and parts are connected. One ailment in a part of your body does in fact affect your entire being. What you feed your body can have a reaction and lasting effect throughout your entire system. Now more than ever before, you must understand this entire system is working together, look at it holistically.

Clean Up Your Environment and Your Palate

Begin to look closely at what you are putting into your body, what toxins are you exposed to, what conditions such as stress are affecting you. All of these things affect the total system, not just one part. Part of the cleaning and clearing is to look at the environment around you, is it clean and pure? Is your ecological footprint as small as it needs to be? What is your diet, has it changed? Does it need to change? We always have this discussion and we are not here to tell you what or what not to eat, but listen within. If something is not working, try an elimination diet to determine what is no longer resonating with your system. You must understand that your physical bodies have been shifted, your DNA and your cells have been altered as part of this awakening, yet you still treat the body the same with the usual diet, still drinking the sodas , you may have addictions that are still prevalent and again this is your choice to eliminate those things as you see fit. However it is now time to look at your body and your entire operating system holistically. The fact that you have gone through these cellular changes it is important to look at everything around you. The last thing in the world we want to do is preach, we are just wanting to amp up your awareness to look carefully at each thing that is in your world. Check the noise levels you’re subjecting yourself to. With this shift there is a higher rate of vibration and sensitivity therefore noise may be a factor that is causing your discord.

There’s No Owner’s Manual…You Have to Ask

It’s almost as though you are in a position where you are playing the role of detective. There is no owner’s manual to tell you the new rules, you have to figure it out yourself. This can occur through an elimination diet or by listening to that small still voice within. If you have issues hearing that small quiet voice, it is important that you still yourself so you can listen and ask. Asking is what so many people forget to do . On one hand there are those who forget to ask for guidance, while there are others who have been asking for a very long time; what are my next steps, which career path do I need to take, etc. and quite honestly they are very tired of waiting and feel their questions are falling on deaf ears. So it is a bit of a double edged sword, on one hand we’re saying the answers won’t come to you unless you ask while on the other even if you ask sometimes it is not time for the answers to be revealed to you. We know that can be somewhat frustrating, but our urging of you to ask is because so many people don’t even consider it. Your guides, angels, teachers are all there waiting for you, but they are powerless unless you ask and give them permission. They cannot intercede without your permission. So ask for the information you want to know.

Research and Take Your Power

But don’t forget the power you also have to do your own research and be aware of the latest findings. Research on the internet the latest on high fructose corn syrup for example. Determine if that is something  you should be more aware of or not. Again we are not here to preach to you, but to urge you to be more aware and be an active participant. Your body is more sensitive than it has ever been. So if you are beginning to have reactions or sensitivities to things you have never been affected by before, it is due to the shift. As you shift, those around you shift. And sometimes they don’t shift as quickly as you are which may cause discourse and some discord. We always ask you to have patience with them and be loving. To understand that everyone is on their own path and their’s may not be the same as yours or at the same speed. They may begin as a slow starter, but in the end will quickly surpass you. Many of you have awakened earlier to hold the space and to fulfill the jobs that need to be done to help others along the way. Again so much of this is in flux and just starting to happen. You may be married to someone or have someone in your family that doesn’t agree with  what you do or what you believe. Again be clear about your own boundaries. You don’t have to get them over to your way of thinking, that is not what this is about. But you do need to be respectful of them and in turn have the respect of them and that is why it is important that the boundaries are known and defined.  Let’s open it up for some questions.

FV: You’re talking about awakening and stuff, are you talking about Ascension?  We’d like to clarify that the old ascension, such as the Mayans who as an entire race of people left together. But you will not be leaving, you are bringing a new energy here to earth and that vibration will be continually rising to cause the earth to ascend instead of all the people. With this raising of vibrations, there can be a lot of physical symptoms. It’s difficult to tell whether what you are feeling is a symptom of ascension or something else. Have you experienced any physical changes? I’ve got to tell you, this is the first time I’ve ever been able to listen to people even talk about this kind of stuff. I’ve not had anyone to talk to. I’ve had headaches and I can feel different energies. What are the different feelings?

Becky: Well why don’t we open it up to hear from others some of the symptoms they’ve been having.

B: I’ve become allergic to everything, different foods, everything. I’ve gone on a whole plant diet and I don’t put anything into my mouth that has more than 3 ingredients in it and I can pronounce those ingredients. In the past year I’ve lost over 100 pounds, not because I set out to lose weight but from the changes I’ve made. It’s like sliding off. Unexplained headaches are not uncommon. Anxiety is also another symptom. Gluten, corn…our corn is modified and it has the insecticides built into it.

Becky: There’s a movie called “King Corn” and was amazed at how prolific corn is in so many products. Several weeks ago I went to a holistic allergist and was diagnosed with a corn allergy. When I was reading the material he gave me I found out how many products have corn in it…even lip gloss.

B: I’m allergic to gluten and it’s the same way.

Becky:  So what has happened is that through this shifting our bodies are in the process of becoming more crystalline to absorb and thrive in this new energy that is being beamed down. It just so happens that some people are aware before others and they are the pioneers, the ones who have to blaze the trail. The frustration comes from not having a lot of people who you can talk to about it. Or in the case of physical ailments, doctors often times can’t find anything wrong with you. Couple that with the unknown of what you’re going to be doing with your life or what job you’ll be called on to do and it makes for a very confusing time. But that is all part of that shift.

FV. It’s funny she mentioned the digestive issues. That all happened to me about three years ago too. About the time when I graduated high school I couldn’t seem to eat anything, I kept throwing up. I’ve always been fit because I played sports and ran, but no matter what I tried I didn’t feel better. Finally I gave up drinking sodas and started eating better and eventually it was like it flushed everything out.  So I changed my diet and also during that time I was working 12 hour days and eating tons of sodas and eating crackers. Now I hardly eat at all and have tons of energy.

Becky:But that is what we mean about it being compartmentalized, it’s not just allergy, or stomach or food or  stress, it’s all of the above because they all work together. If you’re having issues or you may not even be having issues…it may just be a time when you’re becoming more aware and with that awareness a lot of things come into your field. Three months ago I had no idea what gmos were, but I was introduced to the process and since then have done the research and determined that is not something I want in my diet. I do feel that things are shifting and there is so much more information. The internet is responsible for so much of this information coming out. The internet and youth will change the world. Right now you have a lot of people who have been holding energy and preparing for a long time. But look at last week’s video of Kony 2012 and how quickly it went viral. That’s the power of it all. We don’t quite have a cause yet to put all that energy towards, but keep extremely open and aware.

K: One of the things you mentioned last month that has really been prevalent in my life are my sleeping patterns. I’ll have days when I’m meditating a lot and I’ll hardly sleep more than 3 hours a night yet be fully energized. Then I’ll need 12-16 hours of sleep. It’s not even after those days of lack of sleep, it seems random. And also during those long sleep days my dreams are very vivid and I’m having an easier time remembering them. I also am really noticing a lot of energetic shifts.

Becky: I noticed this past week as I was getting up with the dog (my dog had to have an operation) I was getting up early and carrying her outdoors and tending to her medications so I was getting up at 7:30 and going to sleep around 11:00. And wow, I felt great. I felt fantastic. But last night I stayed up until 1:30 and slept in til 10:00 and felt horrible. I had read that your very best, rejuvenating sleep occurs before midnight.  So I think I’m going to try to get into that pattern and maybe just have one stay up night a week.

So back to your original question, yes these are all ascension symptoms. We’re all having them and the more we can share talking about them with other people, you never know…they may be having them too. Just try to be matter of fact about some of the things you’ve been experiencing. I think we’ve all been waiting for the news to come forwards and talk about it.

B: It’s all over the place, it’s in movies and on the internet, we just have to listen.

Becky: Correct, there are wonderful resources out there, but I was referring to more of the mainstream media.

B: There are great movies such as Forks Over Knives, Food Inc., Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead all great documentaries and readily available.

S: There’s some great food related information coming out that is an interesting juxtaposition. On the Today show there was a guy cooking a huge steak and potatoes and the very next day there was a new study they were reporting on about how eating red meat more than once a week shortens your life span and how President Clinton is now a vegan. It’s like one day this and then the next it is the opposite. But it seems like there is good information coming out.

D: So we can ask personal questions? Well I am in job transition. Are there any messages for me from guides on that?

Becky:  Patience.

D: Well I’m sick of hearing that.

Becky: Yes I understand,  trust and faith. Because what you are supposed to do is not here yet. We realize that you need a job now and that can be frustrating. What we mean is that when you go through major transitions personally and also what the world will soon be going through, there will be careers that aren’t necessarily available here today. We would suggest that you look outside the area where you have been looking and open up to alternatives. It could be if you’re in a situation that there is fear or doubt financially, think of it this way. You are employed by spirit and you’re in training. You have not completed the training yet, so it isn’t time. The more energy you put towards this frustration of “I’m tired of it” it becomes counterproductive because you are meeting with resistance. It has to do with flow, the more you can allow the energy to flow through you and take each day as it comes, things will become easier and manifest quicker. We also ask you to be open to different possibilities. It may end up being something different than you think it might be. When you have preconceived ideas as to how something is supposed to be and it is not, that is where the tension comes in. Just let go and allow what is supposed to come to you come and trust that it is the right thing. We have people in this room who have been in that same space for a very long time and we do say to each and every one of you it is coming.  Part of the key is allowing it to come and to trust in the process. Take a look at your life 6 months ago or even a year ago , are you the same person? No. If you would have had the job a year ago you would be in a similar position as you are now, because you have shifted. That is where the trust comes in, trusting and knowing that the job is there. We’re not even talking about jobs, we’re talking about purpose, the reason we are here.  The more you can let go and allow it to flow, the easier it will be for you. And we feel your pain.

D. I quit my job in July because I just couldn’t do it anymore, but now I am ready to go back to work. But I can’t figure out what I want to do. There are a lot of options and I just don’t know.

Becky: Exactly. And that is what we’re saying to you. There are tons of options and there will be even more. You may be going into things you had never considered before. I was in corporate, for years and never in a million years did I ever think I would be hosting an evening of channeling. But I lost my job and realized with this shift this was where I was needed, to share information. If you have a fundamental trust that you are secure and cradled by the universe then there are so many things that open up to you. When money is no longer the concern, magical things open up and the money is there for you. But you must have that trust and not allow fear to rule you. When money is not in the mix and you’re doing things you love and you’re operating from your heart, that is when you flourish. First and foremost know you are secure and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. It may not be doing what you think you’re supposed to be doing or in the timeframe you wish it, but it is what the universe is determining.

Y: I don’t know if it is the same for everyone, but my guides used to speak to me directly but now they are speaking to me through numbers. Let me give you an example; when I was pregnant with my son I was on 285 and there was a truck coming up on my left hand side and my guide told me to take my foot off the gas. I let the car glide and suddenly there was a boom and the truck swerved over into my lane ahead of me. My son was a preemie, he weighed one pound. That was a time when I was terrified because he was so sick and I didn’t know what to do. At that time my guides said to me, “you need to tell him what to do” so I said to him, “baby you need to warm your body or you need to increase your heart rate.” I just started talking to him and telling him what to do. But now that conversation is no longer and I only see 11-11, or 3-3-3 and all I do now is spend my day looking up what these numbers mean.  I haven’t been able to get anything done because I am constantly looking for what their message to me is.

Becky: Have you asked them to give you clearer guidance?

Y: I ask constantly, but part of my thought process was maybe they are giving me this to slow me down. But I have things to do, I’ve got to get my work done.

Becky:  We would suggest several things. Start a notebook and write them down. When things come to you, write them down and come back to them. Live your life and when you have time for them, go back and see what you can figure out and do your research. Lots of times it is in the moment in your day to day that the clarity will come. When we stop the momentum and go research, it stops the flow. When things come in, recognize it, write it down and put it away, get on with your day and then go back to it. See if that doesn’t open some things up for you. Of course we want the answers and sometimes we get caught up with the research or the conspiracy theories it can take all our time. I love that stuff, I could spend all day doing that, I HAVE  spent all day before. I watched a 5 hour documentary that was fascinating, but eventually I had to say to myself…come on!  Get on with your life. The other thing we would suggest just very gently have that conversation with your guides and ask that their communication be in a language you can understand, that you are their servant and you’re here to work with them, but what they are giving you is confusing to you.

Y: It’s not confusing it’s just time consuming. It’s like I’m having so many aha moments. I get information in the morning and by noon it has come around and showed up in my life and it’s fascinating. It just takes up so much time.

Becky: Well so you do figure it out and you do see the meaning. Ok, I’m sorry I thought you weren’t clear on what the messages were. If it is a time issue, it’s also ok that you ask that things come in a little slower. Just ask that they slow it down a big.

D: Are you seeing the numbers on a clock or in a book, where do you see them?

Y: It’s usually 11-11-11 or 7-7-7 or 3-3-3 even when I came over here as I was turning, it was on car tags.

KD: Do you know what  those are, those are angelic numbers? 1-1-1 is new beginnings, 3-3-3 means changes are about to happen and 11-11-11 is a gateway so change your thought patterns. They went away for me for a while for about a year and a half and now they are back. And it’s constant. But I don’t let it consume me, it’s a good thing and it’s just information. So I just put it in here to think about and to filter.

Becky: Why don’t you guys write a little book with the meanings and distribute it so people will know what the numbers mean.

K: It’s been happening to my friend Scott, with the same numbers multiple times a day. He’s seeing them three or four times a day.

Becky: Part of that is to also show you the presence of spirit throughout the day and to show how everything is connected as we started this evening talking, everything is a part of the whole.

Y: I am seeing landmarks that I’ve passed for years and then suddenly seeing the numbers on a sign that I never noticed before.

Becky: But your awareness has changed. It’s like thinking of the color red and suddenly that is what you see everywhere. The numbers have come into your awareness and now act as reminders of the universe’s hand in everything.

D: I woke up the other evening and the number on the clock was 4. I’m writing a book and so I decided to get up and write a little bit and I looked at the clock then and it had been about 20 minutes, but there was still the number 4 in the middle of the clock. Then the regular time came back. But when my alarm went off at 5 it still read 4 and when I came back from out of town my clock was off 4 hours. I feel like it my guides telling me to chill out and you’ll get your job in the month of April, which is the 4th month. Last year when I was freaking out about the job I kept getting the same messages with the number 12 and I thought it mean not to worry, you’ll get your job in 2012. Am I right?

Becky: If it’s this April. I’ve had issues with my ongoing dialoguewith my guides that I would know in November of 2010. That time came and went and it wasn’t until November 2011 that it all clicked. I often get things about in a year in advance. Also 4:00 is a spiritual time. When I first started channeling I was awakened every morning at 4:00 and that was a sacred time.

K: The first video I posted on YouTube was entitled “It’s 4:04 a.m. and I can’t sleep.” It just hit me now what the time was. That’s interesting.  I do have a question from Scott…you touched on it a bit earlier, but there has been a lot of activity the past few days with the sun. And we watched a video the other day about there being an orb. And he was wondering if there was anything we needed to be aware of or act upon in our daily lives.

Becky: What would you do different? And that is the fine line about awareness. You have all this information at your disposal and you have to take it all in and yet go about your daily life. What do you do with information on solar flares? Sometimes it explains certain feelings you may be having or your reaction to something, but for the most part you still have to carry on with your day to day. As we’ve continually said is all you can really do is live your life being the very best you can be. Live your life to the fullest and be aware. As you continue to hone yourself and become clearer and clearer, your thoughts, your actions put out that vibration and when others match that vibration and form a cohesive whole and produce a tipping point of a collective consciousness, then things do begin to change. But we’re human, we want to know all the details, when things are going to happen and how they are going to happen.  Part of the shift that I think is one of the hardest things for people, is the need to let go and allow. To know that it is happening exactly as it is supposed to and all is in divine order. You have that esoteric layer where you are allowing and all is right with the world, then you wake up and realize, “Yeah, but I’ve got to manifest!” It is balancing the two. Allowing things to happen in divine order, yet at the same time holding a vision of what you want to see happen while keeping the parameters wide and open enough to not impede certain things from manifesting because you are too closed in your boundaries and constrict the energy and block the flow. It’s tricky, but it is also an exciting time.

D: Two months before my son died I woke up exactly at 2:00 a.m. and that is when he died in a car crash at 2:00 a.m. Am I psychic or was someone trying to warn me? How did that happen? Why did that happen? I thought it was because my mother was 91 years old that she was going to die. So I would tell everyone that my mother was going to die at 2:00 in the morning. I even called my son in Oklahoma where he was in school and told him, “Mam’s gonna’ die August 28th at 2:00 in the morning, you’ll need to come home.” He answered, “That’s my birthday, that’s bad karma, don’t talk that way.” He crashed at 2:00 after his birthday the 28th on the 29th of August. If I’m psychic I just don’t want to know when somebody is going to die. But I’m curious as to how it is connected, did I feel  our energies being pulled apart? My father who is on the other side, did he have a hand in it all?

Becky: Part of it was a preparation. It didn’t prepare you for  THAT event, but it did set you up in the knowledge that you knew something was happening. It was your higher self who was getting you ready for that to happen. That synchronicity of the time also helped you to understand the bigger picture of it. Even though you miss him terribly, there was another part of you that there is a whole lot more out there. You understand they are not that far away, that the dimensions are so close and that helped you to see the universality of all of it. He is very close to you.

D: Yes, he immediately came back and let me know he was around. His picture popped up on my computer screen two days later. But he has been so active in spirit and that is what my book is about. It’s called “Memoirs of Surviving Grief Through Spirit Communication” and I don’t have a publisher yet but the purpose is to share with others how those that have passed on communicate with us. I’m hoping that my story can help people who are confused about the death of loved ones.

L: I’m connecting more and more with my spiritual self, my higher self and I want to know if I’m doing it the correct way and going in the right direction.

Becky: There’s no wrong way. That’s the misnomer that for many years spiritual teachers have been putting people through lots of antics regarding positions, amount of time for meditation, etc. but it’s really about what your heart feels. As long as you are connecting through your heart and you want to be of service, there is no right or wrong way to do things because the intent is there. Your guides are always around you but as we mentioned earlier, you have to ask for their assisstance.

B: How do you find out who your guides are?

Becky:  You can ask to see if there are signs….Yolanda has the mathematician, she probably has Kuthumi he was once Pythagoras. I have a whole cadre of guides who work as a team. And they move in and out depending. There was a book a long time ago by Joshua David Stone who has since passed and in his series he spoke about all the Ascended Masters and there were often colors or scents associated with them. The only one I remember is Mother Mary was associated with healing and the smell of roses. Again it is setting up with your communication. And if you’re not sure how to make that communication we can help you with that.

B: No I feel like I am being communicated to, but there is such a huge amount of information it’s hard to figure out what it all means. I’m almost on information overload.

Becky: You noticed in the opening prayer when we talked about gatekeepers, the importance of using those is to keep the information clear and not letting anything in that isn’t for your highest good. Take a look at the Ascended Masters and the Archangels and see if there is one that you feel an affinity to and ask them to assist. Even if they are not your guides, they will help. It helps quantify the information that comes through and helps get some of that chatter out of the way. If it still doesn’t make sense, ask your gatekeeper to slow it down and speak in a method that makes sense to you. I know it sounds strange, but  you have rights and part of that is about setting your boundaries. If something is confusing regarding information you’re getting, ask that it be brought in a different way.

E: I was driving on I-285 and was directed to come by. I’m sorry I missed most of the information, but then when I got in for part of the channeling and started hearing a lot of the things others were saying, it is starting to make sense. I had a similar experience where we buried my mother the day after my birthday. We always smelled the scent of roses when we were in her room. I am writing a book called “The Ray of Hope” which I want to finish by Easter and is dedicated to my wife. What she did is she prepared me. My wife four years ago was diagnosed with all sorts of cancer and she was not supposed to live. She was on 24 hour oxygen in bed and two weeks ago she was given a clean bill of health by the doctors at Emory. The focus is the story of how everything has a reason, so when I get an urge like I did in the car, I follow it even though I have no idea where I’m going or why. I let Jesus, God and everybody run my life because they have a plan for me.  Since I was so late the door was closed and I hesitated to come in, but this is where I’m supposed to be as I hear all of your stories. I have no idea what you did before.

P: I’ve had this weird thing happen over time rather gradually where I have gotten numb feeling wise. Not 100% but some things in the past I would have had some sort of emotion now I don’t feel as much. It just seems like it’s been a gradual fog that comes and hovers. I don’t understand it.

Becky: When we talk about shifts each time your vibration is raising higher and physically and spiritually you’re able to take in so much more energy, which propels you to a loftier level. Things that may have bothered you or you may have reacted to before no longer hold energy. We spoke earlier about relationships that no longer work because you are changing. As you raise your vibrational level, sometimes you feel as though you are just out in the ozone. With that also comes a sense that there is so much that doesn’t really matter anymore. It’s because your vibrational resonance is so much higher you’ve moved beyond so much of the things that were prevalent in the 3rd dimensional world. I have whole days where I feel like I don’t know what I’ve done at the end of the day. Physically you’re there, but spiritually and mentally you’re off doing some sort of spiritual work.  Try to stay in your body when you’re driving, but energetically you keep amping up. If it is a concern of you, try to physically ground yourself through going outdoors, holding stones or wood, something that will help keep you in your body. You’re out traveling. Grounding you to the 3rd dimension.

P: You think? Because to me it feels like I am too much in the 3rd dimension, disconnected from the spiritual. I just feel uncomfortable with it, I just feel disconnected. I know that everything serves some purpose, but I am not clear on how this is serving me. I don’t know how to stop the progression and get more connected.

Becky:  Go try the grounding technique and also try to connect with your guides. Even though I have this connection with guides, I have many days that I feel totally alone and disconnected. I hate to keep going back to ascension symptoms, but there is so much happening and you’re being downloaded with so much, sometimes you’re kept in the dark a bit in order to keep balanced. But again start that dialogue.

D: Journaling is also very helpful when things aren’t making sense. By writing them down and then going back a month or so later and seeing that often times things do make sense in retrospect. I have another question, I may be watching too much tv, but I am watching that show “Bio” where there are a lot of ghost stories. I’m annoyed because there are so many stories that portray the ghosts in a negative way. My encounters with spirits have always been wonderful. Why are there so many that seem to be stuck? I feel like the television producers should bring psychics to come in and encourage the souls to go to the light and move on instead of exploiting them. How does this happen to those spirits to get stuck?

Becky:  First of all it is what sells. People are fascinated by those stories and that is what sells in television because people will watch those shows. First of all what happens to the souls is there are certain times when they can pass on. But they may be attached to someone or something in the physical world and not want to move on or there might be a fear that causes them not to follow the light. It is absolutely ok to go in and help the spirit to move on by asking their permission. I’ve done this hundreds of times where I connect with the spirit and talk with them and help them move on. But most of the time there is an attachment, a reason why they are choosing to stay. Eventually the spirits will move on but sometimes they need a little help. I do think there will be more uplifting shows as more people begin to open to this. And less of the spookiness. There used to be a show hosted by Melissa Etheridge that detailed stories of spirits that was uplifting.

F: I’ve been reading that there is not really a sense of time and that lives happen concurrently, but is it possible to split even within one lifetime? I sometimes feel like I am dreaming and I wake up in my dream and I don’t recognize the place yet understand it is in the present time. People I am encountering in the dream are wondering why I don’t recognize them. I feel like I’m jumping around a lot in my dreams.

Becky: First of all bravo to you because most people can’t begin to wrap their heads around the fact that things are happening concurrently let alone that you might have multiple lives within each lifetime. But they are all fragments of that same soul that are doing things at the same time. This will make more sense when the shift occurs because you will then be able to understand the purpose of each of those facets. It’s kind of like the butcher the baker the candlestick maker, they each will have their little jobs. It’s confusing right now because you don’t have all the pieces, but in time it will all come together and you will see how they are all connected.

E: Again I am sorry to have missed most of the evening, but now that I hear what you’re saying it reminds me of times when I have been told that this is the year where I will be able to communicate with my guides. How do you do that? Does it start with dreams or do you begin to journal? Does it start with meditation?

Becky:  All of the above. But what is most important is intention. If you want to do it, you have the desire. Many people are afraid to go there.  Writing is an excellent way to start. When I began, the voices just showed up on their own, in fact I really had no idea what was happening. But then I was instructed to awaken each morning at 4:00 a.m. and write. I would suggest if you get up and begin with free association writing which allows a lot of the chatter to go away in the beginning and then real clarity occurs. So it can be through journaling, meditation, intention and asking. Don’t forget to ask. But don’t be disappointed if it is not in the form you think it should be. It could come in signs, numbers, a picture on your computer, many different forms so part of the process is amping up your awareness so you don’t miss the signs. Try to set your intention with a specific goal, yet have the parameters open enough to allow it to come in the way it is destined.

F: There has been so much that has happened throughout my life that is strange such as levitating and what has happened in the past four years is so incredible no one would believe it. I see such coincidences yet I know there are no coincidences.

Becky: We feel you, and I venture to say there is nobody in this room that has felt normal all their lives. They have had similar things occur and either they thought they were crazy or other people thought they were crazy. There was no one to talk to. But as this shift happens and more people expand you all will find as you share your stories others will then realize they are not alone.






February 2012 Meeting with the Masters Channeling-Open with Windows Media: http://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/wi2mc1

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What people are saying about Meeting with the Masters:

Thanks so much, Becky.  

The second link worked perfectly, and I felt as if I were in the room with you all!  As usual there was a lot of excellent information, much of what seemed to apply to me.  I did get some insights into perhaps why I broke my ankle–the universe trying to get my attention about just letting things be and have faith that it will all work out, plus having more appreciation and gratitude for my wonderful daughter who has been such a big help.

Thank you also for sending the transcript. I’m looking forward to reading it so what I need to know will really sink in. You do wonderful work, and I really do appreciate your help during what can be challenging times.

In light and love,

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -


Thank you for all of your gifts. It was my blessing to be a part of your group. I really enjoyed the energy of all that attended. I hope to participate again. By the way, and you will relate to this, I was terminated from my job this morning, so I guess the message of finding balance between work and home, is no longer an issue, it was just forced upon me.


Meeting with the Masters Group Channeling

February 10, 2012

Good evening, this is Becky Arrington and this is Meeting with the Masters. Tonight we are in Marietta, GA and have a full house. Let’s begin the night with a meditation to clear the debris of the day and to open the channel. Please take several deep cleansing breaths and release them along with the stress you may have still in your body. I call for the violet flame to cleanse and purify any misguided energies in record and remembrance. I call for the Angels Ariel, Uriel, Gabriel and Michael to come forward and hold the four corners of the universe and hold the space within this room. We ask that the Christed  white light come from the depths of the earth, up through the soles of our feet, up through our light pillar, up through all of our chakras, out the crown chakra exploding in beautiful white light that envelopes us in a protective vessel. At this time I ask that all the Ascended Masters, the Angelic realm, all guides and teachers come forwards to assist in healing those who are in this room and anyone else who may listen to this recording or read these words at a later date. I call for Ascended Master Kuthumi and Archangel Michael to stand as my gatekeepers. I am a clear and open channel and believe that this is truth and only truth. So be it.

On the Surface More of the Same…But Lots Happening Behind the Scenes

It is a new year and we were in hopes, as we mentioned last month that there would be a plethora of new information and quite honestly we are finding it is just more of the same, at least from your standpoint. Trust there is plenty going on behind the scenes. Since we have a lot of new people this evening, let’s take some time to talk about where we are in the universe to give us all the same frame of reference.  There is indeed a great awakening going on and it happens in a variety of ways. This is an event that was foretold by the ancients and is something that has been tried before. It was attempted during Atlantis and failed. The reason for the failure was individuals let their egos and quest for power get in the way. Coupled with the heavy energies and dark forces and this magnificent awakening was unable to occur. That is why you have incarnated during this time. You’ve been on this earth many lifetimes before and each time you were saying, “let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” and it wasn’t time, or you would come in knowing you had a very important job to do, but then you couldn’t remember. I’m sure if any of you have gone back and looked at your past lives many were not in the best conditions and mired in lots of turmoil and lessons. But this is the time. You’re awakening, along with everyone else on the planet. Each awakening is different.

Space Holders

You may be one who has been spiritually involved for over 30 years and we are what we call a way shower. We caution you way showers to not rest too long on the fact you have been around a long time. Thank you for holding the space, thank you for showing the way. However we want you to look with new eyes. As you practice your healing modalities we want you to evaluate the energies of each person to determine what in your toolbox is the best for them.  We can no longer go with a set modality you have learned and have it work for everyone. It is individualized and often requires a variety of processes to heal. You are the conduit with the client’s higher self. Listen closely for what is needed.

Wake Up Calls

Awakening can come in a variety of ways, often through major life changes; death of a loved one, divorce, end of a relationship, loss of job or illness. It shakes up your life, so deeply that it causes you to go in and re-evaluate. It is about taking a look at how you have lived your life up to this point. Now we realize it is difficult in the world you live in to take the time to delve deeply and get clear information because you are constantly bombarded with outside distractions such as media. Through this constant barrage of frenetic energy around you, it is not always easy to listen to the still small voice within. You may be one of the only ones in your circle of friends that is experiencing this awakening or feeling the strange sensations at this time. But rest assured that all will eventually have the same experiences and it will become a normal topic of discussion. In the meantime you speak with the words that are more generalized and non-threatening to describe your new ideas or thoughts. You are a trail blazer, a path finder during this time.

Energy Shifts …Time to Review

As you are going through this awakening there are tremendous amounts of energy being beamed onto the planet raising the vibration to make the conditions right for others to also awaken .Not only do you have cellular changes happening to your body you also have a constant raising of energy within you and around you. This will cause you to see things you no longer resonate with. It could be in the area of food- suddenly you can no longer tolerate red meat or sugar. People-old friends may be at a different spot in their development causing you to be less compatible.  Addictions could come up for review and you may find the strength to release the hold alcohol or tobacco has on your body. It’s as though all your beliefs and thoughts are coming up for review. What you need to do during this time is to be clear in what you are thinking and feeling and make your changes that apply to you. Don’t do anything rash. This is especially difficult for people in relationships when they are no longer in synch with their partner. We suggest you allow for these changes to occur within you and see where you end up. As we’ve said, there are so many things in flux right now. If in the end you find that you are truly no longer compatible in the relationship, then do what is best for you. It could be that is part of your life path and your contract is over.

You Make the Rules

During this time be extremely gentle with yourself. If you need to sleep, sleep. If you need to stay up all night, hopefully you have a flexible enough job you can accommodate strange nocturnal patterns. You must listen to your body because you are the only one who has dominion over your body. In the past you may have reached out to the medical community to help you figure out what was wrong. There are now symptoms and viruses that medicine has no clue what is causing them, so doctors may give you a lot of pharmaceuticals but most likely they will not work. Listen to what your body says.  “But I don’t hear voices” you say. Still yourself and go into meditation. And don’t get hung up on meditation. Many schools of thought say you should be meditating several hours a day, feet flat on the floor or in the lotus position while you do mudras.  That is not the case, whatever feels right for you is what IS right for you.

Time to Clean House

If you are experiencing pain, go within to that part of the body and ask for your guides to assist you in letting you know what is the reason for the discomfort. Automatic writing could be another way to get in touch with the information from your guides. There are many wonderful healers and we encourage you to seek them out, but remember the healer is a guide to assist, it is you who will do the work. Within you there is a lot of cellular memory from this lifetime and past lives that needs to be expelled. There are old emotions from this time, things such as painful childhood that also need to be released. When you have a fleeting thought of something, reach out and grab it to see what might this be leading to. If it is a memory, go back to determine is there still some resentment or hurt which needs releasing surrounding this event. As you go to your healers, they will help facilitate, but it is you who will do the healing and releasing. It is a team event. And this is something that is new with this energy. There was a time when you could go to a healer and ask for something to be removed and presto it was gone. This is no longer the case.

The Power of Your Individual Thoughts Can Change the World

In closing we want to reiterate that you have many baselines of awakening. There are continual waves of people who are going through this process and most of them are unaware of what is happening, they simply realize that what has been working for them is no longer relevant in their lives. As more people awaken things on a universal level will change more rapidly. We’ve talked before about the power your individual thoughts have. Governments that change, huge initiatives that suddenly  come to fruition are all part of individuals holding thoughts of love and peace. We are moving towards a world of collaboration, where people will realize you’re all connected, we are all one. For many years we have been separated; through wars, the banking crisis, intense business competition, all in an effort to keep us at odds with each other. Part of this awakening is the dawning of this realization that we are all the same, we are all human. As more people adopt this understanding, change will happen and there will be peace. We’ve talked before how there is strife, hunger and political upheaval and you all have an outcry, “What can I do, I am only one person. I can ‘t go to Washington, what good am I at changing things?” And we say to you, in your individual thoughts, in your energy work and meditation hold the vision of the world you want to see, one of collaboration and peace. That is how things will change. Once the tipping point happens with everyone holding the thoughts, change can happen quickly and magically.


MT: My question is about connecting to people as I travel overseas. Here in America I have a very good network of people of like-mind that help me ground. What can I do to stay grounded  and connected there? I am wanting to stay stable and not discombobulated.

This will require you, more than ever before having dominion over your life. It’s easy for you to get distracted. We would suggest through regular skype sessions and through an online community you keep in touch. Even to the point of having a regularly scheduled session with one of your anchors here to keep you on track. Because YOU are a way shower and you will be able to communicate, even though you’re from a foreign country you will make many differences in people’s lives. So it is important, as we’ve told you before to be as clear as possible. You have some background, familial issues to be cleared.  It would be most advantageous for you to work on the categories that need attention before you leave, then you will be a clear conduit to bring in the information while you are there.

KB: This all resonates with me and I am experiencing my own personal awakening and also in those around me. I have a very clear idea as to where I want to go and what I want to be and yet I feel I am spreading myself a bit too thin to really dive into anything too deeply. I work in a restaurant and have to both change the energy there and work my way out of it and I am wondering if I should keep pursuing a variety of things or focus in on one spiritual path.

First of all you should keep doing exactly what you are doing. You’ve been doing a wonderful job in changing the energy. You are already understanding that people are drawn to you and your energy so you need to keep making yourself available to maintain those connections. It is fine to continue looking at a variety of different modalities, but more than anything else we would like you to tap into your heart. By keeping heart centered combined with your relationship with your guides, you have the knowledge. You are already a healer, if you want to pursue the knowledge of the different healing modalities that is fine for your toolbox. The connection you have with other people, what you share with them, your communication, that is all healing. So we would want you to increase your connections. You are a multi-tasker, by all means continue gathering tools. It is not necessary to go deep within any particular healing process. This is a message we share with all healers; you have a wide variety of implements to use and have spent a lot of time and money on education. Part of that was to have something to occupy your time and knowledge while you were holding the space all those years, but you have retained all the elements. Remember this is new energy, take the modality and update it. Whomever you are working on, make the connection by tapping into their energy and then allow the information that is specific to them come in. Did that answer your question? Yes very much so.

FC: As a musician I am interested in understand where my inspiration comes from and increasing the bandwidth so I can have more of it.

Ask. You have a whole host of guides that are waiting to assist you. By the universal laws these guides are not able to help without you asking. We always suggest you be very specific in terms of what you are wanting to manifest. If you want greater creativity and inspiration we suggest through your intention of writing it down and affirm that this come through you. One of the things we would suggest to you, as this comes in open yourself up to different types of expression. Open yourself up to more writing, try different instruments, as the creative energy comes in allow it new avenues of expression. As energy comes in it is important to keep it flowing. When we talk about old issues, those get stuck in different parts of your body. It is important to move, dance, sing, do yoga and in the case of music, allow the music to flow through you and express it in new ways. Don’t worry about where it comes from or if you suddenly want to pick up a different instrument you’ve never played before, even if you have no idea how to play it, just do it. We feel this will increase your inspiration and possibly do more writing and producing.

KR: Will anything negative come out of that National Defense Act the President just signed? I’m really worried about that.

We know you are. (laughter) It is up in the air as to the outcome. The same holds true with the situation in Iran, and many other current events; they are in flux. It is important for you not to get into concern about these or the fear about them. When you start to go there, make a positive affirmation. The more energy you give to the fear, the more likely for something to come to fruition. As usual we tend not to talk too much about current events in these sessions because it is so fluid right now. There is so much happening on so many levels, there are event occurring on an underground level and it all could change in an instant. There are institutions that may no longer be around or have a totally different face. How do you want to see the world. What is the vision you want? We are not suggesting you take a Pollyanna stance and see the world as rainbows and lollipops, you must have a dose of reality as well. That is why through holding your vision of the optimal world, how you want it to be created. Then that is how you begin to change the world. It may not be in the exact way you want it, or the time frame you want, but you are generating a positive vision for the world to align with. Hold the energy and vision within yourself, and as you all do that, you as a group begin to light up your area. And as more and more hold the same vision there is more light and with light the dark is dissipated and it changes the world.

KR: I am just really mixed up. What should I do, not read or watch the news? Should I close myself off to it all and just not listen or be informed?

We do not feel as though you need to stick your head in the sand. You need to be aware and know what is going on in the world. But you should have a filter. Don’t necessarily take it all in as the gospel truth either, go within and see if it resonates as truth. You are down to only five media outlets which makes it easy to control and slant the meaning. After you take it within your  heart, go on the internet and research it. The internet is filled with its own slant, but you have such a wide variety of different views, this will help you determine your own truth.  Whatever you decide in your research and findings, then you determine do you want it to be true in your life.

MT: I am aware of what is going on in the world, but I don’t let it control anything I do. I get in debates with friends and family about the fact that I do not get into fear about world events. I prefer to hope and put my energy towards keeping a vision of it being better.

And that’s really all you can do. You’re not here to change someone else’s mind. Everyone has their own political ideologies. It is not our intent to have a platform here saying that everything on the news is slanted, not by a long shot. What we’re suggesting is you take it into your own heart and determine what is true for you. If you have a different idea than what you are hearing, find your own voice, declare your vision. Don ‘t be afraid to share your ideas with others. It is possible to present your beliefs and not be on a soapbox. That’s how change happens, by sharing different views. It’s in a very gentle, loving manner. You’re merely asking if they had ever looked at something in a certain way. It begins to open their minds to alternatives. Ask what if. We don’t know what the answer is, it hasn’t been determined yet, most things are still in flux. All you’re doing is creating the question. Is that your truth? Many people don’t stop to determine what their truth actually is, they just blindly believe something.

KI: In the last few years I’ve lost a number of relatively young friends. In that process I have become fixated on my health in spite of the fact there is nothing obviously wrong. I am wondering if there are things that need to be cleared out or healed.

First of all let us speak to people leaving, you will find there will an increase of people going. It’s part of their life path, their own decision because they weren’t supposed to stay for this “show”. Even if you have a loved one who may have an illness and decided they are going down a particular path and even if you don’t agree with them, allow them whatever choices they select. Regarding your own health, we would suggest you do an inventory of yourself. Not your physical body, but your emotional one. Start at the beginning of your life and run a check to see if there are issues that you’re still holding on to or areas or people that need to be forgiven. The very best thing you can do for your health is to clear the emotional body, for disease is where you have pockets of energy that get stuck in your body and does not allow for the free flow of energy. We do not see anything major, but it is always great to take inventory. And as we’ve already said if you have a fleeting thought comes through, especially if it comes up more than once, we suggest you reach out and grab it to see what might be there. As you know in the way the universe works, it will begin with a nudge and if you don’t pay attention to that, the hits will keep getting stronger.

SH: I’ve always considered myself to be some type of a seer and I’ve had past life work that verifies that. I see symbols and images, but whenever I go within to analyze that I get lost in the void and I’m looking for a way to no longer do that.

Again ask. Ask that your vision be clear. Get that connection with your guides and affirm, “I am ready, willing and able to be or service and to do this service, I wish for my psychic abilities and my seeing abilities to be amplified.” But remember whenever you ask for that type of energy to come in it is important you have a method to quantify what it is. You noticed at the beginning of this session I used the violet flame. It is an energy that burns away and clears anything negative. If you don’t put some boundaries in place, you are opening up for any energy to come in. When I began to channel, I didn’t know those things and it was like a radio station that had just come on the air. The entire world from the other dimensions wanted to come in. There were groups of ETs wanting to talk, dead people, all sorts of entities that were wanting to have a voice. That is why we use gatekeepers, those from the angelic realm or from the Ascended Masters that determine who or what comes in. They act as a filter. This is not the only method, it is just one we use. Once a gatekeeper is in place you feel secure in the type of energy you are connecting with and it keeps the riff raff out.  So back to your affirmation, always remember that you are asking for that which is your highest good. If you merely ask that your psychic and seeing abilities be amplified, there are many things you may not want to see or be exposed to, so make sure you have those boundaries in place. We would also suggest that you begin to journal and keep track of what it is you are experiencing. Images may not make sense at the time, but if you are able to refer back at a later time what you’ve seen you may have greater clarity. Feel free to use the gatekeepers we use until you find ones you want to work with. Does that make sense? Totally, actually I have been journaling. But like I said whenever I do go in I just feel lost in the void. Think of it as you are connecting between the dimensions and right now you have not boundaries. You are in the void because there are no parameters. By calling in gatekeepers they keep the lanes open and guide you along.

TC: I’ve had several spiritual experiences and this seems like a good place to ask. I’ve had experience with the light of God, the sound of God and as of late I’ve had consciousness shifts. I don’t know how to explain it and if you could help me understand it.

As all of you awaken you all will experience a variety of sensations. You will become more psychic, you will start to see or hear, but the important thing to understand is it is all ok and all very natural. You really don’t’ have to do anything. By keeping yourself centered, grounded and balanced, you will be in a good space to allow these experiences to come about. By checking continually, “Where am I in my life? Is there anything that is in my life that is not in keeping with this new consciousness?” That is the inventory, what doesn’t resonate. As you continue to expand; people, relationships, beliefs, addictions, old patterns will all begin to feel like a rock in your shoe if they are no longer in alignment with the new energy you are shifting towards. If you can get a jump on things that could help make it easier for the energy to flow, which in turn helps you open and have more experiences. Does that help, or is it too vague? That’s too vague. Let me tell you more of what is happening. I am led to certain books along the ascension line and I’m afraid. I know I can do it, I’m afraid. When you’re talking about ascension and then you say you’re afraid, are you leaving your body? I think so and it scares me. That’s a very normal thing and it can be pretty scary. Again we would suggest you work with a guide to assist you. The first experience I had out of body was in Boston on a business trip. I had been reading lots of books on astral travel and wanted to do it more than anything else. I had read that if you had the clear intention and asked, you could do it. Suddenly I found myself on the highways around the city, free flying and having a ball, until I almost slammed into the back of a truck. Which was odd because I could still feel my physical body lying in the bed, but my consciousness was out on the roads. It is especially natural for kids to experience astral projection. Have any of you had your kids exclaim when they awaken they had seen themselves sleeping in their beds as they were flying around the room? Children are wide open, but over time the adults continue to tell them they weren’t really flying and eventually they shut it down.  If you want to have additional experiences, we suggest you ask an angelic guide to come and lead the way. Otherwise you’re in the void, especially if you’re on the astral plane and there is a lot of stuff you don’t want to experience in that arena. With the companionship and leadership of a guide you can be taken to the inner planes and shown things for your highest good and learning and it won’t be as disconcerting. I remember being show music, instead of sounds, they notes materialized. Once a guide wanted to explain to me about unconditional love and I was shown a huge pulsing heart which would have been a frightening experience had I not had my guide there to explain it to me.

AN: For me it is like a quickening that starts at the top of my head and goes all the way down. Sometimes I just suddenly leave my body. One time I was just in an apartment that I didn’t recognize and had never been before. Then just as quickly I was back in my body. What is that?

Sometimes you go back and visit places from past lives or even go to places from future lives. Your consciousness does work in a variety of places unbeknownst to you. Anyone else want to chime in?

KD: I get that you should call in Jesus as a guide. This leaving the body will continue, so don’t be afraid of it. That is why you were drawn to this type of group, it can be a safety net for you. So just allow the information to come in, see how it resonates with you and keep what fits and discard what doesn’t.

SP: What came to me was your connection to the ground. Are you grounded, do you feel grounded, have a connection to the earth? When you’re sitting down think about your feet or the extension of your spine growing roots down into the ground. This will held ground you. Also go out into nature, maybe hug a tree. I know it sounds corny but it does work. I’m thinking that would help you out.

One of the things that is happening is that as you expand you raise your consciousness.  As you raise your consciousness your vibration raises and if it is coming in quickly, which it is for you, it keeps you floating and unbalanced. A bit disoriented. There are certain stones that can help ground you, go sit on the ground, even take a bit of earth that may keep you from being dizzy.

LA: The other thing you might try when you’re out of your body is to say, “it’s safe to be here, get back in my body.” If you feel strange and light you can pop in and pop out. If you find being in nature doesn’t work for you, concentrate on your feet. Put your attention on your feet, your feet are in your shoes and your shoes are on the ground. The reason I say that is I don’t ground to nature, I actually ground to water. So when I am in those instances, I have to become aware of my feet in order to become stable.

PH: The last two years have been rather intense for me in terms of my spiritual development which has been  exciting but at the same time I am having a lot of strife within my family with my family members. You were talking about how sometimes when you move into different spiritual realms sometimes there are people you have to leave behind. I’m just confused on how to stay spiritually centered when those around me are causing so much strife. I guess my question is how do you work with family members that are very close to you that are causing such pain yet at the same time focus on your path?

It’s probably one of the hardest things you will have to go through. If it is children or even partners it is doubly hard because you are so closely connected to them and it pulls on your heart strings. If you can get a higher perspective on things and look at the bigger picture. You all agreed to come into this lifetime together and to learn certain lessons from each other. It’s kind of like a play, in this lifetime they were the one that was going to cause the discourse while you were going to play the role of the sane one or the mentor. By looking at the different roles we are all playing it takes some of the emotion out of it. If you are connected to someone that is causing particular pain, there are emotional chords that join the two of you. Sometimes it is necessary to cut those chords to allow them to do the work they need to do and for you to be able to have the emotional freedom and space to do what you need to do. Especially anyone who has ended a relationship and even though mentally and physically you have moved on, there is still a pull you have towards the person. Those are the emotional chords that still bind you together.  The other thing to remember is that there is a reason you are in that family. You are the way shower and through your actions, your beliefs and your love. Love is the key here. Even when they are being so hateful or awful, if you can hold them in love in spite of their actions, it eventually will dissipate. It takes two people to keep the energy going. As long as you stay engaged it can keep the conflict alive. Many times it takes you disconnecting and stating, “I love you, I care about you but I am no longer participating in this. This is your journey and I am not a part of this.”  As parents we want to do so much for them, and sometimes they need tough love to learn the lessons. It will take you being so strong in your convictions and your beliefs and to always think lovingly. It is in your language, “I love you, but this behavior is not acceptable and I am not participating in this discussion anymore.” It is establishing your personal boundary issues you will have to come to terms with. Also look at the relationship you have with each of those family members to determine whether there are personal issues you need to clear. Once you work through the issues you have with another person, no matter what they say or do, it no longer has the power over you. It neutralizes it.

MT:  I don’t know about anybody else’s family, but mine is pretty narrow minded. If they knew I was here, they would think California had tainted me. It’s been difficult for me to stay true to what I feel and explain it to my family and for them to understand. I finally decided I needed to live my life as I believed and in the end I’ve had friends and even family come to me and be impressed at what I’ve been able to do. My relationship with my mother has been an ordeal my entire life, but lately she has been coming to me and being more open. By me not forcing it on her and being in her face about things, she now is coming around. I don’t know if that helps in your family situation, I’ve just found by being true to myself and leading by example, others have come around and been more open to what I’m doing to make things work.

LA: Can you allow them even when they can’t allow you? Can you love them unconditionally just for who they are?

Even though we talk about relationships going away, they can also come back. When perspective and distance is given to allow all parties involved the space to believe and grow, often times they do come back around and reunite. Sometimes the people you were trying to talk to for years, suddenly will come back and get it. By you being true to yourself and setting the example, the relationships can ebb and flow around you, but you are the rock, the strength. As long as you can do so in a loving manner and want the best for them, you are the example.

CL: Sometimes you can’t be a prophet in your own backyard. It may be somebody else’s job and not yours.

AN: Are you able to able to tell us who our guides are?

There are certain guides that are universal from the Angelic realm or the Ascended Masters who agree to work with everyone and are open to helping you. That is why I offered Archangel Michael, Ariel, Uriel, Gabriel, Michael, Ascended Master Kuthumi, all guides we work with and are available. You may call on Quan Yin for feminine energy . Metatron who is another Archangel, these are helpers. You may have very specific guides who are also working with you. It could be a grandmother or a loved one, we would be able to help you individually tap into these. Our suggestion is to begin working with the universal guides and then you can get more specific. I personally have stopped trying to figure it out. They change, I work with a group of guides and as long as I feel comfortable with the energy and the information, with my gatekeepers I feel protected.

TC: I have a very strong affinity for Metatron and I don’t know why. I have this book, not sure why I bought it, but it talks about creating a merkahba. I think about how to do it, but it seems a little weird. I think I need a physical guide to help me. What should I do?

A merkahba is a modality. Do you have to know how one works or understand what it does to ascend? No. I remember years ago I was in a workshop for Drumvello’s Flower of Life and the instructor was giving very detailed instructions on constructing the merkahba in your mind and how the sections spin counterclockwise and as I was trying to do it per the instructions I became very frustrated. There were so many details and a methodology that didn’t work for me. I finally exclaimed, “I just do it. I can just envision it and it starts to spin, do I really need to do all of this ?” He laughed and said “No, the instructions are for people who have trouble visualizing. ” At that point I realized that it was a tool to help people focus and connect with their higher self. Everyone has a different learning style and some people are very engineer oriented and need very detailed instructions. Same with what we discussed earlier with meditation. Our suggestion is if you are guided to pick up a book by all means act upon it. There is something in there for you. You’re very hungry right now and so the universe is feeding you. But know in your heart that  as many people who have worked in metaphysics all these years and have read every book written on spiritual subjects, some of it was to pass the time and give them something to do as they held the energy waiting for this time and place. Don’t think you are behind or have to catch up, spirit will awaken you very quickly and give you everything you need. Rest assured you will awaken in spite of yourself. You will be led to what you need to do, your body will tell you what isn’t right or what it needs. We are such thinkers and we are thinking with our heads and the awakening is about thinking with our hearts. Don’t be hard on yourself, there is no right or wrong way to do things. As you continue on your quest, you will meet more people who will spur something new. It’s all very exciting. And that is something to remember, have fun with it! Know that you’re taken of and you have the ability to do whatever you want to do. You are the creator of your life, so you might as well create something magical. That is why we have groups such as this, so you can get together with like-minded people and talk weird stuff without people thinking you’re crazy.(laughter) This may be the only time this week you are able to even say the word merkabah!

AN: I have one more question, as I am trying to open up. But what does it mean when you have a lot of pressure on a side of your head. It feels like a lot of heaviness and pressure, almost like a headache. It just happens often, the first time it happened the first time was when I went into a metaphysical bookstore. Someone told me I was psychic and told me to play around with some cards and then I started having this feeling in my head. I guess I am feeling energy.

You have to figure out what that means for you. Sometimes it could be a tap on the shoulder alerting you. It could be that there is an energy you don’t’ need to be around. That is why we always encourage you to call in your own guides to set your parameters to control the energy coming into you. It could be a lot of things. As you continue to awaken there are all sorts of things physically. I had two readings this week that were experiencing a tickle in their ears as they were getting psychic information. It’s rewiring, it is all of the above. Anything goes during this time and each of you are going to experience different things. You have to determine for yourself what the different symptoms mean. Keep track, write it down and begin to see the patterns.







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